Cloud Formation 2 – Ra and Ma

Cloud Formation 2 – Ra and Ma

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Take a deep breath, hold it as long as you comfortably can, close your eyes and exhale it slowly. Repeat this as you begin to create a small cloud in front of you. As soon as the cloud forms before your eyes, no matter whether it be light in color or even delicate in den­sity, you may stop your special breathing and begin to breathe normally. However, you are not to concentrate your gaze upon the cloud that has formed, but to maintain a relaxed and passive condition physically, insofar as your sight is concerned.

The next step is as follows: Move your point of vision, or gaze, above the level of your eyes, as though you were looking at the ceiling of the room, about twenty or thirty feet from you. Then slowly drop your eyesight toward the cloud in front of you, and at the same time use your will power or determination of will, so that as your eyes drop in their gaze, the essence that was in the upper part of the room will be drawn down toward the cloud.

Then swing your eyes to your left, toward the wall, and then move them over horizontally, toward the cloud in the center, and exert your will so that at the same time the essence will move from the side of the room to the center.

Then move your eyes so that they gaze toward the right-hand side of the room, and in this same way move your eyes back to the center again, with the same determination that the essence in the right side of the room will go toward the cloud in the center.

Next drop your gaze down toward the floor, and slowly raise it again toward the cloud, this time willing that the essence in the lower part of the room rise up with your gaze to the cloud.

Repeat this same process five or six times, con­stantly pulling with the power of your gaze and will, the essence from the four parts of the room toward the center cloud. In this way you will find that you will be adding to the density, thickness, or even the size of the cloud in front of you. Perhaps the first few times you may not notice the increase; but practice will gradually bring about an appreciation of its increase, in either its brilliancy, luminosity, color, density or size.

Should it happen that the cloud disappears entirely when you start moving your eyes from the ceiling, or the sides of the room toward the center, then you will have to begin all over again with the breathing exercises as given above, because it will mean that you have not remained passive, and have used your eyesight with too much concen­tration on the center cloud and have dispelled it. You will find that when you come to gather it the second time, it comes more easily.

However, if the cloud does not disappear and you have succeeded in adding to it from the four parts of the room, then the next step is to start it into motion. Now this step should not be taken until after you have added to the cloud as much as you can, by drawing from the four parts of the room at least five or six times.

Then, when the cloud is of a fair size, maybe two or three feet in diameter, or at least two feet wide, you should start gazing peacefully on it with your eyes partly closed as though squinting at it, breathing only naturally, and at the same time using your will power to direct mentally that the cloud start to revolve in front of you. Make the cloud revolve in a direction toward the left. That is, the top of the cloud will turn around toward the left and down to the bottom, then up toward your right toward the top again, turning around and around a number of times, each time a little more quickly, until it is revolving at a rapid rate.

You will notice one thing, perhaps, in your first experiments in revolving the cloud; namely, it will seem to want to turn in the opposite direction (i.e., clockwise), toward your right instead of toward your left (i.e., counter clockwise); and the moment you stop controlling this move­ment toward the left it will seem to start moving backward toward the right again. Thus you will find it according to a natural law, and the cloud would move naturally toward the right (clockwise) if you did not control it; but the transmission of this cloud into many forms of expression will depend upon your getting it into a whirling motion toward the left. It may condense itself into a smaller cloud, as it whirls, or it may enlarge itself. All this we will take note of in further experiments.

Part Two

Do you realize that, as you direct the creative force of Ra and cause it to unite with its opposite, the maturing aspect of Ma, you may be following the Divine pat­tern of the universe? By your intonation of these vowels and by your passive concentration, you are using the laws of mental alchemy to form a cloud from an immaterial energy and an invisible substance within your environment. Next, you begin to rotate this energy to give it motion by which it assumes forms that become visible. Generally, these shapes are either elliptical or spherical.

This mystical and alchemical procedure corresponds to modern astronomical theories explaining how our physical universe and untold other galaxies are formed. First, these astral-physicists or astronomers admit that there is a fundamental primary energy permeating all that which we commonly call space. In its absolute state, they say it has two polarities, one being negative and the other positive. This corres­ponds closely to our doctrine which relates that spirit, with its dual polarity, is the underlying energy of all matter everywhere.

From whence came this primary energy and why it has a duality, astronomy offers no explanation and leaves the question of these first causes to metaphysics to answer. Metaphysics means beyond the physical and it is with these matters that we are greatly concerned. It is interesting to note with what great mystery the astronomers shroud these first causes — these beginnings of the physical universe.

One learned astronomer says, with respect to this primary energy, “Positive and negative units of electricity are, therefore, the foundation of all things. These units powerfully attract each other and, if they rush together, the result is annihilation. To create them by separating them out of nothing is an act that transcends our under­standing. Therein lay the birth of the universe.” The astronomer here refers to positive and negative electrons.

But behind them are still two other great forces or rather attributes of one force. One is represented by Ra, the mind of God, which is positive, and the other by Ma, the substance or being of God, which is negative. It is these two forces with which you are working in your exercises to form a cloud. Now, let us briefly review how the astronomers explain the formation of the stars and heavenly bodies by means of physical laws. Also, we shall note the similarity to what we are undertaking in forming the cloud by our alchemical principles and the Divine force of Ra and Ma.


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