Confidence in the Law

21 Jul

Confidence in the Law

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Lecture by Father Paul Blighton
Tape 703


All through your course of study you have heard a great deal and been taught a great deal about the Law.

You have been taught about many phases of it. But there is an old-fashioned part of this — excuse me, wait till these people get in. Well there, this looks like Fillmore, huh? I might have known. You’d better find yourselves some seats around here if you get ’em up here. Yes?

Q: Father, do you mind if I move the cross so I can see your face?

A: I don’t care, if you can stand it, I can. (laughter)

In the Law — we have gone into many ramifications of its use, and the Word. We’ve talked quite a bit about the Word, but there are some things which we haven’t gone into very deeply, and one of those things is faith. Now, this is an old-fashioned church word, and it has been so misused, so misunderstood, kicked around all over the lot, so to speak. And the long-haired theologians have sat and deliberated on it for many hours. They have written many theses and written volumes upon volumes of work about what faith really was. Well, it’s a plain simple thing. I’m not going into any theological discussion, it is a plain simple thing, and that’s what I’m going to give to you tonight. And I’m going to read some of these, our notes that are set apart for lessons that were going to come up in the future. And so, if you’ll excuse me for reading — I usually don’t — I want to get certain points across very definitely.

You’ve all heard the word “alchemy”, of course, someplace or other, either in some authentic book or some shyster that wrote a book that thought he knew something, and he got paid for it because he wrote a nice-sounding story. And the majority of all books on alchemy are purely bunk, because there are very few people in this world today that know anything about it. And you can put that one down in your little memorandum book, and when you see a book written on alchemy and it tells you all about how to do it, you just label that that he’s a liar, because any man that knows it won’t put it in print that way, believe me. He won’t do it. And I — every time I get a chance I take a crack at these boys, because if there’s anything I hate is anyone writing something which they know nothing about. And they deserve to get just exactly what I give them. If they want to argue about it, (laughter) I’m here, I don’t move away.

The alchemists and the old mystics knew that the greatest stumbling block that man has — and just take this statement and give it a quick thought — is the use of mental and spiritual powers. In their use, making them work, was the lack of faith. Man did not know his powers and had no confidence in them, and if he were told, he still didn’t have any confidence. The problem then was, and still is, with anyone who is working with the upper teachings, and with the word or with alchemy, is to establish the reality of real faith. And we’ll put that in another word, which is confidence.

Now this is a word that you have used many times, in many ways, and the psychologists have kicked it around with many volumes, and they still don’t know the extreme heights to which this word goes in the reality of man’s world and in Creation. Man and woman on the street, the one who scoffs or has no interest in spiritual or mental powers whatsoever, as we know them, cannot use the great powers that were given unto him by the Creator or her Mind because of the lack of this confidence. It is not that they do not know the laws, for they have read them many times. That is a secondary thing.

Many of us have the almost confident attitude of mind in the use of the power. Oft times things happen with our mind without our knowing how, without knowledge beforehand or after we have been acquainted with the Laws which are used generally, but at the same time we really didn’t try to use it, but somehow we knew, as you might put it if you were a churchman, that God would answer the statement. He did, but it was because we had confidence in that the law worked.

It is not knowledge but confidence that enables us to do what we wish to do and accomplish it, even to the functions of our physical being, our physical body. Those whom have worked in therapy or whom have worked around medical research or anything of this nature, where rehabilitation is going on, and we see somebody who perhaps has had a severe illness and been in bed for several months and hasn’t used their limbs, or their arm or whatever it is, broken arm, perhaps, know that it takes what they call therapy in order to get the individual back on his feet again and getting him to be able to use them, feet and legs.

Now, it isn’t that he doesn’t know that the legs have worked. He has seen them work, and he knows that nothing has happened to them, perhaps, that would cause them not to work, but he still can’t quite do it. And then they take walkers and all kinds of mechanical devices and they teach him to walk. Well now, what is it that keeps him from stepping out and doing this? Walking? It is because of his lack of confidence.

