Preparing for Initiation

21 Jul

Preparing for Initiation

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Lecture by Father Paul Blighton
Tape 910 10/24/1968


(Parts are being read, possibly from one of his own lessons (?) and commented upon)

This is a summary of the last seven weeks or what would have been covered under the subject of Preparation for Initiation.

In our discussions of the Law and the Trinity, perhaps you have never thought of this as this, but the Trinity also has its relationship to the mind, to time, to space, in this order, and the Father also, as given in the church, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These are all one. These are all one as far as mathematics is concerned, as far as chemistry is concerned, and the laws that control matter, whether it be dense matter, gases or others.

As you’ve noticed in the other work that has been given, the instructions in the tools of man, which are man’s ability, and the powers and the vehicles he has to use and how they function; that the
(Venus symbol?) is related to mathematics, various forms, and physics, science of dynamics. These are all things which have to do with man’s everyday life, and they are the things which have to do with the physical, what we call physical matter. Things which are presumed and always have been more or less, as far as Mr. and Mrs. John Doe are concerned, they have been things which had nothing to do with God.

It is at last but not least, in fact foremost of all in importance, it is the form in which we use the law of prayer. For from this equilateral triangle has sprung out of ancient times, far back beyond the days of Jesus, and many of the other avatars, so far back in the hoary past that man has ceased to attach time to it. Out of this comes our modern-day scientific development and its work. For those things of science which we modern science, which was started many hundreds and thousands of years ago by some of those strange people which we have labeled today the ancient mystics.

There were some of these people which Jesus went to when he left his home and went into the Essene group. These were the people who, at that time, were talking about many things which today are just revealed as modern science. For we have seen down through the years that science always started in the mystic groups and the occult groups, and then came into what we call the work of the materialist, or science. These symbols were used to explain many philosophies, ideas, principles. Even today books written by metaphysical groups, modernists, theosophists, use the same symbols that were used four thousand years ago. Because symbols are a form which are the basic laws of creation, and demonstrate them and their form. Involved in the form and pattern of these basic forms of creation is the relationship of the cause and their meaning, the rates of vibration, and the reason why symbols of a geometric nature are involved into the religions of the world as well as that of the sciences.

It said in the Testament, in Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” Handed down through many generations, brought forth by many teachers in some form or in some language, this has been maintained for many thousands of years. Then it says that He created man in His own image; for God built this solar system upon the factional, geometrical foundation. He arranged the creation so that all manifestations were in accord with cosmic laws which we find conforming to the present day geometrical mathematics.

Many people talk about vibration in metaphysics. Many young folks read voluminous books about vibration, and today it is a common expression: “I like the vibes.” But do they understand what they mean? Have they any idea of the fact that what they are talking about is power, energy in operation. It isn’t an act what they wish, it isn’t something because they like it, but it is energy in action, certain frequencies oscillating at tremendous speeds, which they perhaps have no understanding of whatsoever.

But through the intuitive sense of some we have gained certain concepts which also have to do with energy, such as in crystalline formation like it’s taught in crystallography of matter, and other sciences which pertain to what is commonly called in metaphysics “gross matter.” In other words, “ungodly things.” We find an adherence to these laws even in the design of our modern equipment.

It is an interesting fact that many great men of this earth, even today or in this period of time, are still interested in symbols: such as Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Lytton, Albert Hubbard, and many famous people, and one great famous woman, Marie Corelli. They all used as a basis of explanation form and symbol, as was just due and right.

Symbols play a very important role in religious things as well as science. The ancient philosophers always thought of man as a microcosmic part of the universe, and expressed idea of man’s relation to the universe by the statement, “As above, so below.” Or, “As in the microcosm, so in the macrocosm.” Man is a microcosmic part to God. They claimed that man was a microcosm, this solar system was a macrocosm, for man was continually evolving in his relationship to the macrocosm; and his present existence is related, and in relation to the workings of the subtle forces, the unseen forces some feel but don’t understand, which work in life and progress the life forth.

