Man, His Function: Brotherhood

10 Dec

Man, His Function: Brotherhood

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Lecture by Father Paul Blighton
Tape 903 | 8/20/68


I’m going to talk tonight on a subject of (brotherhood?). There are—and I’m not referring to this person here. I am referring specifically to each one of you as individuals, and to that which you are referred to in the first chapter of Genesis, as being created in the image of the Creator, or God or Allah or whatever you want to call it, or IT rather, I should say.


Man has had and always will have an instinctive part, a separate part from that of any other man, and this is not a specific theory or alibi, either one. This is also the resultant of examination, not by myself but many other biologists, that every cell of the human body has a specific type and mark on it. A certain type of characteristic or function, both, which makes it different from all other cells, regardless of the shape of it or the (?) composition of the tissue with which it is the composition of. In other words, of which it is a part of. It is a different cell; it is a different small group of cells.


In this particular school—and this is one of the reasons which I foresaw why this was given to me—we have many young men and women that are coming into the approach of the New Testament into the Truth as it is and not as somebody wants it, and therefore there are always a lot of questions. And naturally, due to the fact that they have been brought up under the mass mind (come in and have a chair) where people feel that they are distinctly individualists as they call themselves, rather than being individuals, personalities, parts of the greater Being—while they do each one carry the divine word of choice, they still are part of the great Creative Power and Intelligence that this solar system is made of. They gain their freedom according to a plan, which I had nothing to do with, that is described and has been used for thousands of years.


So it is perfectly natural that the student who is seeking to know and understand himself according to one of the oldest and most famous sayings of man, “Know thyself”, which came out of another school rather than Christianity, but which is all the same thing. He naturally says, “Well, who am I?” This is a natural thing because he feels that he is something special. He feels that he has many predominating characteristics that somebody else does not have. This is mainly because he looks at the outside, but never looks at the in. This is because he is always looking at the exterior form rather than the true radiation and power, the realistic thing. He may presuppose an image of himself and may attempt to attain that image and can, I assure you. He has the power to, if he wishes. But that image may be vastly different, and we hope it is, than what he really is. Excepting in some cases, of course, we find that some men have themselves overrated.


But there is one thing definite, that each man in this school, if he is going to hold to the strivings of this (order?), has a responsibility to the whole race of man, no matter where they are. And while he is striving to know himself, and once he has gone through realization, the true realization–now, we’re not talking about understanding, we’re talking that he has found the Self, knows it and works with it. This is a reality. This is the man, this is the being that God spoke about in the first chapter of Genesis: “And he made man in His own Image.” This is truth. There are ten or twelve that can verify that in this house—well, I presume they’re all in the house tonight, I’m not sure, I haven’t taken the score yet from the score board upstairs.


But here comes our problem that we face today, and we’ve faced it for years—we’ve had it for years, but we haven’t faced it for years—that each individual, while they may seek their own spiritual attainment and to climb the Jacob’s ladder, as it is sometimes called, the ladder of initiation, they carry with them a debt, karma. They might have wings, they might have attained through much work and much labor and much conscientious prayer, the ability to reach up to any stage of development, but still they are a cell in the great Being of the Creator. They would have to be. And if this is true, which we know it is, it is not only a matter of history and greater wise men than I, I assure you, but also it is cold logic, which science has proved also.


For thousands of years man has used the same symbolism for the God (and for the legends?), regardless of what they called Him; they have used the same symbolisms. And it has seldom ever changed, and it seems impossible for man to get away from it, not that they need to. But they recognize that there is an infinite tie between all men. Now we have heard many times on this earth about brotherhood. And yet the very essence of the brotherhood, which is presupposed, we find that it contains in each one of them individuality, and egotistical individuality at that.


But as a man climbs this ladder, Jacob’s ladder, in this order at least, he owes to every man one thing, and that is the respect that this man is also a cell of the same Being that he came from.


Now, it doesn’t make any difference what his form is. It doesn’t make any difference whether the person is male or female, whether it is of the brown race or the yellow race or the white race. We don’t have enough predominance of the blue race yet, but there are some traces appearing. It doesn’t make a bit of difference. That Self looks the same in all people, with the exception of the change of radiation which is caused by your thinking and your own consciousness.


