Visualization 4

Visualization 4

advanced activity meditations


After you have accomplished Visualization 3 successfully and you have a definite realization of your location and actions in such exercises, both in picture and knowing, then start to speak to the person slowly and determinedly. If they have asked for a healing, now is the time to do the healing — and this is done exactly the same way as a healing is done if you are in your physical body. Remember, if you put your hands on the individual, put them in the periphery or they will pass through him and he might notice this and be frightened.


The unusual thing about all of this process is that after you have attained this particular phase of work you will adopt many of your own methods which will work much more easily and adeptly than those which I am now giving.



It is possible to project the letters of the message on the wall of the room where the receiver is so he will see the message in letters of light. You may also whisper into his ear if you wish to.  Or you might even project a picture of something. You may want him to write a note to you, so you see him mailing, emailing, or texting a note to you.


This should bring you a greater realization of those who have passed on and aid you in your priestly duties and bring you closer to the reality of the existence of the higher planes of vibration.

If you have any doubts, they should be entirely squelched.


Photo by Frank McKenna, Unsplash

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