There are many people who have been paralyzed or partially paralyzed, and they’ve been in bed and the paralysis or the condition has been healed. And the doctors have worked and therapists have worked diligently to get them out of bed, and then all of a sudden some drastic thing happens in the area and someone that they know or love, or a fire or something happens when they need to get out of the way and move, and all of a sudden they’re walking and they didn’t even realize it, because they didn’t think about it, because they didn’t know or they didn’t question but what they could, you see. And this is an old story, it’s happened many times in therapy or rehabilitation, and it is the confidence that your body will function, that your mind is functioning and it has control, and so forth, in this sort of way.

This suggests just one of the physical ways in which we see the evidence of confidence needed and the type of confidence that is needed in order to have a certain part of the body function in accordance with the Law. Of course this is true, the entire body and creation runs this way.

There is a peculiar principle back of this secret of confidence. It is as little understood by those who talk about it as are the great psychic laws or spiritual laws. Every salesman is told to have confidence. The popular books on psychology tell us to have confidence in our ability, abilities, and every clergyman preaches the principle of having confidence in the love and goodness and justice of God. But they ask us to assume such a method, that it does not work. It is not psychologically right.

We have doubt, we question for a moment, we have hesitancy in our moving out with it or our functioning with it, and therefore must assume an attitude that may fool our objective selves, but it cannot fool the inner man, the Self, which continues to doubt on the outer, no matter what cloak you wear objectively. The mind and the inner being must be reached before that confidence is in reality.

What is the secret process of confidence? How does it make for the release of power? What is back of the force of confidence? These are questions which lessons at times give out in very small bits or pieces. But it is plain and as we find the secret of what is called “the lost word” in some philosophies, in some teachings, that brings us back to the place where all of this started.

First let us consider this necessary preliminary step. How can we have real confidence? That has been and always will be the greater problem. As head of the order, I knew that when I started to teach these things, that this was one of the main hurdles that you had to get over. Because you not only have to have confidence that your work will work, but you have to have confidence in the Master, or you won’t see it.

You know, there was a certain lady who was the mother of one of our people in the order, and she was a very nice person, and she kind of — she didn’t laugh at anything or anything of that sort, but she objected in some ways and couldn’t accept these things, and we talked but she was very respectful about it except that she was very stubborn. And her sons kept telling her about this and that and the other thing, the law and things out of the Testament, and she — one day when we were sitting in the parlor she said, “Well, when I see Jesus, then I’ll believe it.” And about that time somebody came to the back door to deliver some groceries or something or other — I’ve forgotten what it was. She opened up the screen and stepped out of the back porch and stopped dead-still, looked up: there he was. And you know, she hasn’t been the same since. Well, she … , didn’t she? And it happens.

You have to be led along from one principle to another, from one step to another and through various experiments, various meditations and demonstrations, until within your own self there has been laid the foundation of real confidence. (Say, is that heater running, over there?)

A Brother: I just turned it off.

Oh, good. Better open that door a little bit; and keep any large-size cats out.

We know that it has, they have tried to use it in false methods, to ask you to have confidence or to assume it. We also know, from the secrets of the ancient teachers, that real confidence must be attained so that we can attain self-mastery; for here confidence is absolutely essential. It is the first step toward reality.

We are told that every law and every tool of the ancient teachings of the words that you’ve been learning, and those of our lessons, is contained in a few principles hidden in the little lessons on the complete, when complete — when you have completed (pardon me) the first level of work here.

You may have had a complete outline of all the laws and principles, but you had no real confidence in these laws and principles. You have read about them in the lessons, you have read them in the Testament in your Bible work, but still you have no confidence. You may have believed them true, you may have trusted in them sufficiently to use them within yourself at times, to pledge your life and your action by them, to make them your rule and guide in life. Now that is faith, hope, trust, expediency, but that is not confidence. Yes?

Sister: How do you…confidence, if you don’t…confidence ..?

Well, you will learn that right here in a few minutes. The confidence that is meant, we are told by the ancients, is the Word, and this very trite term has been kicked around, and many books written on it. Most of them, by the time you get through the book you probably know less than when you started in. We know that those who have this secret now hold it as a sacred thing. But as the Testament tells us that all the secrets shall be revealed, so we will do this and we will carry this on.

