Spiritual Sight 1 – Center of the Forehead

Spiritual Sight 1 – Center of the Forehead

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You will find that with a few minutes of concentration it is possible to arouse a very peculiar sensation of sensitiveness at a center point on your forehead. This center is also very sensitive to other conditions. Straining of the natural physical eyes for a long time seems to affect the spiritual center of the forehead. By pressing the thumb on this center the little uneasiness was quickly removed. We have learned also that an upset stomach or a bad combination of food in the stomach will slightly affect this spiritual center for a few minutes. We know too that many forms of definite illness tend to make this spiritual center cease functioning for a while. From this it can be seen that the spiritual center of the forehead will function best when the health is good and when the rest of the body is in a normal, natural condition.

Therefore I suggest that you begin this interesting ex­ercise of developing this center. In one of Marie Corelli’s novels, she shows that she had a knowledge of this, and in­troduces the functioning of this center in a veiled way. Many other great mystics of the past have referred to it in a veiled way also, although this is probably one of the first times that anything of a definite nature about this spiritual center has been given to the people of the Western world.

Each morning and each night — and at noontime also if possible — you should sit where you can be quiet and undisturbed; relax for about five minutes — or more if it is possible to have a longer period. After becoming relaxed, close the eyelids so that no bright light will annoy you, or sit in darkness altogether if you can, and concentrate your attention, your thinking, and the whole of your consciousness toward this point inside the skull in the center of the forehead. Think of the area as being about the size of an almond or a small marble, and as being something that is alive with vitality and sensitive to certain kinds of impressions.

As you concentrate your attention upon this area, you will gradually feel a warmth there, and you will become conscious of a nerve action, or a slight rhythmic movement that is diffi­cult to explain. You may not feel this the first few times you concentrate, but it will come gradually and will be very faint and almost indefinite. Whether you sense anything there or not, you will at least become conscious that all your thinking and all your consciousness radiate outward from that point of your forehead, and in a few moments you will begin to sense that impressions are coming back from the space around you toward your forehead, and into that little area.

After the third or fourth day of such concentration, you probably will begin to sense impressions there, as though they were pictures. By keeping your eyelids closed and trying to see with the eyes of your consciousness, the pictures that come to the consciousness in the center of your forehead, you will find that vague impressions come to your mind instead of actual scenes or pictures. I do not expect that anything very definite or startling will occur during the first week of the concentration outlined here, but you at least will awaken that area so that you will realize that there is a sensitive point just where I have described it.


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