Advanced Level Spiritual Exercises – Part 1 Introduction

Advanced Level Spiritual Exercises – Part 1 Introduction

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

In the Second Level Study Plan you received additional spiritual exercises and meditations. You are reminded here to continue your work with these exercises and meditations as you have before. And practice makes perfect!

As they say, “Preparation is everything!” Follow the instructions for each exercise explicitly. They are carefully designed to give you results. So, perform them carefully. The more faithful you are in their execution, the better your foundation will be. The first time you go through them, please practice them in the order indicated below.

  1. Concentration 5 – Strengthen the Aura
  2. Concentration 6 – Thyroid for Balance
  3. Concentration 7 – Working with the Self
  4. Developing Pituitary Body
  5. Developing the Ear
  6. Developing the Pineal Body
  7. Developing Thyroid
  8. Development of Thyroid Gland
  9. God Realization
  10. Heart Exercise
  11. Inner Guidance
  12. Let Go
  13. Letting Go
  14. Morning Meditation
  15. Physical Balance 2
  16. Physical Balance 3
  17. Physical Balance 4 – Physical and Spiritual Heart
  18. Physical Balance 5 – Glands and Blood Pressure
  19. Physical Balance 5 – Comments


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