As dear and truly as we love to possess these, we will give you the first step along this line. You’ve tried long and you’ve meditated, you’ve been delayed, held back, tempted to leave the order, tempted to try something else But through the meditations, through concentration and other things of this nature, some of you have gained just a little bit of that confidence, because you have had things accidentally happen. The insincere have dropped by the wayside, the unfaithful have gone from our ranks, and all this has occurred by the time that we have gotten along to the advanced lessons. A reward which is always coming, it is always ours.

There is but one way of development, and that is the true first self-mastery, and then all things shall be brought unto us. So to those who have fallen behind in their climb up the mountainside, as it used to be called, the secret means nothing yet, but they will attain it, if they are to reach the mountain top.

Now, it’s a strange thing that most all of the great secrets are always in front of you. Actually the wise people that have gone before us knew human nature, and that there was only one place to put it if they wanted to keep it secret, and that was to write it down and publish it, and they were sure that nobody would ever find it. That’s just about what they did, too. But if they wrote it in a book and put it in a chest and buried it in the South Sea Islands, if anybody knew where it was, somebody was bound to find it, because they would go to any lengths whatsoever to find that buried treasure. But if you put it under their nose you wouldn’t have any trouble, that’s for sure.

There is always a provision, there is always a checkmate, there is always a condition. In this case your power and success and degree of attainment of the secret will depend upon this one condition: that you continue to maintain an open mind, a broad and tolerant aspect of life and those who live with you and around you, and permit no shackles, no chains of creeds or dogmas or forms of narrow conventional thoughts to tie you to the earth thinking and the bigots living. Your mind and heart must be as broad and as tolerant, as kind and generous, as considerate as that of the cosmos.

Your willingness to forgive, to overlook weakness, to condone error, to hold out your hand to those who seem to have fallen, must be equal to the spirit within you, within your heart, within your soul, of the great masters to whom you will never know how they have appealed word, and some you will never know who have helped you with many hours of work that you have never seen.

You must ever be conscious of the fact that the Law, that the love is the soul essence of all experience, the most dynamic force in the universe, and that the only rule and guide in judging, giving, receiving, viewing, reviewing, sensing, understanding, comprehending everyone and everything that exists. With this attitude you will remain powerful; otherwise you will find your power weakening continually, and the law of response does not work. The law of cohesion will not work.

Another great law which explains part of the basic work is that the Word was first spoken by the Creator. And you people who understand symbolism will be able to follow me through with this. Go through the first chapter of Genesis — and you can go on through the next two if you wish, the completion of this. But the Word was first spoken by the Father.

Then we go down through the millenniums of time, or however you want to say it. Or should we say, the next day, perhaps? Because actually in that realm of understanding this you may not be able to catch: there is no such thing as time. It doesn’t exist.

There are cycles of the sun or cycles of the earth around the sun, and there is a cycle of the moon around the earth, and so forth, but time does not exist in the cosmos. And therefore everything is here and now, and you haven’t — you’ve heard that trite old phrase, “now, now, now, now”, but nobody ever thought about it. It was a nice thing to talk about, wasn’t it, but how many minutes did you ever spend to think about it or to try to reach an understanding out of the Self?

Oh, I know, I have taught many hundreds of classes, here and in other places long before the order ever started, and I watched people listen and go to sleep with their eyes open. And don’t think I’m being facetious about it at all, because I know people that are experts at this. They can look right straight at you, and they’ve got the most wide-awake countenance, and they are sound asleep.

But the Master Jesus told us that he gave — when he was in the upper room — he said, “I give, the Father giveth unto me the Word and I give it unto you.” Now, what would that mean? You know what it meant? Just what he said. Because the Father spoke the Word and gave to him the edict of the power of that Word, as the high priest, which he said, declared he was, was declared so, and therefore had that power and so he gave it, the Word, to us. Not just as a high priest, but as the many people.. And when he went to Golgotha and cleared the earth of the error and the disturbances that were there at the time, he made it possible for that edict to work, and therefore we have within us the right, the divine right through birth, through the crucifixion of our Lord, the power of the Word to work.

