Self-Mastery – Developing the Will

Self-Mastery – Developing the Will

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This exercise is that of directing the will power to one certain part of the body. In order to make the experiment quite simple, and at the same time easily observed, we will use this method. Take a small piece of paper, ordinary writing paper of any kind that is not too thick, and cut a piece about one-half inch wide and one and one-half inches long. Then place this piece of paper flat on the palm of the left hand. Put it in the center of the palm, in any position. Keep the hand out flat, but hold the hand in front of you, so that you can look down on the paper.

Then use your will to make your palm under the paper become warm, very warm. After a while, the paper will begin to curl up a little, and then a little more in the palm. After it curls slightly, you may WILL that your palm should cool, and you will notice the paper flatten out again or make some other motion. This little experiment will show you that you can direct the WILL POWER to your hand in the form of heat or cool­ness. Try it several times until you can do this easily.


Photo by Frank McKenna/Unsplash

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