The Third Degree

21 Jul

The Third Degree

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Almighty God, this night let us look into Thine eyes, so to speak, and see where the human race now stands; for in Thy graciousness and in the gifts which Thou hast given to man, Thou hast foretold many things in our spiritual experience here on earth. Inspire us and help us to take this to our brothers, that he may know also the wondrous workings of the Spirit as they have been written in the great books, and let each one of us look to the other, that we may form the invisible brotherhood of man, in Thy glory, and to the glory of Thy Name. So let it be, amen. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy Spirit. Amen.

Well, a teacher always says that half a dozen devoted students accomplishes more in the world for God than a dozen which are not interested.

Tonight we are going to talk on the third degree. Now this third degree—if you were to talk to a Mason of the Masonic order, he would tell you it was the final degree of the blue lodge, and this degree—in the first three degrees of any initiatory school and in the first three degrees of earth’s solar experiences are taught all of the wisdom that exists. The only thing that can be added to these first three degrees of solar initiation is those three degrees which are given when we are purely in spirit and out of the physical body. These are the final degrees of spirituality, they might be called, for they are the illumination, realization and mastership, and these must be entirely in the spirit. In this degree we find probably one of the most descriptive of our earth experiences in the last twenty years.

One of the first things that we learn and is necessary for us to understand even before we get fully started in this path of initiation, in this degree, is that faith is the experience of another that is not in evidence, not in evidence of fact, and it is not in evidence of fact to you, for it is not your experience. So it is only faith. For you have not experienced this, and therefore it cannot be taken unto the Self, because it would not pass through your own soul.

Every complete particle of matter is always in motion in our universe and in our world. And so it is completely imbued with spirit. Now this has a great deal to do with our first statement when we say it is not in evidence in our life. For if it were in evidence in our life, it would be imbued with the Holy Spirit which had entered our own personal universe. And it would have been recorded upon the bloodstream of the physical body. Thus it could not be recorded because it was not of our own vibration and it was not our experience, and thus no motion was brought about through it.

Now faith, as we look at it from the mystical standpoint as taught by the Masters, is actually the reactive pattern which brings about what we call epigenesis and in the Bible it is called faith. But it has been misused and misunderstood, for it was taken to mean something accepted without any personal reaction, any personal understanding, absolutely blind. But epigenesis is that which triggers the spirit and is part of the evolutionary pattern. The evolution begins in all things when the initial impulse of a new or higher order or purpose is manifested. In other words, what we are saying is that evolution is not just a thing of man, but if you create a new idea and set it into motion, and you say, “Dear Father, I would like to see this grow, and I accept this idea in my life”, and you have the feeling that draws the spirit into it and gives it life, then for that idea, for that principle, that is the moment when evolution starts, and it will grow, and as it grows you will grow too, in understanding of it.

Now when it is fully matured and developed and evolved into the material world, and functioning, as it functions it will absorb certain things, and as it does absorb this, you will learn; and if it is good you will get a black mark, so to speak, on the black side of the ledger. This is epigenesis; in other words, on and above that which you have earned, actually, by your own actions. It begins also evolution, with the sensing of an ideal state above that already existing.

Now man, for some thousands of years—well, twelve thousand that we know of—has been looking to God as the great All-seeing, All-knowing Being from whence all good came. You see, they were sensing an ideal state here. Thus this state started to evolve toward the realization of it. And it then exists and builds according to the use of faith and the use of the spirit in matter, ideal state or pure form. Now this is evolution where you have an ideal state or pure form. This is matter as created by the Father in its original way.

In mind it is the ideal in spirituality. This is the form, you see, this is the form. And this is the way in which evolution takes form, and man is the one who gives it life and the one who determines whether it shall live and become part of the earth and part of this universe, or not. He is the evolver, evolver, of the physical body and its form, from life to life, and he is also the evolving one of the race and of this cycle of evolution, which is the greater cycle and which we have just entered into a new portion of that, that is the new age.

Then we would learn, as a third point in this degree, the meaning of light. It is meant more—does it mean more than a synthesis and enlargement of life itself? And we find in even the smallest forms of life, such as the simple living cells, not only assimilation takes place, and growth, but reproduction of its own kind, no matter whether it is a cell of a human, an animal, a plant, mineral. And of course there’s some discussion about the reproduction of mineral cells and some scientists say they don’t believe that this has life yet. But they do, and there is a reproduction and a growth in rock and mineral form. Now of course the growth is in proportion to the solidity and the density of the rock itself.