Boy, how you do use it! And you have created more troubles in your life for yourself than you could imagine. You have created more barriers in life than you would want to put down in any book or any piece of paper. And it has worked perfectly, without question. And you know that if you, as many of you here, if you were to be put out selling vacuum cleaners, why, you’d sell a million of them, probably. But you get yourself set down someplace and go to give a prayer, you wonder what to say. There’s no difference between selling vacuum cleaners than there is in giving a prayer to God Almighty. It’s all the same thing, because if you sell that vacuum cleaner to the lady, it was God’s word that did it, not yours. It was none of your intelligence. And when you get that through your thick skulls you can get into the point where you can make the Word of God work through the Law, through your word. And He promised it to you, and it is here.

Now, if I put this in some great long dissertation of about ten or twelve chapters, why, you’d eat it up and work like the old Harry. You know, some of you, if there was such a place, you’d be tempted to go down and shovel coal if you could just learn it. You’d give all kinds of things just to do it. But because it’s simple, as Jesus was simple, because it’s there and he paid the price, you’re not interested. You know, one time: “Let there be light,” and there was.

If you read those three chapters of Genesis with this in mind, you will begin to understand what we’re talking about creation. Now there isn’t any way that you can figure it out any different because whether God was creating the world, or you are in the kitchen creating some sort of a concoction, it’s got to be done the same way, and you can’t get away — get around it at all. It won’t work any other way. And whether you’re selling a vacuum cleaner or God is creating the earth — and He did — it’s all the same deal, and it’s all done the same way. It’s done according to the same Law. But the difference between you and the Old Boy Upstairs is that He knew His Word worked, but you didn’t believe it. And sometimes you accidentally use it, and you think to yourself, “Well, now, this isn’t such a complicated thing. This thing that I want which is just a job; well, that’s not so complicated. He probably can get this together. He can probably do this.” You know? Oh, this, believe me, I’m not even jesting, because I’ve read the thoughts of people’s minds enough.

And you know, one of the toughest things to do is for a student to get rid of a headache that he’s got. That’s one of the toughest things to do, because that’s in him, see, and it’s one of the hardest things to do is to believe that anything could stop that head from aching. Well, of course, in the first place, if he hadn’t have had some resentment from something it wouldn’t have been aching. Believe me, it wouldn’t have been aching. Any time you’ve got a real severe headache, unless you’ve exposed yourself to a lot of heat and cold quickly, where you’ve gotten some sort of a congestion reaction, and even then you won’t get one as a rule. If you can look for some resentment that’s been demonstrating in the last twenty four hours, if you can get rid of that, you’ll get rid of the headache. That’s getting down to the cause of things.

Let’s go on a step further. The first manifestation was the Word, but before that could manifest, before there was any manifestation, there was conception. An ideal of thought, of visualized creation which was carried forth from the Mind into space by the vibration of the Word. Thus the “lost word” was the Word which sent forth, or which was sent forth into space. It became lost in the created world, and in the world made manifest. It is lost into the complexity of things that are, by its vibration becoming widespread and diffused throughout nature. We may repeat the Word, duplicate it in sound, but we can never have the original Word again. This is the meaning of the adjective, “lost.”

In other words, you can’t say it the way God did, but as long as you get close to Him, know Him, sense Him, then your word will work, if you haven’t done it. It is lost in the complexity of nature, remember that. And we may repeat the Word, duplicate it in sound; we can never have the original word again. This is the meaning of the lost word. Hence, we may say the word is lost. It is not lost and can never be lost, but when that Word was breathed for the first time, if for experiment or purpose, that it is with the attitude of confidence, confidence in the supreme divine Mind. The omnipotent Mind in the beginning knew and had the confidence in the Spirit of Itself and the Source of the power. Therefore it worked. The Word breathed forth the first time, it for purpose and experience.

And when we attain this, when we master the lost word, we will know why the mystic wrote that this was the lost word which much be attained. How often have you seen that phrase and wondered? It is not plain now, perhaps. Then let us look behind the symbol and see how confidence works, and thereby find and reveal this unto ourselves.

In the beginning the conception was in the divine Mind. This is the pattern which — and we remember how we have taught you about symbolism, visualization, how we’ve taught you to concentrate on the place, the person you wish to reach mentally, spiritually. You learned then, or should learn at least, that there was a clear picture or idea in your mind as to what you were going to transmit to the other person, or what you were concentrating on in your own body, your own universe. That was to teach you that before you can be, or bring an external manifestation or creation, there must be a clear mental picture, a clear conception in your mind. Because when it is in your mind, then it is in God’s Mind — because you can’t have any mind. You have used part of it, you have individualized part of it, but it’s not yours. You do have a body consciousness, but that isn’t the mind. That is the thing we try to get rid of when we start to master the beast which we ride.

