Receiving the “Inner Word”

Receiving the “Inner Word”

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Every creature has its own center for its outspeaking, which is the sound of the formed word within itself, both eternal and temporal beings, including unreasoning ones as well as mankind. The first Ens (a real thing, or entity) was spoken out of the sound of God, by Wisdom, out of Her center into the fire and light, and was formed into the fiat (an authoritative decree, sanction, or order) and entered into ‘compaction’ (the state of being compacted). The Ens is out of the eternal, but the compaction is out of the temporal (relating to worldly, secular), and therefore in everything there is something eternal hidden in time.

The quality of each word in the human voice, in the act of outspeaking forms, will manifest itself either in the love of God, as in the Holy Ens, or in the wrath of God. In that same quality will it be repeated after it has been spoken out. The false word, based on a false premise, becomes in­fected by misunderstanding, which some call the Tempter or Devil.

The word is near to thee, even within thy heart and lips, and God himself is the Word which is in thy heart and lips.

While you are dwelling in the darkness, awaiting the development of certain conditions and manifestations, and determining just what will be your individual effort for the future, there are certain little helps that I can give you in a veiled way, which were given to the mystics in ancient times while they dwelt in the period of darkness. They came together each morning at sunrise for their usual salutations and prayers. Before retiring to the privacy of their cells to spend their time in meditation and contemplation, the Guardian stood before them and read certain texts or proverbs. These were brief paragraphs or sentences; each one a great fundamental truth or law, veiled in the briefest words so that they could take these thoughts with them to their cells to be used as keys to meditate upon during the day.

One of the manifestations that will come to you sooner or later, perhaps during the darkness, will be the keen realization of several words, or one word of several syllables, that will seem to impress themselves upon you in a strange way. First, let me tell you that this word or group of words will constitute what the ancient mystics called the inner word. In the Christian doctrines it is referred to as The Word. Emphasis is given to the fact that all spiritual persons eventually come to believe that in the beginning of all creation there was one great word called The Word. This is the so-called lost word. It is not the lost word, however, that will come to you during your development, but a word that will be important to you throughout your life­time and probably of little value to anyone else.

If I were to speak from my own experience and judgement, I would call this the thought rather than the word, or the inner thought instead of the inner word, be­cause this inner word may be just one word, as I have said, or several words; but in every case, the word or words will constitute a single thought. Of course, it is pos­sible for one word to convey a thought of the mind of another which would take a number of words to explain. Take the one word love for instance. It is easy enough to express the idea with one word, so far as conveying the thought to another is concerned, but the moment one attempts to ana­lyze the thought, a great many more words than one are necessary even to outline the nature and effect of love.

Each highly-evolved being on the Path, who has practiced in the Chemical Marriage, will have this word or thought as the secret key to his inner consciousness. I cannot tell you much about it at the present time, because even what I have said in the few lines above is apt to create suggestions or ideas in your mind that may influence the coming of the word, or cause you to create one artifici­ally. I hope, therefore, that none of you will allow your minds to concentrate upon the word love, or any other word arbitrarily selected by you, and unconsciously foster or force a selected word upon yourself, and thereby blot out the real word or group of words that should come from the Cosmic. Since it is too easy to deceive ourselves in this regard, I hesitate to explain very much about it.

It as though you were being led into a great garden of many flowers and told that you were to select one of them, which was to be the key to your life. Then suppose that you were told that the right selection of this flower would come as a Cosmic urge and that you were to sit in the midst of the flowers until you had an inspiration and a conviction as to which flower was to be selected. If nothing more were told to you about it, you probably would depend solely upon a Cos­mic impulse. But if I went on to explain to you that the flower was of a certain, color and grew to a certain height on a bush, merely to illustrate to you what I meant by selecting a flower, the chances are that my words might cause you to look for a bush or a flower nearly like the one I had described, and unconsciously to select that one instead of listening to the Cosmic impulse.