The theologians of today are just coming to the realization that they too are a part of this universe and should be concerned with regards to man’s understanding of himself and God’s universe. They attribute its form to the materialistic standpoint which they consider an aesthetic rather than a realistic thing. And here we come upon a part of philosophy and science, and the science of the realistic things in life, for in the church we have what we call the rituals, or such things as the communion and the baptism, the sacraments we call them.

Today I was talking with a priest who was here, a man who’s been in the field forty years, pretty near, and he agreed with me that one of the errors of our modern Christian world, or should we say modern world was the fact that they had lost the reality that church was not a place of words but a place where one went to revive and replenish their being, and where the energy and where the energy and the power was set into action through form, through the understanding of the sacraments, that these things would be brought about. But this had dwindled away and our ministers and those who work in the churches had failed to follow through to understand the modern applications of these, so they were unable to control these forces and to be able to apply them necessarily, in the services, being not able to convey the reality to those who attended their services and were looking for something.

In other words, the church had come to a point where there was much need of reality rather than words; that man was not looking necessarily for one church or another, but was looking for strength, and an understanding how to use the powers and forces of nature which God had given him the right to have, but he had not been taught how to use. Many such things exist today and somehow, down through the ages, man has drifted away from these things.

We are interested in God and in the spirit, conscious movement of the universe, and therefore will not separate the materialistic level from what we formerly called spiritual level. Because how can we separate the beginning from the existing now if this is what we really believe in unity, and everywhere you turn today, you will hear people say, “Let us all get together, let us unite, let us all be brothers.” Well, how can you separate the material world from the spiritual world and do this? It’s impossible.

We must get back to the reality and realize that the work of all subtle forces, seen or unseen, are a part of the old alchemic scheme of science, and that man’s mortal and physical bodies are composed of the same elements as that of earth, just as stated in the Testament, but that these elements are also composed of the forces and substances of creation. A statement of some facts, little things that are of interest.

Let us accept, until we have proof otherwise, one spiritual materialistic fact, and that is: man is not only a living infinite divine part of the consciousness of God, with all the creative power of divinity possessed by God, he is not a dual creature as spoken about by some of the persons, but he is heaven and earth, he functions in both, otherwise revelation would be a fallacy.

Man’s spiritual body is the only real body which has form. This body holds the forms of the chemical atoms and molecules and its structure in the form of what we call the physical body, which is what we see with our physical eyes. If this were not true, then prayer and the power of the Word could not heal anyone. For we do not believe in miracles, because we know there is no such thing as a miracle. There are only factual right uses of the powers that exist in creation, and understanding them.

Man does exist in four dimensions. He does have a Self, around which the sheath of the soul and the soul-experience exists and is the computer and brain which runs the physical body in its automatic reflex system, and is the record of his many lifetimes.

You know yourself that as you live you don’t think of hand out here, hand up here, hand over there, head this way, head that way, head down here, look here, look there. This is an automatic system. Slight impulses come, stimulated by chemical reactions through motivated desires, thought-waves, impulses which bring about chemical reactions, electro-chemical reactions.

You know one of the things that I found that really tosses, as lots of people would say tosses some people for a loop or a loss, is when you start to talk about religion, and God on a practical basis; that the power of God will really function. And they take for the high timber. Well, let’s not get into that because then we’ll have to do something about it; and this is a reality.

I’ll never forget, a young man came into the church I was in at the time. Not, this isn’t a church of course here, but this was a church and this was about fifteen or eighteen years ago. He came in rather critically, I don’t blame him, I would be critical too if I’d been brought up that way. And he came in and sat down, and I could see him; he was tossing this way and tossing that way, and he was disturbed about this and he was disturbed about the other thing, and finally we had communion. And he came up to receive communion, and he was very nonchalant about it, you know, very brave individual. He was going to brave the lion in his den. And when he came to the communion rail, he said, “I suppose you give absolution, do you?”