Thus did God of all creation, the Creator of the created, first conceive. In that manner the supreme Divine Mind first created within the essence of Mind the thing that was to be manifest externally and objectively.” Now, man has this power within him. He has this ability. And what is the soul? Divine Mind of the divine essence. What is mind? The mind of God. What is God? The Divine Mind. Of course, this one you can turn over and over again; but it exists. It has pattern, it has form, it has substance.

“Thus God becomes not an entity of some distant place, not a personified Deity of an abstract intellectual.” He’s a simple God, and He works in simple ways. All powerful. And He will work through you.

“Thus when the divine Mind of God conceived man in His image and created man in His image, His essence dispersed itself and spread itself out into all beings created. God now resides as an” That is that of the soul of man — as you speak of this in an easy way, because I have some lessons on the soul. “Each man hath power, the essence of God, and is than this word of God personified. If he does it, within the scope, the form and the pattern of creation.” There are such few laws, just three or four, and that’s all. That is one thing that man needs to know; that’s the hardest thing in the world for him to get to. He has to read or study a simple statement, look at it, know it, accept it and work with it.

I’ve watched people time after time, while they were working every day, while they were around amongst the priests or in the sanctuary, in the chapel while they were having prayers, while we were holding mass; they will rise to great heights of understanding and they’ll light up like a Christmas tree. Just take them outdoors and walk down the street, and wham! down they go. Now what’s the difference? Because they didn’t recognize God outside, but they did in the chapel. They didn’t recognize the Spirit outside, but the did in the chapel. I’ve always said that if you couldn’t get out on the curbstone and draw down the God-force there, with a drunk sitting next to you, you hadn’t reached it. And I mean you haven’t reached it! You’re just kidding yourself

if you do think so, because it will work just as well on the curbstone as it will in the chapel. But you’ve got to know and have the confidence that it will. You’ve got to have the confidence that it will.

I am going to pick up that watch. I am. I will. I did. It’s that simple. Now it’s time, it’s time for us to start working. It’s time for us to start working with that which we have been taught, and stop playing around. I’m all for each one of you to have attained something in your life that is useful and constructive, and all these sort of things. I sure don’t want to see any of you go into outer space without having some knowledge of it — or inner space, or whatever you want to call it. Or maybe you want to call it heaven. Well, there is a place between here and heaven, of course, and I don’t want to see you get caught halfway. You know, when they first buried Mohammed they built a great high tower, like a couple of towers up there, and they had him suspended between earth and heaven, you know, and — this is what the story goes anyway. I didn’t see it, so you can’t prove it by me, Charlie. But, see the difference? I know God is here! But I don’t know that Mohammed was suspended between heaven and earth in a man-made symbol.

I feel there are some questions out there that maybe I’d better answer. I’ve seen some things turning over in the mind, and somebody’s got some opposition to a couple of things, and I wish you’d let fire. Question? Yes, young lady.

Q: You were reading one of the last things where it said that you didn’t have to be good to use the power. I mean there are people who know the power, and you don’t have to be good. Is that right?

You don’t have to be holy, no.

Q: You have to…

That’s right, that’s right.

Q: Isn’t that kind of dangerous?

Oh, yes. Yes, if you use them in a negative way in what is commonly looked at as black magic. In other words, you can get yourself tied up for a long, long time. It’s very dangerous. I may sit here and smoke a pipe, and I’m smoking it not because I have to but I like it. But I can still know God in that smoke, because part of it’s Him; even though the vibration comes out with a different odor, it’s still Him. If it wasn’t for that, I assure you I wouldn’t be in this business, because it takes an awful lot of tolerance, an awful lot of that compassion to keep on trying to get this — basically this. The whole thing can be summed up in this little statement, though to adults who have degrees that long sometimes, some of them that I have talked with and worked with. And they’ve been through five of six years of college and even sometimes eight years of seminary and they still don’t know it, they still don’t know it.

