Cloud Formation 1 – A Cord of Light

Cloud Formation 1 – A Cord of Light

advanced activity meditations

For an interesting experience during the coming week, I recommend that at every opportunity in the evening — or whenever you can be alone in a dark room — you try to go over some of the experiments of projecting your consciousness out of your body into space.

Try to establish a haze in a room where you won’t be disturbed, then project yourself into it and see if you cannot notice a very faint thread or cord of light passing between the hazy light in the room and your own body. You will notice that it wavers, trembles, and seems to disappear at times, then comes into brilliancy at other moments, but it is visible enough for you to detect it, if you become perfectly relaxed and watch for it while following the instructions for projection given.


Photo by Frank McKenna/Unsplash

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