Advanced Level Spiritual Exercises – Part 2 Introduction

Advanced Level Spiritual Exercises – Part 2 Introduction

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This is the Second Level Spiritual Exercises – Part 2.  Again, you are reminded here to continue your work with them as you have before. The experience you receive from them will be determined by the diligence of your practice.

Remember, “Preparation is everything!” Please follow the instructions for each exercise explicitly. They are carefully designed to give you results. So, perform them carefully. The more faithful you are in their execution, the better your foundation will be. The first time you go through them, please practice them in the order indicated below.

  1. Receiving Spiritual Impressions
  2. Receiving the “Inner Word”
  3. Spiritual Sight 1 – Center of the Forehead
  4. Spiritual Sight 2 – The Third Eye
  5. Thyroid Exercise and the Color Orange
  6. Self-Mastery – Developing the Will
  7. Will Power and the Dialette
  8. Developing Will Power – A Small Cloud
  9. Cloud Formation 1 – A Cord of Light
  10. Cloud Formation 2 – Ra and Ma
  11. Cloud Formation 3 – Comments
  12. Cloud Formation 4 – Project Yourself
  13. Cloud Formation 5 – Using Aum
  14. Visual Projection 1
  15. Visual Projection 2
  16. Visual Projection 3
  17. Visualization 3
  18. Visualization 4


Photo by Frank McKenna/Unsplash

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