However, I may tell you the following facts, taken from the oldest manuscripts, without unduly influencing you. The inner word, or thought is an expression of the divine self in each one of us. In fact, the early mystics of the Christian era claim that it is the voice of the prophet spoken in our own beings. The outstanding fact about this is that the word or thought becomes an infallible guide, incapable of error. Please read that sentence again. The thought or word is for you, and you alone. You might meet, sometime in your lifetime, one or two persons who have re­ceived the same or a similar word or thought, but it is more than likely that you will go through life without ever hav­ing found another with the same thought or word.

Of course, you will not give this word to anyone else except a person whom you know to have put their foot on the path, who has passed through the same stages of development as yourself, and who also has received a word. The exchange of words with such persons can do no harm, in­asmuch as once the true word has been given to a person, or the true word has been realized, nothing said by anyone else can ever change it for you. In other words, if you have listened carefully and heard the proper word or thought, the fact that someone else has a different one, or a word that has meant more to him or her than your word seems to mean to you, will never cause you to look for a new word in exchange for the one you have, because once properly realized you will know that your word is yours and that there could never be another one to take its place.

I have said that it would become a guide for you. I mean by this that this word will be much like a magic power of some kind, not because it really deals with magic, but because you will realize its power and its significance; you will obey it, and listen to it as though it were some magic power that influenced you. You will know that this word or group of words, spoken softly when you are alone or in the silence, immediately will attune you with the Cosmic and bring you into intimate contact with one of the great Masters of the Cosmic. You will discover that the word will protect you from harm, relieve illness, change conditions, and vibrations. It will do many other startling things for you, not merely through the vibrations of its sound but because it will immediately bring you under the protection and guidance of one of the great Masters.

It is of value to know, however, that the guardian always warned his pupils that others in the past occasionally had disobeyed the word or ignored it; in such circumstances, they had quickly learned that such an act brought them grief and sorrow. Of course, we are all human and the human ele­ment in us is very apt to cause us to feel at times that our own reasoning is superior to any other thoughts that may come from the outside or the inside. In other words, the voice of the Tempter often tries to make us ignore the inner word and listen to our own reasoning. In such cases, inevit­ably we fail, thereby learning a lesson.

You will judge from what I have said here in this veiled way that this inner word or thought will come to you at times when you are in doubt or when you need the still small voice to guide you. I am not going to tell you, however, how, when, or where the word suddenly will manifest itself to you when you most need it. This, you must learn from experience.

We have an excellent example, in the very old mys­tical stories of Moses in the Christian Bible, of a person who at times disobeyed the Divine Voice and paid no atten­tion to the inner word. Perhaps you have never realized that the story of Moses is more allegorical and symbolical than a truthful presentation of facts. It is one of the most veiled stories in the Bible. At times it would seem that Moses was not one person but several persons.

If we keep in mind the fact that Moses simply symbolized the one who had been initiated, but who swayed back and forth between earthly temptation and Divine urge, we will realize that we are not reading the story of one man, but of a char­acter that represented many men or many personalities. The one outstanding lesson that we get from the story of Moses is the beautiful mystical fact that while a man is both spiritual and physical, and can have in him the Divine Voice, ready and willing to urge him and advise him, God has ordained that man shall have free will and shall hear the temptation of the world as well as the advice of the inner consciousness. He has the privilege of choosing as he pleases.

The law is this: “Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the law; love is the law; love under will.” The first part of that law is the most significant. “Do what thou wilt, is the whole of the law.” Now that does not mean that you can do as you please, and that there is no other law except the law permitting you to go through life and do any­thing and everything that you desire to do. You would see at once that such a principle would not be any law at all.

The key to the whole law lies in the word will. This command to do things you will to do means to do the things that you have reasoned upon, examined, analyzed, and finally agreed upon, with the understanding that you will assume all the responsi­bility for your act, and bear all of the Karma that results therefrom. You see, therefore, that the law is very much like the other one expressed in our teachings, “If you dare to do, you will have the power to do.”