I said, “By all means, son,” and I just laid both hands on him and let it go. He took one look at me and he said, “What is this?” I said, “That’s the power of God; how did you like it?”

And he went right out the door. And you know, about four weeks later he came in kind of sheepish-like, and he said, “I had to come back and talk with you. That was a startling experience.” I said, “Well, I don’t know. It happens every day around here.”

You see, you can’t, it’s hard to get people to realize, they’re so used to words, words, words, words, words. Now you can talk about things from now until you’re old and gray, and you’re right where you started when you were eighteen or twenty, if that’s when, the years you started to talk. You have gained nothing. The only thing you have gained is some words that you can put up an argument with or sound intelligent with. And of course most of the people, at least a good share of the people that are interested in philosophy of one type or another, whether it be a church or a philosophy generally, they like this, and they like to come to philosophical meetings and discussions because it is great ego-food, you see. They can really get themselves to the point where they can toss around some of these four-bit words and they feel awful good about it, because they’ve got something that sounds good. And this is a stimulant to them just like a drink of liquor is to somebody else, because it boosts up their ego and gives them a lot of feeling of self-sufficiency, you see.

Well, actually they’re welcome, and there’s nothing, there’s no sin in it. If they want to feed their egos, it’s up to them; and if they really come to me and want to be fed, why I can feed their egos too. I’ll help ‘em, but they’re not going to gain anything. They’ll know no more about God or creation or the powers that exist, that God gave to man, after forty years then they do today. Because all the words in the world aren’t going to do a thing. Because it is only the action and the use of the laws that you can gain anything from.

Man does exist in four dimensions. He does have a Self around which the sheath of the soul (?) and this is the computer which runs the physical body. (Beginning to read):

“Man’s mortal consciousness, as it is called, has a tendency to put its faith in many impressions registered on the mind by the physical seeing, hearing and feeling, and tasting and smelling. He feels nothing can exist unless he senses it in this way. But he does have a set of duplicate spiritual senses, at least they call them that, or does he? Or is it that his existing five senses become imbued with a higher state of sensitivity. With the spirit of God moving through it which has and bears in it the personality or the set of rules, or the way the spirit works, which knows all, sees all, feels all, tastes all, and within its own being.

“In reality there are two sets of five senses, in the way the metaphysical people set it, both material and spiritual, they say. But immediately they have separated the two worlds and they cannot believe therefore, now, in a continuous life because they already have two worlds and you have to go from one world into another one. When you do this, you separate all the forces therein. It is just that man has raised his vibration to the consciousness of the Christ, and the functions particularly are wholly through the Self.

“Material science, with a great deal of reluctance, must admit that there are many sounds and vibrations in this universe which do not register on the unsensitive physical ear. And there are many spoken words which are not heard by the unsensitive physical ear. Unsensitive physical plane. Some physical vibrations are of such a low rate of impression that they have no impression whatsoever on the ear of the human being. Some sounds are of such high rate of vibration that they fall in the highest octaves of vibration, and likewise have no impression on the undeveloped individual. A dog can hear many vibrations that a human cannot, because it follows a natural pattern of function in the universal mind.”

The average individual talks about what he sees and what he hears and what he thinks. And actually, if you were to take, and I’m going to have these laid out; and I just acquired them recently, all of the piano scales, I’ve got them laid out. If you were to take an eighteen-inch scale here, and put all this various divisions on it, of light, sound, x-ray, (writing on board). This is about eighteen inches long here, you come down to the center of this thing, and right here, make a little blue mark here, one eighth of an inch in width: that’s your human perception with your human faculties. And yet you’ve staked your whole life and your whole experience on it. Now, that isn’t my opinion. That’s a scientific fact.

