Cloud Formation 3 – Comments

Cloud Formation 3 – Comments

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Now let us review some of the points which may bother you in your experiences with the cloud.

Some expect the cloud to be a great, white, luminous mass like one of the clouds of the heavens. Now only in a few cases will the cloud appear to be like a mass of anything, luminous or otherwise. If you are forming a cloud to hide a person, the person will seem to fade out gradually with a gray haze in front of him, and you will not SEE A CLOUD, but rather will FAIL TO SEE the person. It is not because you SEE A CLOUD that you know that you have succeeded, but because you fail to see the person or thing that proves the cloud is there.

In nearly all cases, the cloud will naturally take on the same color or shade as the room or light in which you are working, and therefore, the cloud will be hardly visible, but it will hide or blot out things beyond or behind it, and then you know the cloud is there. If you have been working to form a thick, light-colored cloud, stop thinking of it in that way and simply try to form a shadowy something which blots out part of the room or space in front of you.

In some experiments, people on one side of a room have formed clouds to blot out individuals on the opposite side, with great success. They have blotted out the clock on the wall, and so on. In nearly all these cases, the cloud itself was so faint as not to be seen while the great GAP or SHADOWY space was quite plain.

An interesting experiment in this connection was made when some people formed a cloud to hide one another, the person being hidden by the cloud senses the cloud by a feeling of coolness as though a fog or damp mist was around or near him.

When it comes to projecting yourself into the cloud, you will find that using the word AUM is a great help. Remember, in saying the word AUM, to draw out the “M”, sound about three or four times longer than the “AU”. One point that bothers so many in projecting into the cloud is that just as they feel they are going into the cloud they say the cloud seems to disappear, and they break the spell by starting all over. This is a mistake. As soon as you feel yourself going into the cloud, or rather your consciousness is about ready to go into the cloud, if the CLOUD DISAPPEARS FROM YOUR SIGHT you will KNOW that you are IN THE CLOUD with your consciousness and THAT IS why you do not see it as you did before.

In other words, as soon as you think it is nearly time for you to be projecting into the cloud, if the cloud seems to disappear, then think nothing more about the cloud and BECOME PASSIVE WHETHER YOU HAVE USED THE WORD AUM OR NOT. Remain passive as long as you can and do not seek any experience, do not become anxious or inquiring as you do when making other projec­tions. Simply retain the passive subjective condition as long as it lasts, and when you have come out of this condi­tion, THINK ABOUT WHAT HAS OCCURRED.


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