This meaning of life is a tremendously deep and a tremendously involving condition of mind because we have to go within ourselves in order to come down into that microscopic way of sight. Life is a matter also, then, that it is in evidence by the assimilation and growth and reproduction, and it the purpose of matter to evolve to such a form as will sustain and permit the expression of life of man. Because man, you see, is the hierarchyof this lower kingdom. He is the great mind that controls and works with it. And a very interesting little side bit on this is the fact that when we pick up a rock and form it and work with it, we are giving feeling and expression to this mineral and thus starting, just starting, to build its subconsciousness.

In other words, when the machinist picks up a steel bar and puts it in the lathe and starts to dress it down with a tool and shape it and form it, he creates a feeling, maybe only heat, maybe only the speed of revolving, but there are contrasts of motions here, and vibration. So we are starting to build a consciousness in this metal. And as this consciousness responds and builds, then our metal becomes more workable. And if you will look back over the years, anyone who’s had any experience in this, you’ll find that steel is used at much higher rates of speed, in turning, and it isn’t only due to our machines but also the workability of our metals, and the fact that we know more about them, how to live with them, the understanding of God in this; and we are the gods of it. This is a very interesting angle of this consciousness which is built.

Then we come to understand probably one of the most complex things for the average individual and that is the subconscious and conscious mind, which is an absolute essential thing if we are going to attain now illumination. Because now, at this stage of development, in this third degree, we are actually laying the groundwork for Christhood; we are laying the groundwork for Christhood for man. This is the illumination. This is the building of the golden wedding garment, as it is spoken of, and this is the perfect blending of the two minds. And the Self becomes unified with the whole life principle, dwarfs any idea of self-achievement.

Here is where we take the ego and the will and put them in their right place. Here is where we open up and we say we “let go and let God”. Because when we become conscious and when we say we become conscious of something, we mean that it
becomes a part of us. Now, when I say I am willing to let go and let God, this is all very fine. You hear the words, but what happens? I have got to feel it, I have got to let go
<-“>of it, I have got to let go of my actions, I have got to give of myself and let go. And when I really do, then I will feel that which is consciousness of God; and not until I do.

I spoke of this in part of one of the chapters of that I just wrote, in The Ninth Hour, and we quoted in there that as long as you have an idea and principle, the consciousness becomes a part of God, and that <[>if] there is any distance between that consciousness and you, if you are still conscious of it “out here”, of God and the consciousness of God, then there is a space between you and It, and It is not you. It is not you. It hasn’t become a part of your nature, you see. Therefore, it is not in the subconscious, because if it were in the subconscious, you wouldn’t even be conscious of it, unless you made a determined effort to read what was in that subconscious by entering into the Self, after you had realized. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to do that until you had.

And this also entails, in illumination, the attainment, the realizing of the world around us. And this sounds like one of the most absurd statements. You’d say, “Well, I’ve lived here for fifty years and I’ve had my eyes wide open.” And when you say that to me, I say, “Yes, I know you mean it; but you haven’t seen anything yet. Because if you could see through the eyes of a realized person what the world really looked like, you’d be very much shocked, very much shocked.” Because it looks about the same as the difference between the noonday sun world and the moonlight world.

Here in this same section of this degree, (referring to a book we learn the five senses from a cosmic standpoint of consciousness, and what their attainments are, what theirs as an attainment, what they are, these senses are. That sounded rather backward there for a moment. Then we learn “what never was seen or heard of may yet be conceived, nor is anything beyond the power of thought, except what implies an absolute contradiction to creative Law.” That’s a tremendous statement , isn’t it? Tremendous statement: “what never was seen or heard of may yet be conceived; nor is anything beyond the power of thought”, except what is absolute contradiction to Law.

We are conscious of some and unconscious of others, but because we are objectively aware of so many great—so great a number of things, does not mean that there is a realization of them. Now we can absolutely see people walking down the street with our physical eyes, but we still don’t see the people. We haven’t seen what that person really looks like, most of us. And some of them are rather strange-looking too, very strange-looking. And that isn’t because of their physical form either. I’m going to speak of that same thing in a moment or two, later on.