It has nothing to do with a patriarchal philosophy, the Bible, or anything else. This is a fact. Let me see, 8 times 18, 144. How would you like to gamble on the odds, 144 to 1? It would pay off pretty good money in a horse race, wouldn’t it? And they‘d give you pretty good odds on it. And yet you’re every day going and around saying, “Well now, I saw that, but that can’t be true. That can’t be true. I didn’t see that. How can he know? That can’t be true. I never saw anything like that. I’ve tried, I can’t see anything like that. I can’t hear anything like that.” But you’re gambling your whole life, your whole experience and everything else on a 144 to 1 shot. That’s what you are believing in. Not very good odds in my mind, not when you can increase that so much, if you learn how to use the faculties you got.

And next week I’m going to go into this different frequencies of vibrations, because people talk about vibration and they haven’t any idea about the tremendous amount of vibration per second that goes into the realm in which they are talking about. And people who take drugs, for instance LSD or crystal or some of these other things, oh, sure, they wake up to the fact that there’s more than what they’ve seen with their physical eye, this they do. They wake up to this, but on the other hand they haven’t seen anything new. They haven’t learned anything except that. From the individual very similar to a radio emanation radiation.

Only in one octave in the higher scale of vibration, making no impression on man’s undeveloped ear without being interrelated and reduced to the lower rates and lower octaves. This is why you have a rectifier and modulator in tubes in radios or TVs sets. This holds true in things of feeling, tasting and smelling. In the case of the human radio, we find that it is necessary to step up the sensitivity of reception by receiving of the force, Holy Spirit, and the light from the sun.

That’s the brain and organ related to those functions which become more highly sensitive and are able to be more receptive of the various other octaves which the average individual is not receptive to. That is why they are called a god-man, and he is truly demonstrating the godhood which God has given him, because he’s using the tools.

As we examine the keyboard of vibration, we know that the vibrations given off from minerals of the earth elements, discovered by chemists and chemical scientists and physicists, are in the octaves related to the vibrations of the human being, which is of the human being, in seeing, hearing,

smelling, tasting and feeling. When this being is not spiritually endowed, he then is not conscious of them.

We notice that the relations between copper, gold, tin and iron and sulfur and soda, and so forth, various minerals and liquids definitely register in the same octave as those that have been called the five physical senses.

And there is a very interesting relationship here, between copper, which is the conductor of electricity, gold, which is, well, it’s one of the valued metals and has always been talked about by the alchemists. Tin, which is one of the best conductors of electro-energy, it’s used as a soldering element. Sulfur and soda. Soda, of course, sodium is the center of the chemical scale, the same as yellow light is the center of the light spectrum.

Well, is there any questions? I don’t want to keep on reading. I hope that (?) maybe I didn’t say so, but if you have a question, stick up your vibration.

Man in his physical consciousness is not aware of the rhythmic action of the body. Other directions which direct the controls of the organs and their functions. In this instance man is not conscious of the periodic action of the (polaris?) which takes an important part in his digestion. Man, for instance, can measure brain waves, and he’s perfectly conscious of this, but this is only a small part. He doesn’t ever measure the brain, the body function and its constant change of beat, which is, oh, something like (?) I’ve forgotten what it is now, I think it’s thirty or thirty-two, something like that. It is almost the same, I know it’s almost the same as it takes for the number of frames in a motion picture film to show a good motion picture without blurs, or without detected blurs, I mean, and so that you would like to sit there and watch the movie. And it is similar to the cameras now used in the high-class motion picture places, which I think is thirty-two frames per minute, if I remember right. What?

Q: Twenty four.

Twenty four. All right; they’ve lowered it then, a little bit. They did use thirty-two. Of course now you’ve got this wide-screen action-projection sort of affair, and these dual cameras too, rather than one.

And now the pulsation of the body is right along in the same category, because it changes from one side of the body to another. And you can feel it if you can get quiet enough; of course, most people can’t get quiet enough to feel anything, because they’ve got to be shimmying all the time, you know. And when they do this, why, of course they can’t feel anything else. Because you have to get the mind quiet in order to sense the functions of the human body. And you can, you can sense the functions of the human body, any organ in the body, in fact, can be sensed. Man has quite a wonderful setup in his organism.