After you have had the inner word given to you and have become acquainted with the signal alarm or impulse from the self within which tells you when you are right or wrong in your planning, then, if you will do anything, that shall be the law unto you. Of course, I am again veiling my words. You must analyze every word and thought in the fore­going sentences and meditate upon them in order to arrive at the sublime, transcendental truths contained in them.

There are two sources of will in the universe. One is the will of God; the other is the will of man. Let all of your actions be according to will. That is the whole of the law. You must do either the will of God or your own will, for there is no other law but this.

I now will quote one very beautiful passage that is the outstanding gem of thought in the oldest writings, dealing exclusively with this subject of the inner word and attempting to make you feel and realize the sound and nature of the word. Just listen to this beautiful expression:

“The lingual powers of nature are to the inner self what the scale of tones in music is for the musician. The letters of vowel sounds of the alphabet are the school for the inner self. Man must let the very spirit of these sounds work upon him until his life’s emotions become awakened to the point of infallibility, as the ear of the musician be­comes trained in hearing musical sounds with infallibility; in other words, the inner self must become so familiar with the intimate powers of the soul of the inner word that God ceases to be something far and strange, and the inner self is able to speak with God as though speaking with the outer self.”

There is another beautiful extract which I think I may safely use at the present time. It is from the same manuscript. “God is of the essence of the word, and the essence of the word is expressed in the vowel sounds or let­ters of the human language. In the beginning, when there were not yet worlds or beings, or creatures, there was naught but seeming space. Space was filled with powers and with the forces of God. These powers had to be organized that they might become constructive, creative, and beneficent. God organized these powers by the sending forth of the word, which by the vowels and the essences of their powers controlled the powers of the universe.”

Still another passage may guide you in your contem­plation: “God has given himself unto, or into, man and the spirit of man, or his consciousness, is a part of God. But more than this, through the vowel sounds of his language God has permitted man the privilege and capacity of calling the spirit powers of the universe and of thus becoming identified with them and bringing his ego into contact and attunement with God.”

There is much more that I can tell you after you have found your word, but I dare not say more at present. It is inevitable that at various points on the Path your teacher must leave you alone to meditate and contemplate. It may be that at such times your heart and soul will cry aloud for one word of instruction, or one answer to a great problem; but the Master must remain silent; the answer must come from within. Thus it is with each one of you.

You must dwell in silence, meditation, and contemplation, during your period of darkness, and wait for the light when the marriage will take place; in the meantime, listen for the inner word. That word may be a familiar one that you have often heard. It may be a sentence composed of two, three, or four short words like a proverb, or a prophetic saying, or a law, or a command. I cannot tell you what it will be like, and God forbid that I should give you one that would not be the true one. It must come to you. Through your prayers and through your meditation, you will bring it to you.

Arise, if you can, early in the morning at sunrise, and before eating or breaking fast, bathe, then sit or stand in a position facing the sunrise, and search for the word. Scan the horizon of the sky where the sun is rising as though you were seeking the rising of the Son of Man and the Son of God to come forth with the word written on a scroll. Then search yourself inwardly. Listen to every sound that may come to your mind, every word that may come to your thoughts from within. Write down those that seem strongly impressed upon your consciousness, but do not adopt them or accept them unless, after many days of seeking, the same word continues to come or the same thought is expressed. Pray for the light to come to you and pray for the word to reveal itself. Go into contemplation after breakfast again, if you can, or at midday, or at sunset, and again before retiring.

The most important period of your life is at hand, and every moment that you can give to such contemplation or meditation during darkness will be worth all of the trouble, time, and denial of pleasures that you can possibly give to this period. Do not ask others what success they are having until you are ready to answer that you have been suc­cessful, and then do not discuss this matter with any except those whom you may discover to be in the same position and same point of development as yourself. It may be many weeks before you receive the word; or it may be close at hand. I can only pray for you that it may be soon. This lesson should be read many times during the coming week, taking a paragraph of it at a time for con­templation and meditation. Carefully analyze each sentence and make it a part of your very being.


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