“Whether or not, then, the cosmic consciousness comes in in its fullness is whether or not there is such a thing, a medium, as ether. There is a medium of consciousness prevailing all space and all things organic, called cosmic consciousness. But what is this medium which has been called ether and which our chemists deny at the present moment? Well, of course we know, the mystic knows, that he has seen this ether, and we know that it is true, it is there, because it is mentioned in the good Book too.

“Then we learn that absolute Truth, the absolute Truth, we can only know and find through cosmic consciousness. Because at this point our spiritual sight develops. And we are no longer hampered by the psychic influences and the motions of desire, and the tearing down of forms by the desires of the people and ourselves”.

Then we have some thoughts here which are on the church of Christ. Now the church of Christ is composed of those who have gained the consciousness and are administering to their fellow men. There is a Host and that Host exists, or the “followers of the Way”, it is also called in the Bible; and it is also called “the sons of God”, and this is part of the Host. The White Brothers are another part of this great Host, and they really exist, we know this
because we have seen them. And when we become—and when we reach a point where we become of this consciousness, where we can converse, where we can talk with, when we can work with—in other words, by that time we have gotten our little selves out of the way and our big Self has taken hold, and we are starting to function. For we have learned one great thing: in absolute humility there is tremendous power. “For it is through the sensation of thought, and thought-life is being assimilated as the body and the mind are created.”

Now most people will tell you that they have a very normal mind, and there’s nothing wrong with it, fully developed and adult. Well, I’ve got a great big surprise for ’em. That mind is just developing now, because they have only used just about—well, at the very highest rate—about twenty percent. Very highest rate. And it is developing because it is learning to sense the different vibrations in consciousness of things which they have not seen and have not experienced. And the longer they live and the more they experience and the more spiritual experience they gain, and the more they sense, the more the cells are energized in the mind and become conscious of one another—because these cells have to be conscious of one another. Because if they aren’t, they aren’t going to work together, and no part of the human body ever is successful in its operation of this vehicle that does not perfectly cooperate with all other parts. And I’m sure Doc down there will support me on that.

There has to be absolute cooperation or there is not what we call health. Now why? We learn, here’s why. Because we have three factors in the body. And you will think that I am talking about a spiritual abstraction when I speak of it: and that is light, life and love. Now there isn’t any other words for this, because Light is the basic energy of matter; Life is the development of the Spirit in action, and Love is that pattern through which the God-force works that gives us cohesion and adhesion, and which beings about assimilation and dissimulation, the breaking-down and the building-up. So these three things, the three “L’s”, are the very foundation of the perfect body working with perfect assimilation of food and the spiritual power. Now in thought we learn that we have a new faculty, one that is talked very little about, and that faculty is imagination. It was said, “Choose ye the way to light or darkness. This is your privilege.” This is your privilege Now imagination is not an idle useless toy of a child playing with a buttercup or a butterfly, and imagining some sort of a playfellow. Because without imagination you cannot create anything in your world, no matter what it is. “Nothing is more free than imagination of man, and through it can many things come. And though it cannot exceed that original stock of ideas furnished by the internal and external senses—” It can’t exceed this—it has unlimited power of mixing. And this is the agitator—of mixing, compounding and separating and dividing these ideas in all the appearances of reality, as you envision the thing that you accept.

For it is your imagination that cements your vision so that it may be filled with the spirit to motivate it, which will accept the Power of the Father and bring it into a reality. It can bring a train of events, and with all the appearances of reality, and give them a time, a place, event, and so forth. But it is not fancy, this is not fancying something. Because when you imagine, you have placed your feeling in it, which must be motivated by the Spirit.

“Now fancy changes the manner, the imagination the motive.” If the mind is not in balance and the so-called mystic powers of mind cannot be performed, that’s all there is to it. A person who is not mentally in balance cannot use the Law, they cannot use the power of projection. They cannot use the power of association or dissemination. They cannot use the power of their own imagination creatively, because these things then are taken over by other forces which are in the psychic world; and they are then called mentally ill. Now many people develop states of mental illness because they have used imagination persistently, without a recognition of divinity. And thus they have separated the two worlds and they have no balance, they have no control here of all the forces that rush in, and rush in, which separate themselves from the external realization of the world around them.

