Cloud Formation 4 – Project Yourself

Cloud Formation 4 – Project Yourself

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As soon as the mist or cloud has reached sufficient density so that you can see it, however slightly, instead of whirling it or increasing its size just look at it stead­ily, with your eyes half closed, and use your will power to project yourself into the cloud.

When we say, “project yourself”, we mean, of course, your spiritual self. Just as soon as you feel the strange sensation of your consciousness going out of your body toward the cloud, close your eyes and become as passive as you can. That is, let yourself go into what others would think was a light trance or sleep. It will not be a trance; it will not be a sleep; but it will be a state of conscious­ness that permits you to be free from the material self for a while.

You will soon awaken again in this state; but not in a material sense. It will be as though you slowly came out of darkness and into light, and in that light you will see many wonderful things, and have unusual ex­periences. These moments of experience will be of vast importance to you, and we cannot even outline, suggest, or hint at them. They will mean much to you in all your future spiritual development. In a few minutes, perhaps five, perhaps ten, you will find the visions or experiences fading out, and slowly you will come back to worldly con­sciousness again, refreshed and delighted.

No instructions received heretofore are as helpful to the spiritual side of your development as those given in the last few lessons. They serve two purposes: they increase your ability in thought-creating; and they help you to attune the spiritual, your real self, to the Cosmic. From this time onward, it is well for you to keep records of any experiences you may have through these prac­tices, date them, make a brief outline of each so that you will understand your notations, and preserve them until such time as you are directed to send them to someone.

Right here it may be well to remind the one on the Path of that which was intimated when entering the Ninth Chamber. There comes a time when each seeker who travels the Path must travel alone. That fact is so well known to occultists generally that it has been freely commented upon even by those who are outside of the Order, but who have heard the statement. In fact, many have been kept from entering into the work of mysticism, of a higher nature, because of a false interpretation of the statement.

They have believed it meant that as one approached the heights one must isolate one’s self from home, family, and friends, and go away into the wilds of nature and become a recluse. This is not true, but the great truth is that one must, sooner or later, work ALONE IN DEVELOPMENT, and cannot depend upon teacher, master, or friend for assistance, as he may in the lower levels of study.

When one reaches this point, he learns of it, knows of it, through a certain experience or set of experiences had within a few days of each other. There is no mistaking the message that comes then, no mistaking the instructions and the illumination. Then one must proceed differently. The whole Cosmic becomes one’s school. Each one who reaches this point comes under the supervision of one of the Cosmic Masters, and instruction comes from this Master — as far as Cosmic instruction is concerned. The Order becomes dearer to the heart of each one reaching this point, and LOYALTY, LOVE, and SERVICE become the watchwords. This is what is meant by traveling ALONE on the Path.

The exercise given in the lesson for this week may prove to be the open door for those who have not started upon such a path. The previous lessons, with their experiments, have opened the door to a few; the door may be further opened now — but do not be anxious.  There is a time and a condition for each person; by practicing all the experiments one will reach the right point. Then — then we can say more, but not now. Therefore, keep a record of all your experiences.


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