And if you ask them what God’s Word was, they go along with you and give you the most beautiful words that you ever see. And they could give you, probably, chapters — some of them could, that I know, out of various discussions of great theologians, and they’d still not answer the question. The answer to the question is in you! When you experience it, that’s where it is. And when you step out on the word, and function in accordance with it, your prayer will be answered, or you will acquire that which you wish to have acquired. Yes?

(Inaudible question)

I didn’t say the Self did; it’s you, the animal being. You see, there’s — I’m glad you brought that one up because that works right in, somebody always has to bring that one up.

Jesus said your acts are your prayers, and when you make a declaration as a prayer, or as a declaration, you don’t have to get down on your knees to make this law work. It’s a nice place to be because there’s a nice feeling there. … But when you have made that declaration and then you step out on it, that’s when the confidence was there. You act in accordance with what you have declared. But if you say, “I am going to have a job”, then you run for the — I’m just using this as a demonstration — and then you run for the morning paper for the employment column, don’t look for your prayer to be answered. It won’t, you haven’t got the confidence. But if you put your hat and coat on and go out the door, and you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll have the job before you come back. That’s the difference. Yes?

(inaudible question)

You don’t have anything of your own, my dear. When you reach your greatest power you have reached the point where you know that you can’t do anything except … Why do you suppose the most ancient of all symbols was a perfect circle? One of the first things that we taught you was the simple symbol of God, one of the three only symbols. And that one circle tells you the whole story. That one symbol defines the epitome of mastership. I won’t go into that, but it defines what you need to know. What is that? And when you know nothing, and you know you know nothing, you have learned it all. This is the truth. It hurts the ego and it really whittles down your superfluous physical being — especially after you’ve got a couple of PhD’s, that’s for sure.

I have given to you, right in this little bit, all the wisdom that’s necessary for man to know, providing you can work at it, providing you will work at it; because that is the truth, and that is what they were talking about in the church, faith, knowing that it does work, stepping out on it. Not blind faith, but faith in the law and in the fact that the power exists. God and the intelligence is there.

This is why they have written such great dissertations about faith, because they dared not tell the truth about it. They told the truth about it probably in the totality of a book that thick, but I don’t know if you’re anything like I am, I never could find that I could go through a book that thick and find that little bit of four or five words that it meant. In fact, I never had time, because if they had boiled it down, they’d have had to go further. This they didn’t want to do. But this is the essence of faith: confidence. Yes?

(Inaudible question.)

Yes, I understand what you mean, all right, but if I were to try to answer that question, I would need the whole evening to do that in, like I have been talking about confidence tonight. Unless I were to try to slide through that answer, I would misinform you, you see. We will have one of those lectures about the Adam and Eve story, all right, that we will have, but I will — I always refuse to go off of the subject unless I can answer the whole subject quickly. Because I would rather leave a person uninformed than only partially informed. Because that is dangerous, you see. It is the man who knows maybe one little thing about alchemy that writes the big book, you see. He’s the one that writes the book, and this is why so many people are misinformed. Any other questions? Yes, sir.

Q: It seems like what you said about confidence and that — you have it, you can use it if you want to.

That’s right, that’s right.

Q: So the key to having it or not having it is our desire…

Desire — how are you using that word, desire, I mean?

Q: Well, I mean like…we want…we’ve got it.

Well, confidence only comes, you see — that’s where the, when I spoke about stepping out, you know. You can step out physically or you can step out mentally. Now, confidence requires action. In other words, you must have either physical action or mental action that develops the state that you are in. When you use this it has to be a state of confidence, you see, because you can’t set there in a state of questions: “Now what if it does; now what if it don’t; maybe it will; I hope so.” You see? “I wish.” That wish — oh, boy, that’s a dandy. No, there’s a very old saying that was very right. It’s an old folk saying. It says, “If wishes were horses beggars would ride,” you see. It wasn’t originally concocted for that, but it nevertheless told a truth, you see.

You have the right — let me restate your question, or your affirmation, rather: you have the divine right. The word is with you. Use it! with confidence, in a state of confidence, in a state of faith. Do you get my difference? Now, you don’t wish it; it’s there. Because the moment you have visualized or formed the idea, the divine idea — because it is a divine idea — in mind, it exists! You see? It exists right then. You don’t set it in front of you in the material world immediately.