Now, how to sense things and visualize is one of the last things that is taught, because it is felt that you should have developed some cosmic consciousness in order to become in some form spiritually balanced so that you can control these things and you will not be falsely creating.

“There is no stationary condition in an awakened consciousness, for everything is in motion.” And you see when we say that, we come right back to our old law of epigenesis which, of course, is the thing that tells us that nothing ever repeats itself exactly, either in form, in power or in words. It is always just a little bit different. There is no stationary condition in an awakened consciousness. Everything is in motion. So what happens to the individual that says, “Well, now that I have security, now that I have got a job that will give me a living, now that I have got a nice home and the mortgage is all paid and I can live there the rest of my life—no problem; I’m going to settle right down here and this is where I’m going to stay.” And you know something? They stay there, and they stay there like a rock, because they lose all the motivation of the Spirit.

When you stop natural processes, the natural processes, you stop life, and you die right from that moment, in every way. And you will die more than you should “die daily”, because there is no regeneration takes place and there is no condition in which you can settle down and be secure, in the Light of Christ; and if you become conscious, cosmic consciousness to the point you that this is there, you can see it. You are not imagining it, you can see it. I will say this, because this is not an uncommon thing exactly, because it has happened in other ways in other phases of vibration, before, to me.

I went into meditation the other noon when I was in my room alone, and when I started to become conscious of the world around me, I could see nothing but light. There were no forms out here at all, nothing but beautiful golden light. I have tried twice to find some forms out in—and there was nothing. In other words, I had attuned myself completely to the Christ, and thus I had nothing to worry about, because everything was all right. I had given this up; therefore the world didn’t exist, in form, at that moment. It did not exist; it had ceased. Now this is what it takes to do these things.

Now we have reached a point where we have covered the third degree, in its basic esoteric form, as it is given in the initiations. Of course, it is given in some other words and pictures, but it covers fourteen points and these fourteen points are: faith, epigenesis, evolution, life, superconsciousness—which is illumination, realization, the five senses, learning and how it’s done, cosmic consciousness, truth, the Christ church, sensation of thought, imagination, and visualization. Don’t sell short imagination and visualization, because they are a real point of the great alchemic work of the Christ.

Now let us go over to this present day and what we really have existing today, because I’m going to bring a new thought to you, I feel, tonight. I haven’t heard anyone else express it, but of course that doesn’t mean that they haven’t, but I want to set it up in this manner. Now, if you notice (writing on a blackboard) all of this last part of this initiation is related to things of the spirit, and mind, and what you can do with it. Now we know that as a person thinks, they change their radiation. This is strictly a technological fact.

Now let us think carefully. Here’s an individual standing here, and he’s been here since 1910, and certain things are going around him. And there’s a certain air—nitrogen, oxygen, in the air and so forth—and a certain electro-magnetic field that circles the earth. And then he comes up to 1944, 45, 46, and along comes the atomic bomb. Boom! And out of it we have a great flush of energy. Magnetic fields have changed, some polarities have changed, our polar positions have changed a little. And then we start and consistently drop ’em right up to the present day, when at last we have gotten some sort of understanding, and we’re really fighting against it now.

But this man has eaten the average of food, he has thought the average way, and he’s done the average thing, and he’s taken the average treatment, for to keep his health. But these fields have intensified six hundred percent around him. Six hundred percent. What happens? There must be a tremendous increase in his sensitivity, mustn’t there? A tremendous increase, six hundred times, in his sensitivity.

Now if he’s been a more or less materialist, and rather a concrete sort of individual, just think what it has done to him, and raised him up here. And he’s become conscious psychically, without any effort and not even wanting to, you see. He doesn’t even want to. What does he know about the psychic world? “There isn’t any such thing”; he’s denied it a dozen times. He things anybody’s crazy that has mentioned this. But he has forcibly been moved up in his sensitivity.

The child who is coming into the stream of life and being born, and is in the wound of the mother, is in one of its most highly-sensitized conditions, because here is where all of the patterns of the soul are influencing the formation of the structure of the body in its pattern. And yet this is increased six hundred times, my! —or six times, I mean. We have a tremendous condition here, just like taking a person out of the kindergarten and putting him up in the sixth grade, and expecting him to function normally in the sixth grade. Do you think it can be done? No, of course it can’t be done. So they don’t function normally. so they get emotional, due to outside conditions, and then what happens? Then we find that all of those beings that have been over on this other side of the psychic world, this world has increased that much, they’re going to decrease that much, aren’t they, in vibration. They’ve got to; because if this increases, this is going to decrease proportionately, isn’t it.