Now you have a responsibility, and in my mind and in all of the minds of the ancients, it is a number one responsibility—I have to say number two, in a sense, but I would call it a number one-b. Instead of number one-a, I’d call it number one-b, because the first commandment says, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy might.” And how can you love God without loving all of it? If you can, I’d like to know how.


Now, I know that this is going to hit you a little hard tonight, because I’m going to be stepping on a lot of egos here that think they’re real special.


Now, who am I? To begin with, you are a cell of the great Creative Being. And I’ll also use this term, because it doesn’t carry any doctrinal reaction, and it doesn’t carry any religious presuppositions, and it doesn’t carry any of the normal sounds that they have made for thousands of years to set it in any one category. But it does carry with it the fact that it isn’t a case of whether you like to or whether you don’t. It’s just a case you’re a darn fool if you don’t acknowledge it, because that’s the Source that your life comes from. And It never—It gave itself a name, and it didn’t call Itself Christian and It didn’t call Itself Baptist or it didn’t call Itself any other religion, but It did call Itself the Creator. So as far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a rap what It is. It might be a tremendous and gigantic gargantuan. But I’m living in Its body, and I’m not darn fool enough to turn off the switch from where my power comes from. It’s that simple.


Oh, I’m probably the most unholy man that you’ve ever heard talk about God, but just the same I like to have results, and we get ’em, that’s for sure. Because we know what set of switches to turn off and what to leave alone and leave ’em on. And the one you don’t want to turn off is the Source of all supply.


So the number one thing that I am is a cell in the body of the Creator. Now what I do with that cell, and how I got to be down to this degraded state, or elevated state, or whatever the state might be, you know I’m not going to spend any time worrying about it, not a darn minute, because I’m here. And what’s the sense of worrying about something that’s gone by and has happened? The only thing I’ve got to worry about is how I’m going to handle it, that’s all.


Now I might have been the right-hand man of old Melchizedek himself, and if I can’t use enough of this power at the present time to get out of this world the things that I need, I’m just a total flop. And above all, even before that, if I can’t even communicate with one of my co-parts, I’ve surely made an awful failure of myself. Because you know in the human body the parts do get along. They get along marvelously well, for the way they’re treated. And one organ of the body will take over part of the functions of something else, when one organ sort of starts to lay down because the load has gotten too great And if one part of the brain gets whopped and a few cells destroyed, a few cells, why some other cells take over the load and start to do the job. If we’d get our parade on the same basis that the human organism operates, we wouldn’t have very much trouble in this world, believe me, we wouldn’t.


Now the one thing I do know is that, first of all, I must acknowledge the Creator, first of all. Secondly, I must acknowledge every single individual alike. Now I don’t care whether he’s student, priest or prince. He’s a cell in the divine Creator, the Source of power. And you see, if I don’t cut him off, there’ll be force coming that he’ll draw that I can have the use of too. But when I start cutting people off of me, that’s when I start going downhill.


Did you ever see a magnet, a whole group of magnets put out, and measure all the individual little magnetic fields around them? I can remember in laboratory, when I was going to school—of course, I know that was in the primitive ages, but just the same—we used to have little magnets about that long, they were, something like that, and they were, oh, about that wide. They were little bits of fellows. We’d take out a whole bunch of those and we’d put them out, place them out like that in some sort of a pattern, maybe, and then we’d take these little bit of compasses—oh, they wouldn’t be much bigger than my little fingernail. And maybe we’d have two dozen of them, three dozen of ’em. And we’d place these all around in different places, and we’d measure the electro-magnetic rings and draw them down and design the way they really worked. And you know it was a very curious thing. And it’s a law in electricity too. Each one of those little magnets has got–and I’ll show you what I mean. We have a group of little magnets here (drawing on a board). They might not be in an exact pattern of any kind, but just various ones, they might have a north here and a south here, and a north there, and so on and so forth. But there’d be a couple lines of magnet force around each one of those like that, you see, and then we’d see some lines of force out here, because each of their own particular lines and fields of radiation united in a united whole, and formed the pattern of the whole, out here. They didn’t have anything particular to do with it. They just radiated out of their individual parts. But as a group they would form a whole radiational field all around the whole group. This is true, it’s part of motor design.


