Visualization 3

Visualization 3

advanced activity meditations

We are going to visit another person whom we know well at some distance, assuming that that person is at his home.


After you have clearly formed the ovoid or egg of light around you, you then visualize the individual — what he looks like and where he lives — from your sitting position.


After you have attained this state, see yourself poised in a standing position a little way in front of him and you reproduce your own image the same as it looks in the mirror — not as you assume you look.


You then test your visualization by extending your feeling to see if it is real. Remember, you are alive in both places as long as your attention is in the other place, as well as where your physical body is.


You then call his name, looking right at him, and you extend your right hand and you see your hand extending naturally.


Now, make another gesture — such as taking a few steps forward — as if to greet the person. And remember, YOU ARE! because YOU ARE THERE!


Then you go way up to the person — and you see this actually happen — and you may put your hand on his shoulder or shake him by the hand.


Now, you will physically arise from the chair and turn your visualization into a real reality in the imagery of reality, just the same as if he were there in person, for he is there. For you must subjectively keep the whole picture in mind and never think or feel for one moment that you are in your own room or place.


This will require serious and earnest work until you learn the art — the so-called alchemical art of turning the immaterial into the reality. And this should be practiced continuously.

This is for serious students and those dedicated to the Priesthood.


Photo by Frank McKenna/Unsplash

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