Q: (…Is that approaching…?) the fourth dimension then?

A: Sure it is, absolutely. Because if this is greater, then this is less proportionately. So everything is drawn toward the physical world, and it must amalgamate.

Q: …(?)… amalgamate all together?

A: We don’t have to have any more. It’s already started to happen. So along with this, due to our highly efficient health department and other groups, we have had such conditions as smog, and we find that over fifteen hundred of these atmospheric experts have gotten together and they have gotten downright disturbed about it, because of the poisoning of the air. What does that mean? That means that the life-force, the “nous” in that air, is being affected and caused to—it is harder to extract from the air, and so we have—what? We have opened, not hereditary but catching of asthma and other things which are declared strictly as a psychosomatic disease, where in one night in Florida there was over three hundred cases come into the hospital, in one hospital. Then we have other diseases and these are caused all from this same source. Then of course we have to consider this.

In addition to this, as this atmosphere of ours becomes less dense, then there’s more of the sun’s rays, Christ rays, coming in. And we’re not ready. These people out here aren’t ready for it. They’re not ready for this great power. They don’t know how to take care of their finger if they hit it with a hammer, to say nothing about handling this. You hit their finger with a hammer and they swear like a trooper. They can’t even stand this.

So the answer is that they do not have control of their self or their material body or anything else of these things—that is, like the mind and the subconscious and so forth; and yet they are thrown right into this great stream of power and energy; and then in comes the Christ force to increase the activation of life and you have almost a maelstrom action here. And I will give you some of these things as we go along here, and you’ll see the manifestation of what we have been talking about, how they are affecting it.

A new disease has popped up, and this is out of the Call-Bulletin: “mystery disease”. It is so destructive and its manifestations are so un-uniform from victim to victim that discoverers suspect something has been added to the environment of man—and we all live in it—that causes it. What happens is that the air cells of the lungs fill with a material that is high in protein and fat. This material evidently is produced by the cells of the lungs. No one knows the cause. What causes these cells to behave that way is the 64,000-dollar question. No control of the air that comes in at all.

Now this is why Science of Man has so rigidly and so persistently tried to get people to use the exercise of taking control of their own atmosphere, because then they can breathe decent air. Sounds kind of silly, doesn’t it, but not when you read this. This makes a difference.

We go on a little further and we find that the sting of a single bee kills a man. Just think, the sting of one bee kills a great big husky man. And when they set about to start to investigate this they find that it isn’t too far from certain radiational sources and that bees in other places have never been known to kill anyone; and they are very much perplexed.

And they go on here and say that we do have such a thing as radiation, which is natural life; radiation is nothing new, but is a real peril. Danger lies in the vast increase of short-wave lengths. Now if the short-wave lengths are going to be increased, that means that the radiation, ultraviolet from the sun, is going to increase, and so is the other source of power coming from the sun. They have already taken this into account and they find that it is absolute truth; so what would happen? This would mean that cosmic consciousness would come much more easily now than it would have before. So we hope that at least we’ll be able to get some people through to finding realization, if they’ll make use of it.

A baby was born, and the mother—it was in such awful shape I won’t even bother to read it, but she killed it. She wouldn’t have it, she wouldn’t let it live.

They performed certain experiments on birds, and they found that the light and the wave-lengths of light very definitely affected the mating of birds. I wonder what radiation has done for them. What does it do when it changes the life and so forth? Why, it changes the rhythm that is in the atmosphere around, and therefore the birds are affected and the vital forces of the male and the female are not in harmony, and therefore no little birds or eggs can be hatched. What is it doing to man? And they are worrying about overpopulation today? And down here we come to the five senses. When we speak about the change of vibration and mating, here are the five senses that are being upset, unless we take control of them. Of course, unless we take control of them.

