Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 5: The Law 2

Tree of Life – Level 2, Lesson 5: The Law 2

Tree of Life Lessons — The Law

The Law and the Way It Works

The things which we are going to lay down as laws, as the Law, are not our teachings, are not special revelations of the Holy Order of MANS. They are really the culmination of all revelations, in a sense, out of the hoary mist of Time, of ages past.

For we, as seekers of the straight path up, and not around the mountain, take our good wherever we find it, in the realization that God’s creation is good throughout the universe, and that all things, all laws, are going to be as good in your life as you are able to incorporate in your life. For life is yours to use, and be happy with.

Remember God, the Father, Creator of all, the Thing, the Universal Energy, the Mind in which we live — is motivated into the creative state, and finds its conscious and individualized centering of action and expression through us.

This great creative perfection can only express and function through you at the level of your concept, as you will let it function. This is the essence of all teaching.

We say the First Cause is God, and this is true. For it is God who is willing to express through you. This is why He created man.

This universal light, life and love in energy finds its outlet in and through all that is willing to accept their immersion into all that lives.

There is One Energy. This is one energy expressing in many forms, as the old mystics said, “In Him we live, and move, and have our being.”

The Spirit of God, or the invisible Cause, is the personality of the Father, because it is Him expressing. Hence, there is one original Cause, out of which we are made.

That is why we are called part of the body of God. This is why we seek to immerse ourselves into the body of Christ, because it is through the Christos that the power of God, the mind energy of God, passes and takes on the form (three forms) of light, life, and love.

It is through this, we now know, that is what we are. We could not have become in any other way, but we do not know how much of this we are; when we see it as it is, then we shall see ourselves as we are.

If God is to reveal Himself to man, He must reveal Himself through man.

The original form of God and the life at the center, the core, the Self of God, His infinite Life, is the all-good. It is filled with peace, for it is this state that we call peace. It is the essence of purity, for there is nothing else but that. It is the ultimate of intelligence, for there is but one Mind. It is power because there is no other energy. It is Law because it is the personality of God’s thinking. It is Life because it is expressed through His Self. It is in us — all of these things are in us — in our inner being, hidden, maybe, from our observation, but they are the true seed atom of man. They are the true three-seed atoms of man’s eternal existence.

For only the ignorance of Truth keeps us from experiencing so great a power, so complete a freedom, and of having absolute dominion through the Law, of our life.

This is why Jesus of Nazareth summed up his whole philosophy in a statement, “It is done unto you as you believe.” For this mighty reservoir within which we are can only become recognized and used as power to us — ONLY WHEN WE RECOGNIZE IT AS POWER.

We are saying to you, that you are only limited in your strength, in your success, in your life, in your supply of all material things, in the spiritual revelations that come to you — by your own limitations. For as Emerson once said, “There is no great and no small to the Soul that maketh all.”

Remember this, that Nature obeys us, as we obey it. For did not the Father say, “I give you the kingdom”? and did he not give man dominion over all the earth, the animals, the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea? For nature has no volition of its own, only the Mind of the Father, and our Mind. This is what the Bible calls the Word. That which follows is evolution, or the unfoldment of the Word into the objective existence.

The gardener goes forth in faith to sow his seeds. He has learned that as he sows, so shall he reap; that the Law works for all alike.

We accustom ourselves to the concept of the impersonalness of the Law, the availability of the Law, and the mechanical accuracy of the Law. If we can conceive only a little good, that is as much as we can experience.

We must instill into the mind the fundamental proposition that good is without bounds. Only good and loving-kindness shall “follow me all the days of my life.” — Psalm 23.

We must get this concept, rather than continuing to think there is a power of evil as opposed to the power of Good. We experience good and evil because we perceive a presence of duality rather than unity.

Then, knowing that The Thing can work for us only through us, let us begin to accept today more good than we experience yesterday, and to know that we shall reap a harvest of fulfilled desires.

The time shall come when we shall have left the apparent evil behind; when it shall be rolled up like a scroll and numbered with the things which were once thought to be.

Let us realize and work with this sound knowledge and perfect faith. That as high as we shall make our mark in Mind, and Spirit, so high shall be Its outward manifestation in our material world.

Let us interject here in preparation for the deeper teachings, and also relate to the Christian church, for things which St. Paul originally contributed to the early church, and his doctrine of the dynamic growth of the individual soul, or what he speaks of as the Cosmos in Christ.

St. Paul related to the three planes. He views Christ’s incarnation in Jesus as being the way in which this reality was prolonged in space of time, and which would eventually touch all creatures. And yet he never separated the three from one another, because of one reason. He knew that it was the power, the energy of the Father, moving through the Christos, the body of Christ, the second point of the great triangle, which brought creations into existence on the microscopic level of man, from the Cosmic standpoint.

The phrase “in Christ” was used about 164 times in St. Paul’s work, and his meaning was from a very realistic standpoint and union with Christ, an internal and dynamic union, it being the purpose for baptism in the Christian church, as a visible acceptance of the Christ.

By the true acceptance of the virtue of God through Christ, man is saved by and through the bath of the Holy Spirit, or the projection of the personality of God, the Holy Spirit, which regenerates us and renews us.

Baptism, if taken in a realistic way, really resurrects the reality of the spiritual body in man, and thus through the Christ mind-concept becomes man’s recollection-point of God, for he has discarded the separateness; he has accepted in a universal point of realization, the living form, and his thoughts will be materialized in his life. The Christ will fulfill God’s work.

St. Augustine made a statement, “Let us rejoice and give thanks that we have become not only Christians, but Christ.” My brother, do you understand the grace of God, our Head? Let us stand in admiration. Rejoice. We have become the Christ at this point of the Holy Trinity, or Holy Family.

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