Visual Projection 2

Visual Projection 2

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The next step in the process of projection is a continuation of the process of visualizing. In our last lesson, we took the first step in bringing into the mental eye the details of the mental picture which we must have in order to visualize, perfectly, that picture or message, thing or condition, which we wish to project or have sent into the Cosmic ether.

Certain steps must be taken regularly and in sequence.  In other words, just as in chemistry, certain things must be done in systematic order or else the result will not be the same as when they are done with system.

To tell a person that all he must do is to close his eyes and visualize what he wishes to have projected, or simply concentrate his mind upon it, using his own methods or doing it in whatever way is simplest, would be like tel­ling the student in chemistry to take some named ingred­ients and pour them into the fluid in any way that was easiest and quickest.  The student would be using the same fluid and the same weight of ingredients that the more careful and experienced chemist would use, but he would not get the same results.

So, I warn you that in the mat­ter of visualization requires a certain definite knowledge, taken in the proper steps, one at a time, to get the results the same results every time.  The fact that the great majority of these inex­perienced or untrained workers can never develop or repeat the same experiment the second time shows that they do not know what steps they took the first time and are not familiar with the laws which make such things possible.

In the field of applied science, just as in the field of mysticism and occult sciences, there are both men and women who have accidentally hit upon some great law, have produced some great invention, or have released some great force or energy for a little while.  No one wished to be an experimenter in the field of occult sciences.  So, again, I sound the warning that in all our experiments the certain rules and steps given to you should always be carefully followed.  Shun the advice of those who tell you that it is not necessary to study, carefully and minutely, any definite process.  There are some experimenters who are satisfied with varying results, working in the dark, always discovering or manifesting something new.

It is necessary to put in detail after detail, in building up your mental picture.  One of the psychological principles involved here is that in order that the visual­izing or mental picture shall be transmitted from your mind into the Cosmic, it is necessary that the picture be brought together carefully and slowly on the mental screen.  It is like the making of a picture, by photographic plate, in the darkroom.  The amateur, the in­experienced photographer, or the one just caring for different results, likes quick action and is delighted when the photographic plate is placed in chemicals and the whole of the picture flashed up quickly, in a few seconds.

The professional photographer, the one who knows that the beauty, permanency, elegance, the soul impression of a picture, depend upon the subtle quali­ties of the minute and outlined elements of a picture, does everything he can chemically, and in physical manipulation, to restrain or slow the process, the chem­ical action of the photographic plate, so that the picture will evolve very slowly, gradually, giving an op­portunity for every little shade, light, and subtle quality to have its proper place end relationship in the picture.

The same slow process is necessary to develop the picture we visualize on the mental screen if we wish to have a perfectly visualized picture.  As you close your eyes and slowly pen in the details of the picture — the delicate shades of coloring, the qualities — thinking of each one gradually as you do it, watching your picture carefully to see if there is any detail, shade, or color that you have forgotten or left out, your mind is engrossed in the picture, and your attention so concentrated upon it that the picture is all the while being slowly and carefully attuned with the Cosmic, ready for release into the Universal Intelligence of which the Cosmic consists.

Scientists have worked on the earlier process of sending photographs over telephone wires to distant places.  After much experimenting, they discovered one fundamental principle that they had overlooked:  The process of trans­ferring the details electrically from the original photo­graph to the wire was much too fast and the electrical wire that was to transmit the picture to a distant place could not take up, absorb, or receive all of the delicate vibrations of the subtle qualities of the picture as fast as the machine was feeding these impulses to it.  The result was that the picture at the receiving end of the wire was too vague. It lacked those points and qualities which constituted the original picture.

The transmitting of photographs by wire, of course, is now improved and universally used today.  Cell phones and computers as a method of send­ing pictures through space are also common.  The color pro­cess is likewise making progress.  However, these can never equal in clearness and depth of impression the occult way of transmitting pictures and impressions or messages by means of the Cosmic Mind.



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