Will Power and the Dialette

Will Power and the Dialette

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For the next few days, you will practice this experiment in your chapel or wherever convenient. First, let me say that the following simple experiment has, of recent years, also been tested in the laboratories of some of our universi­ties in their research into the subject of parapsychology. The results have been proved not to be optical illusions or autosuggestion or any of the excuses which individuals often use when they do not succeed as readily as they wish or when they want to ignore these principles.

Instructions for using the dialette:

First, cut out the Dialette by cutting on the dotted line on the outer edge.

Second, cut out the arrow and the other strip of paper, No. 2, and No. 3, by cutting on the outer dotted edge of each. If Dialette and arrow are not heavy enough, paste them on light-weight cardboard.

Then stick an ordinary sewing needle through the center hole of the Dialette, letting the needle project up above the Dialette about one half or three quarters of an inch.

Place the Dialette on an ordinary drinking glass filled with ordinary water to a point that will touch the needle. Slightly fold the arrow No.2 at the place indicated and balance it on the needle at the point where it is folded. If the arrow does not balance so that it raises at both ends freely from the Dialette, cut off a little of the arrow at the heaviest end so it will balance.

The piece of paper marked No. 3, when folded and balanced on the needle, illustrates an old experiment performed years ago to demonstrate the power of will. It is used in the same manner as arrow No.2.

The arrow No. 2 is our modern form of this experiment. Place the glass of water and Dialette on the table and stand a book or cardboard screen in front of it so that your breath will not affect it.

Then concentrate your eyes upon the arrow, or balanced piece of paper, and use your will power to make the arrow or paper turn around on the needle until it points to different figures on the Dialette. Be sure that your breath or a current of wind in the room is not affecting the arrow. Sometimes five minutes of concentration are necessary before the arrow will move. Practice no more than five minutes each and no more than twice in one day, for a total of two or three days.

Laboratory tests have proved that many per­sons can make it move part way around the Dialette, and with practice some have been able to move it half-way or nearly all the way.

Soon you will discover that there is a MOTIVE POWER that emanates from YOU toward the paper. This will prove what we have been saying that the WILL and the “psychic aura” can be used to DIRECT power IN the body and OUT of it as well.

However, if you do not succeed after a few attempts, lay aside the experiment and proceed with your studies. Failure to perform this experiment in no way implies lack of power. The extent of your will power may be proved to you in other ways in subsequent experiments.

will power and the dialette

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