This is the, reminds me of a young student twenty years ago, he used to summer around there. I was in New York at the time — a little over twenty years ago, come to think about it, because I’ve been here about twenty-two years on this coast. He was very, very anxious to get in — he just came out of college and he was very anxious to get into a job where he was doing experimental chemistry. He loved this work; there’s nothing wrong with that. And he’d just come out and there was, really things were tough. And he came to me and sat and talked one evening, and then he came to a class and that. He said, “Well, I’m working, Father,” he said, “but gee, the job I like, would like to have, is the job that” (Oh, I don’t remember what his name, Jimmy Bryan, maybe) “has got in the company I work for.” He said, “He’s got a couple of kids, a wife, and I know that if I started to work for it, I could get his job. I’m pretty sure I could,” he said. But he said, “I don’t want to see that fellow lose his job or something, Because he’s pretty faithful and he’s not a bad worker or anything, but he’s really not too sharp.”

And I said to him, “Well, now, don’t you think it’s best to leave that to the intelligence of the Father, to take care of that?”

He says, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Well,” I said, “you want that job?”

“Yes, but I don’t want to hurt anybody.”

I said, “Look, I’m not going to judge.” I said, “I am going to ask for that job for you. I’m going to ask with right action, and I know if you’ve got it coming, you’re going to get that job.” And I said, “I’m sure that the good Lord will take care of the rest of it.”

He kind of looked at me, and he said, “Isn’t that being kind of cold?”

I said, “No, not all,” I said, “because if he’s on the Lord’s side,” I said, “I’m sure that if he’s functioning rightly, he’s going to have that job. And if it should be your job, I’m sure he’s going to be taken care of too.”

We asked for it. While I was standing there talking to him, I said, “You want it?” He said, “Yes, sure, I want it.” He looked at me and I knew that he thought, “Oh, I guess he’s …” (laughter)

I asked for it. Well, Bryan got the, Jimmy Bryan got sent to another city and was, ran a different type of laboratory, but he was put in charge of it, and he got an increase of about $200 a month, and my boy got his job. Now, there’s no such thing as anybody getting a bad deal, you know, out of the use of the law, providing he used it properly. Because the Boy Upstairs doesn’t hand out any bad deals. It’s the natural law of adhesion and cohesion. It works, and it will draw to you what you should have. And it will do it if it’s got to shift half a dozen, but they’ll all come out better, or where they should be in the first place, you see.

This is something which, of course, some people don’t teach, but I think it’s foolish not to teach this because it opens the way to use of this every day. There’s an old saying; it’s very ancient, probably you wouldn’t find it in print anywhere, but it is nevertheless an old teaching, and it states that those who put their foot on the path — it says, the greatest and highest intelligence shall deem themselves happy to fulfill and grant your every desire. And says, every wish, every way, flat. It’s in the ancient teachings. Now I know, of course, how they used the word; the word “wish” was used a little bit different then. But this is the truth, nevertheless, providing you’ve got the confidence to use what you have, you see. It is always amazing to watch people in a large organization jockeying for jobs. It’s one of the most interesting things in the world. And the only time you get mixed up in something like that is when you don’t have confidence and faith in the law and in the word to manifest.

Well, I’ve been going here quite a little time. I’ll read one little paragraph here that will help you out: “Please note, if it pleases the Masters, it is done. Say it as a command, but always in the past tense.” You don’t say, “it will, it will be done,” unless it is the end of a statement that you are sure you want to manifest. But do not say, “it shall be done,” because if you say it shall be done, then it will never get done. Here is the use of a word which denotes will. Your will doesn’t get very far, because you don’t have very much. You see? Always say, “It is done.” That immediately passes the matter out of your objective mind, out of your hands, into the hands of the Masters, into the domain of the Divine Mind, and the thing to be done is immediately written in the Akashic records, the Cosmic Mind, and the thing is fulfilled and completed at the time when it best fits, the component parts thereof. Whether you are asleep or awake, busy or other things, it will still come into existence. The more you think over this thing during the coming week, the more marvelous the principle will become. It means your power to do things and have things done will be unlimited, and it is unlimited if, as stated before, you continue to be tolerant, kind and sympathetic, and thus attune yourself to the Masters and the Cosmic Mind.

