Spiritual Sight 2 – The Third Eye

Spiritual Sight 2 – The Third Eye

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At this stage of your development each one of you has passed sufficiently out of the darkness and into the dawn of the new day to have a certain degree of regenera­tion and rebirth working through your entire system. If this is true, then one of the first manifestations of this would be in connection with a change taking place in the spiritual centers of your body and consciousness.

There is a remnant of the third eye still to be found in the human body. This remnant of the third eye is a small organ in the center of the head, which is quite large in proportion to the head before birth; but after the birth of the body, the rest of the body continues to grow and enlarge while this small spiritual organ remains the same size. By the time adulthood is reached, the little organ is very small in comparison with the size of the head, and from about the fortieth or fiftieth year onward, this organ will gradually disappear if there has been no use made of it. It is seldom, however, that any thinking or really intelligent man or woman reaches the age of fifty without having occasionally had the third eye functioning. Therefore, this organ does not be­come atrophied.

The function of this eye is much like spiritual seeing. On the other hand, the impressions that result from its func­tioning give a sensation to our consciousness much like that of intuition. In fact, it is very difficult to tell whether impressions coming from this center to our consciousness were originally made through seeing, hearing, feeling, or in some other manner. Careful study, however, has proved that this particular organ receives its impressions through a strange sense of seeing. It can see at great distances and can see through many opaque objects, but it also seems to be able to see objects formed of vibrations which the normal human eye cannot see at all. It is this third eye that sees the peculiar lights in a room and sees the greatest number of impressions of projections and visions.

The thing for you to do this coming week is: Once or twice a day, and especially in the evening. Just before re­tiring and in the morning just before arising, either sit or remain lying in bed in a comfortable and relaxed position with your objective eyes closed and your consciousness turned inwardly to a point just in the center of your forehead and about two inches back from the front of your forehead. Think of there being in this place an eye, similar to the pictures you see of the “all-seeing eye”. By concentrating your con­sciousness and attention on that eye with your other eyes closed, you will begin to see objects or symbols form in the dark, colored space in front of your closed eyelids. These pictures and images, if watched very carefully, will evolve into symbolical scenes or symbolical messages and pictures that will tell a story of some kind and depend a great deal upon your concentration to help them develop.

In other words, a mere symbol may first appear in the mind’s eye, and by concentrating upon it, it may form itself into other symbols, and these evolve into a complete scene or picture. On the other hand, some of the symbols may turn into words, forming a message. At other times there may be just a symbol or a color of some kind, but back of it there will be the spiritual impression of a message without a single word or scene of the message actually appearing in the eye.

By sitting in relaxation for a few minutes each morning and evening — or even during the middle of the day if you have an opportunity to be alone and quiet — you will encourage this spiritual center to function. Undoubtedly, your development has now reached a point where this center is ready to function, and this is the purpose of these tests.

You will find, after the first few days of testing, that it will be a good plan to begin your period of concentration with a definite question of some kind in mind and see what kind of answer you get from it. Do not make your question too greatly material. It is all right to have the question deal with your progress or with your plans for the future, or deal with the subject of your present happiness or future ambitions, but do not pin the question down to a certain material, mercenary, finan­cial nature, for this is the hardest thing to have answered in an understandable way, and such questions should not be brought into the experiments until later on. The best subjects to start with as questions are those dealing with philosophical or mystical problems, then later on take the more practical subjects.


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