Man is usually not conscious of the harmonic actions of the lungs, the higher vibration of what he has called life, the life-force or divine essence which he breathes. Man is unconscious of the action of metabolism which has to do with the building of the blood cells and other tissues and giving it vitality and perfect circulation. And over all of this in the action of the divine Mind and divine consciousness of what we call the soul, or the elevation thereof into other planes.
And then the people (?) you’ll hear about the fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh plane and all the other things. We’re not interested in that, but first of all we want to get people so they function here. And if they get to function here, well, maybe they’ll get to function someplace else and they’ll be ready to go someplace else.

Evolution and devolution are the two phases of the complete cycle of manifestation. Every cell changes constantly. There are millions of cells exploding all the time in your body, and millions of cells being built up, charges out of the vital body going into rebuilding the charge. It’s like storage batteries giving off electricity, and then they are revitalized through the vital body of man. The organs are composed of the constant changing material, the atoms and the molecular structure, and thus must become constantly revitalized with the power of life which people have, and which they can constantly rebuild, if they are conscious that it exists. And this is the difference, between good health and poor health. This is why death and mortality are constantly (instable?), but he who is constantly in touch with the divine force which is accessible to him fills the body of the eternal life, and thus he functions on both planes at the same time. And this is the stage of realization, in reality.

Most of the individuals who have read anything in religious nature have run across all of these terminologies and have become acquainted with them but have, in the great majority of cases, have a great many false concepts of them and have not been able to tie them together. And this is where the problem comes. They become separated in several pieces and they have a difficult time trying to find themselves, to put themselves together.

“In every work of genius we recognize our own rejective thoughts. They come back to us with a certain alienated majesty.” Now by this we mean this, that (?) and we know this is true; this is a fact, and this can be checked in many ways: many people have had ideas on new things, new ways of using equipment, new designs of machinery, tools, instruments, all kinds of things and they never really did anything with it. Then in a few months, or a year or two or three, all of a sudden somebody comes out with this idea and it is promoted, developed and put on the market, and man starts to use it. And here we have a rejected thought of our own that somebody else has used and produced something. And you see, it is a proof that our mind is a part of a universal Mind, and that is why we may receive anybody’s thoughts, and use them. And I guess that’s why they have a patent office, so the man that gets and uses the thought gets the credit.

“To believe your own thought, to believe that what is true for you in your private heart is true for all man, and that is genius. Speak your latent convictions and it shall be the universal sense, for always the innermost becomes the outermost, and our first thought is rendered back to us by the trumpet of the last judgment”, as it was called. This is a phrase that was used by a number of philosophers.

“If we do not, tomorrow a stranger will say, with masterly good sense precisely what we have thought and felt all the time, and we shall have to take a back seat.” Did you ever have that happen to you? You’ve had an idea, and then you get in a group someplace, and somebody starts to tell something? “Gee, I thought about that, I thought about that the other day, or a few minutes ago”; but you weren’t convinced that your thinking might be true, so that you would experiment with it and find out whether it was true. This is part of the inner consciousness, it’s part of the spiritual consciousness.

“Many people do not know, of course, that the essential foundation of religion and movements are the studies of the basic principles of mysticism or the relationship of mind, soul and body. For the laws and the principles of the universe are identical with the same. We have stated that we are teaching the Christian mysteries, plus the Bible, as to Jesus and his teachings. Of all the powers of man, as taught by the holy order, including the power of mind, framed with its infinite power and flexibility in essential abilities, all of man, all of these are puny (compared) to the powers of the inner being of man and the Self. This is unlimited. We are revealing the real consciousness of man and the factual reality of wisdom that comes from the soul, but is not the Self. The soul is the sheath thereof, for from the Self comes the wisdom of the Infinite. And this wisdom is the divine consciousness of man. In fact, it is the eternal wisdom of God coming through man.”