Just for the interest of your own experiment sometime, if you can correlate an event with something that is needed, where it works a little bit easier because there’s a greater vacuum there, you see, greater need. Sometime when you get tired you’ve got someplace to go, you really ought to go, you feel. I don’t particularly mean about a date or something like that, but you have someplace or something you should do. You feel kind of fagged-out. Just step along toward the place and say, “Father, I accept unlimited power and strength!” and walk right off down the line, forget all about it. Wow! (laughter)

How do you suppose us fellows keep the hours we do, if we didn’t have these things at our fingertips? No person on earth could do it; they aren’t that physically strong to do it. These are why we do these things as it’s always done. This is how we contact the missionary stations. This is how we do the healing over the telephone, and bring people into illumination on the telephone. (laughter) Crazy, but what fun it is, what fun it is. It works, that’s the point, it works. You see it’s just like the opposite end in polarity. In this there’s not a resistance, you see. Here we have declaration, and over here we have non-resistance. They both work the same way.

I remember a long time ago, oh, this is probably thirty years ago or thereabouts, there was a — I was standing talking with a man that got very angry at me. And he, he just wouldn’t listen. And I stood there, and there was a couple of other people around, unhappily, and he asked me something and I told him the truth about it, and it made him awfully angry. He reached way down here, you know, way out, and he started coming up with a haymaker, and I stood right there and didn’t even move. You should have seen what happened. I really felt sorry for the guy. He went just as flat as a pancake, right on his nose on that hard platform underneath him. He went out of there, and he went away from me sputtering his head off. And the people, they just looked at me, you know. (laughter) “What happened?” You know.

But these things that happen are so pronounced in the world today, that they become, they become just miracles, practically. And they’re things that we don’t think anything about, you see. But because people have followed a mass mind: “You can’t do this, you can’t do that and you can’t do something else,” you know, and by the time you got through, there’s only one thing you can do, is go right down a straight line. If you don’t see anything on this side, you don’t see anything on that side; you’re led by the nose all the way through your life. You start out as a butcher or a baker, and that’s the way you wind up because they won’t let you get away from that one.

Well, we know better than that. That’s why we want to teach you these things. This is why, when the people receive the light and the brothers go out where there is trouble, where there is, you know, demonstrations and kinds of uprisings, that these things calm right down, they calm right down in a few minutes, a few minutes, maybe half an hour. They calm down. Oh, the police get awful mad. (laughter) This is true though, really. It’s — what I’m saying to you is this: not just the demonstration of this thing, but the practicality of it, you see, the usefulness in your everyday life. That’s what we’re talking about.

If there’s anything in this Bible that’s not useful, forget it; don’t bother with it. I don’t care whether you call it a holy book, or not. I couldn’t care less. If there’s anything in that first Testament you can’t use, you know like the, the, ah, history of people’s families, you know. Well, they aren’t useful and so I’ve always said when you’re doing your Bible lessons, put it aside, don’t even give it time in thought. And it’s no good to us now, we can’t use it. And that’s all done, we can’t change their lives, whatever they’ve done with them. That’s past, so why worry about somebody’s heritage? That’s over with. What we’re worrying about is right now. And everything in that New Testament you can use, and will tell you something that’s useful in life.

If you’ve got the confidence and you will learn what’s back of those statements, as we have been talking about tonight, then it’ll work for you. Then it’s useful. And that’s what the Master brought it here for, nothing else. Not to be taught as a dogmatism, as dogmatism, not to be taught in the Protestant church, or the Catholic church or the Jewish church. For the people to use! That’s where it lies, because the Master never had any idea of having a church, per se, built. Church is here, in you. That’s why we have not done any work along that line. We have nothing against churches; they’re perfectly all right, they have a use in civilization, there’s no question about it. A lot of them have done a mighty good job so far with what they’ve had to do with. But this isn’t our job. Our job is to get the missionaries in the field, to teach the teachers so they can get the Light out there. Because it’s catching, you know. It’s just like scarlet fever. You get one in the community and it spreads. Can’t stop it. There’s no antidote for it, though. (laughter).

Good night.