The Law: Lesson 5, Parts 2 & 3

17 Jul

The Law: Lesson 5, Parts 2 & 3

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Father Paul Blighton
Lesson 5, Parts 2 and 3
Tape 702


In our last lesson we spoke of being. Now we wish to pave the way so that you may understand the nature of God in relation to the Law and its use, the nature of God, of man and of being in perfect harmonious whole, the perfect God, the perfect man, the perfect being.

When we reach this particular periodicy, so to speak, of spirituality, and we then are at a point in which treatment conforms with your thoughts as well as your worded prayer, then let treatment be the moving thing, the series of statements followed by realization of the thoughts, the spoken word of the mind. Gradually a conviction dawns upon man, the more he works with God’s law, that God is all there is, and that he exists — man — within this All, in accordance with his own asserted will. For he has determined his life. Even before he came into it, he determined the general pattern. And as his conviction grows, the work is done more easily.

We will not go very deeply into healing, but enough so that you may see the working out of the Law, and gain a greater degree of acceptance. A growing spiritual atmosphere comes into play. We have talked about the atmosphere before, but this Law gradually becomes a controlling valve or the filter that determines the nature of the shell of our atmosphere and what is permitted to pass through it.

When this truth takes hold of our consciousness, and we contact what appears to be imperfect man, or imperfect god — the little “g” — and the imperfect being, we shall better know that the manifestation of imperfection has no right to exist. In actual practice — or should we use the word “practice”? For all Christians are practicers of Christ – this becomes a series of statements, arguments, perhaps, but we do not argue because there is only but one Law, and one Word of God passed on to us through our Lord Jesus – a series of statements which finally culminate in a mental evidence in a physical world. Being a flavor of the perfect God, perfect man, perfect being. Just a little bit of it, as if we were peeking through a pinhole in a sheet, looking at the peep-show, like we used to build when we were little children. For the wonders which we have seen through a peep-hole, at the peek-show that we paid three pennies for, are to the child like the man to God. The wonder within the black — within that beautiful box; or in science they would call it the black box, because of its mysterious functional way. For within man, he sort of has a black box too, of science. There is something in this Law which is within him inherently.

The way to learn how to treat oneself, for this is Christ, our Lord’s, one of his first challenges: man, physician, heal thyself. And it isn’t until we do this that we become the physician. For the physician who heals not himself has not learned to be a physician. At first one has the feeling, in treating the wonders of his own manifestation, if anything is really happening at all. Until we finally realize that this apparent nothingness with which we are dealing is only the ultimate of something out of which tangibility, things, are brought into conditions and in harmony with the Creator’s original creative idea, that can be made.

Recent research in the field of physics has revealed that this mental-physical, or mind physics subtraction is the thing that physics begins with, and its energy and intelligence. Just like in arithmetic there are but two functions, addition and subtraction; and in multiplication we are merely adding many times. And in division we are but subtracting many times.

And so it is with the Law: it is a compounding of mental prayers, of beseeching, moving into an era where we constantly are praying. For our constant thinking and functioning are our prayers which are determining our life and what is in it, and our physical body and its nature.

We would add to this that the intelligence may be directed by consciousness; and so it is too in mathematics. If we are conscious of the subtraction methods of division, and the multiplication methods of addition, we find that they compound one another. And in the Spirit we find soon where the little things have compounded and made big. And so we learn to remove through the Word the little things, the kernels, and then all of the big things which we would accomplish in the way of health and healing just take place just so naturally.

In mental and spiritual treatments the practitioner endeavors to enter into the consciousness of a state of unity, of all life. And we feel the perfection of God and His creation in which unity exists, past, present and future. For here God knows no time — not of man’s clock, at least. Perhaps there is a solar clock, a greater clock, through which the eternal hands are moving. This may be the time in which unity can exist, past, present and future.

And the person for whom we pray, or for ourselves, He is working. And the unborn but the potential possible. The unborn “what”? The unborn perfection until the prayer is finished. He’s dealing, and we are dealing, not with mental suggestion but with a spiritual presence in which is written the perfection of what we are trying to establish in the conscious world. He does not seek to force an issue, but rather permits an understanding and consciousness of a Creative Intelligence to perform the act. For when it is completed, the pattern of words or pictures in the mind that is of the Father, it then becomes a reality when we let it go and let the Spirit work.

We are all familiar with the idea of the unity in the physical world. This physical world and all the physical forms is made of one ultimate stuff of which no one knows the nature, particularly, except it’s there, with its energy and power. We are acquainted with the forms of man and the forms of the universe and the symbols through which these things happen, things above. The physics has chased this form into mathematics, chemistry, as it were, back into the primordial unity of energy and intelligence.

And here the various things stem out of the tree of what we call life, for it is life. It is the body and substance of the Creator, back into the primordial unity of energy and intelligence. Perhaps this is what Emerson had in mind when he said that every fact is fluid. Or what Spinoza had in mind when he said, “I do not say that mind is one thing, and matter another. I say they are the same thing.” All forms are theoretically resolvable into a universal energy and substance. The symbol, the shape, the size, the way in which and through which intelligence operates.

The Bible says, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And all things were made by the Word, and without the Word was nothing — was anything made that was made.” The Bible clearly speaks of the physical universe and everything in it as through it — as though it were a word in form. The God is Spirit. That the action of the Spirit upon itself produced creation, that man is a complement of the universe, an incarnation of the universe, partaking of the same nature. Consequently his Word is created.

This should answer the questions of the students who are unable to understand how thought can become a thing. And yet, he would say, “I know it has a radiational field.” How thought can influence an objective life, whether it be the physical body or the physical environment. And yet we know that each act and each word and each thought produces certain radiations in the body. This is the way, this is the Law manifested. The Bible explains to us the uses we can make of this power of the Word. It gives us many stories, of Adam and Eve and of the fall, and shows us wrong and right, and so on and so forth, but there is but one criterion, the perfected form, as it should be.

And He gives us the story of Jesus the Christ and his spiritual teachings to show us the right use, and again, as in Adam all die, even so in Christ all are made alive. It says also that in the beginning God made perfect man — God made man perfect but man has sought out many inventions through the Word. It very boldly declares, the Testament does, that death and resurrection are the inventions needed for human mind and are the decree of the Almighty.

But these are things that are existent but are not known through consciousness, the reality of the travel and the long path of the soul through many incarnations. And as our memories open and we become more conscious as the light comes in to show us the great Way. And as we become more conscious of the Self, then is opened the book of Revelations to us. And the great Akasha, or the Mind of God, is revealed in all its power. And the glory of His word makes manifest through us.

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