Here’s an article out of Popular Medicine. Are you nice and warm in your home on which the mortgage has been paid? Oh yes, you have a few thousand in the bank. That will take care of you and help the grandchildren over the rough spots. That’s what you think! Let me quote of the article appearing in Popular Medicine, September of ’59: “A nurse entered the bedroom of a mother who had just given birth shortly before that, within the hour, the tightly wrapped bundle. The woman on the bed saw the nurse approaching and struggled to a sitting position. This was the mother who had just had a child and was anxious to see her offspring. — (some dreadful description has been omitted here) – “There is more to the article,” says Dr. Hanson, “but I won’t repeat the gruesome details.”

But this is not an isolated case. Why are we not told of these things? In some cases you are, but like most millions of others, you are just too busy to do anything about it. We have created Frankensteins and some of these Frankensteins are going to live. Science has turned its main attention to defending the United States from an invisible enemy, and it better turn itself, to defend itself against the invisible enemy which is now being given birth to.

Water has become a problem in the United States and in Europe. Last year 608,000 dollars was allocated by the United States government, congress, and they put 75 men to work to test water and milk throughout the united States, because of the condition of strontium 90 in the milk and because of the water in the rivers, many of them so poison that you don’t dare drink it. What has this to do with it? If we don’t have water in our system, we cannot eliminate the poisons, and immediately the brain is affected and the sensations of thoughts go wild.

“How does radiation affect life?” This was asked at the University of Stanford by the San Francisco News. Of whom? Navy researcher’s Stanton H. Cohen told the society of America that two years after the Marshall Islands were accidentally contaminated by fallout—not by a bomb, by fallout from the H-bomb which we set off March 1, 1959—a study was made of plant and animal life there. Animals examined on these islands have, in only two years, picked up one half of the concentration—in two years picked up one half of the concentration of radio-active strontium 90 in their bones, which has been set as a safe limit by the National Academy of Science. Since the absorption of strontium 90, a long-lived radioactive element, continues through the lifetime unless the animal moves away from the concentrated area, this finds suggestion of an ominous future for humans if they are contaminated on this earth from the H-bomb. It should be kept in mind, however, that nobody knows how dangerous strontium 90 is, or what its long-range effects are. It is generally agreed that it is a bad thing to have radio-active elements in one’s bones—for, of course, here’s were the blood is built—for many years. And it may be a cause of leukemia which is so prevalent in many cancer cases. The safe limit, therefore, is just an educated guess.” This is right out of the United States Navy department.

Here I’m going to raise something up because I want you to see it. It is right out of a newspaper, and I’ll bet there isn’t one person in here remembers seeing it.

Q: What year is it?

A: 1958. You see how much we pay attention to how bad we want to live? Do you see how much you pay attention to whether we want our children to live or not? You’ll go ahead and spend all kinds of money for doctors, and all kinds of money for nice food, and do nothing about this. What’s the sense? That don’t mean anything. Won’t do a bit of good, unless you get busy and do something about this. Here’s the danger. Let ’em starve, half. That won’t hurt ’em half as much as this does, you see.

It’s rather ridiculous for a mother to fondle her child and then tell us that she doesn’t have time to teach it how to protect itself and to do something about these things. This conforms to our own—what? Our own atmosphere. Because in the shell of that atmosphere there is the filtering of what comes to us, and we can keep out even radiation. But of course, (speaking with sarcasm) we aren’t going to have time to learn how to do it, you know, so it will never do us any good: so we just don’t have time to live. This is the case, in most cases.

Army, the killers, they will not use food that has been exposed to radiation. They suspended the shipments of food that had been suspended for radiation. Because if they’re going to make fighting men, healthy ones so they can get ’em killed, why they’ve got to have food that isn’t contaminated Then this is, of course, related to that same thing.

Now you say, “Well, of course this has to do with cellular life and—” Oh, does it? Let me read a little article to you which has to do with our animal kingdom and this, of course, we are the lords of, so I don’t know what we’re going to do about that, when we don’t have time enough to do anything about ourselves.

(reading) “Radiation produces monster grasshoppers. 1957, August 29. A research team from the Argonne National laboratories of Chicago, the atomic energy commission agents reported to the American society of zoologists, it could produce monster grasshoppers by radiating the eggs at any time the crucial moment of the development of the egg began.”

And here the (whole?) of grasshoppers. What happened in Africa last year? Great monstrous swarms just came right down and just reaped the harvest so that the people didn’t get a chance to reap it. Now have we any doubt about what this is going to do when a Waite’s editor comes right out and makes this statement? “‘H tests will kill ten thousand a year. Dr. Harrison Brown bluntly read out his blunt warning in an impromptu debate with Dr. Mark Mills, the atomic energy commission scientist, after both had delivered prepared speeches. He is the third and most well-informed scientist in the United States in this field.”

