Cloud Formation 5 – Using Aum

Cloud Formation 5 – Using Aum

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Our next step is to approach the cloud with a distinct purpose in mind, after having had several successful experiments in losing ourselves in the cloud for a few minutes. For our next experiments with the cloud, we will do as follows:

First, decide on a certain work you would like to assist someone in accomplishing, or a certain message you wish to have come to the spiritual self of some earthly individual, or someplace where you wish to have your spiritual self felt or appreciated.

Second, with the decision in mind, prepare to form the cloud and proceed as instructed to form it, and as soon as the cloud is formed and you are ready to project into it, say the word AUM. Now this word should be pro­longed and not said quickly, and it should be said softly and with as low a voice as you can use. It is pronounced like the OW in the HOW, with an M added to it. The AU should be held for a little while before the M is pronounced. Then the word should fade out with only the M sound on your lips. A little practice will make this clear.

Saying it just once, holding it as long as possible, as you project into the cloud with your mind decided as to what you want to have happen, will bring strange beneficial results. Sincerely practice these experiments during the next few days.


Photo by Frank McKenna/Unsplash

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