Developing Will Power – A Small Cloud

Developing Will Power – A Small Cloud

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Get comfortable in a chair. Mark a spot — there in mid-air, and forget yourself. Raise your eyes up to the corner of the room, and willfully sweep everything in that room to that point, as though the whole atmosphere were filled with tiny sparks of dust, and if you took a broom it would sweep a path.

Rather, these are energy particles. Sweep the energy down to that point in mid-air, using your will, drawing it down, drawing it down. You have command.

Bring it to that point, each time, knowing that your will is the will of God. You will form a little cloud there in front of you, and it will be a little luminous, so you can see it.

You are moving through power, through energy, and through substance; you are moving through a solid, because there’s no such thing as space, at this level.


Photo by Frank McKenna/Unsplash

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