He has no question about— Then if we are dependers on medicine, we find that at this present moment, that in the hospitals in this area they have but one antibiotic that is left. They have none others that are effective, and they are saving this in case of an epidemic, which means that we should, according to our illumination, we should learn to—what? To master matter, shouldn’t we? We should learn to master matter and to live in this Christ Light which would put us out of danger of all of this. We would absolutely be protected.

Now, before I finish this particular part of it— I am using radiation mostly, in this case, but I want to go a little further. When I say I want to go a little further, I mean the fact that the psychic world right now has become very predominantly active and that we right now have a tremendous problem which has not been met, and it has to do with illumination. It has to do with mastery of matter, and it has to do with learning something, it has to do with three of these factors, something about our own mind, which most of us do not know at all.

And that is the fact that even the cab drivers are beginning to recognize the fact that there is very definitely something besides the average approach to craziness, I’m going to say, just hell-raising and all the rest of this sort of thing that humans do when they go out on binges or get excited or emotional There’s something else wrong. Many men on the street I have approached and they all understand that there is something else wrong. They don’t know exactly what it is, but they know it is none of the things that they have experienced or known of in the past.

And of course, what is wrong is that the psychic world has now come to an absolute influential point, and it is affecting the mind and the potential of these individuals. And it is taking over, not only of the individual’s spirit and thought, but it has actually reached the point where it can levitate solid objects—this I have proof of too— and move them at will. Now are we going to continue to be sound asleep, or are we going to do something about it?

Once the Master said, “Woe unto him who is found wanting, his cloak not in readiness when I return.” Well, that’s just what he was talking about. If you don’t have time to develop the protection and illuminated body of your own, then don’t expect anything by just being good, because it isn’t going to get you anywhere. You can be the nicest guy in the world, and if you are not ready, you are not ready, period. And so you can spend all the time serving other people and doing all the things you want to, but when this thing generates and rolls around to the final analysis of what the Master spoke about and what was in Revelations, the Judgment which has now started, there is none of these things that you have done are going to save you one iota from passing out of this picture and having to wait a long, long time before you ever get back in. Because this is going to be a new heaven and a new earth, and there’s no place for the people that don’t have time, there’s absolutely no place for them. And there is no excuse in the Law either. So you can take your chances.

You’ve got five years, slightly over. And from there on, I would guarantee nothing, absolutely nothing. (This was spoken in 1967-68. He left in 1974.) Personally, I’ll take care of the vehicle that I’ve got, so that I can continue to use it. I may make mistakes in it, but at least I’ll have it and I’ll be able to overcome those little mistakes.

What is the use of exploding atomic bombs thirty miles high or under the ground or under the water? Much of the radiation lasts for many years and will add to the world’s dosage in which, in such a way that we’ll have no way of controlling it. Because all these rivers run underground, you know, a lot of them. The closest they can come to strontium 90 is about 50 to 60 years, its shortest term of life. If I had time, I’d like to explain that light business to you, but I haven’t.

(reading) “The AEC, which is the Atomic Energy Commission, has found that it is developing and falling out faster than two and a half times what they estimated it would.” We find that we are very much interested in getting milk for our babies to grow on and, of course, this very wonderfully is super-charged with all the radiation it can possibly absorb into its content, faster than any other element in existence.

Which means—what? That the water of the body, which has to do with the psychic world here, the senses, is going to be hypersensitive and supercharged, and that the rate of recording in the bloodstream will be increased that much faster. And anything that you do that’s of a negative nature will be that much more potential. So you haven’t got as much leeway now as you had before, either. In other words, if I could get away with walking up to him and punching him in the nose twenty years ago, and if I could get down on my knees after I got mad and say a prayer and kinda ask forgiveness of one of the boys, and feel it was perfectly, it was alright, I was, I lost my temper and that sort of thing. Now it, I can’t do that any more. If I get angry at him it will be just as bad as if I punched him in the nose, now.

Because this is what we’re talking about, is power, it’s energy, it’s force, it’s in action. It is God! And we’ve been asleep all the time.