Here again in electricity is one of the great principles of life. If you cut off individuals around you from acknowledgment, pretty soon you’re going to find yourself alone, and you’ll be weakened by that. Your power is weakened because of this. So the wise man is the man who looks at another cell, he is in the same body I am, though I may not like what he or she does. But that’s his karma, not mine, and I’m not going to pay it off. As long as I don’t accept the united effort in this, I’m not going to pay it off.


Of course, there is a national debt we have, and there are some racial debts we have, but the racial debts, thank God, are just about at the end of the string, because the races now will pass out, completely. Within the next hundred years, thereabouts a little over, racial things will be, racial forces will be at an end. Because they will have, the patterns will have practically disseminated. And as far as I’m concerned, it doesn’t make any difference personally, but it is going to make one difference, because there is going to be then, in the future—now, this won’t be tomorrow—but there will grow out of this a united race, entirely different than anything on the face of the earth today. Entirely different.


So we can say partially, in answer to this question of “who am I?”, that I am a cell of the great Creative Being and these are all my associate cells in function. I use this word “cell” enough; don’t anybody misunderstand me; I’m not a Communist.


And the next thing I take for evaluation is, I come on down the line, and I am the result positively, regardless of my nationality, regardless of anything, I am the result of my past actions, and there isn’t any question about it. Whether I’m good, bad or indifferent, I am the result of my past actions, and with the exception of one thing, and that is the gift, or the accelerated received gift, should I say, of power. And this is what the church chooses–most of them do anyway–they choose to call it grace.  But we call it epigenesis because this name fits in with the mathematical theme of things, and it is provable by this. It is the acceleration of power, epigenesis is, because we know that figures do accumulate, and they generate something above and beyond what, a lot of times, the mathematician is looking for.


So I am the result of my own actions, plus epigenesis. And in future I will be the result of my future actions, plus epigenesis. And when we get to the point where we can look at another man–and now I am addressing especially my students here—and we can say it is none of our business what he does, with the exceptions of as long as he doesn’t disturb somebody else, and can still feel the affection and draw of a like-being and still have no sense of difference between him and I, then we have learned what so many people have spouted about and written so many words about, and that is brotherhood. And until we’ve got this, we haven’t got the love of God in our hearts, or the love of the Creator, or Allah, or whatever you call It. We have bushels and bushels of pages about love and affection, and they are the most glorious words, chapter upon chapter, upon chapter, upon chapter, with the author never defining what he meant by love.


Now, you haven’t reached—and to our friends who are in here, this has nothing to do with them. I’m just saying this to the students particularly—you haven’t reached the fullness of being just a brother yet until you can watch your young brothers that come in make mistakes, be in error, and not feel anything wrong toward them. When you can do that, when you can have no resentment, regardless of what happens and what is said, then I’m going to call you a full-fledged brother. And you’re never a full-fledged anything until you can. Believe me. (now side 2 of tape)


Like any organization, where we have an organization of any kind for a purpose for a united effort—and we’re trying to unite our efforts to help man, because that’s what we’re dedicated to. We are not dedicated to some individual man and his principles; we are dedicated to Man, all men, all women, (man means women, of course…?).


And like a group of this nature, who builds up the sensitivity and the vibration that they do at times, they start to see things, they start to have revelations, and they start to sometimes hear names of things that might be in the Bible, that they might get curious about, and then along comes some foreign entity from someplace or other, probably from the borderland of earth, that someone has been stuck there and they pipe some little statement to them, and they get all excited about it and they’ll come to me and say, “Well now, do you think that I am Joseph, I was Jesus’ father? I heard something like that the other night when I was in meditation.”


Well, I’m not going to laugh because it’s not laughable, but it is humorous sometimes. But I never laugh because they’re serious. This is probably one of the first things they’ve heard really, out of the world beyond. Well, then I have the job of showing them how and why these things happen. Now don’t forget, I am not saying revelation doesn’t come across the border, because it does; we’ve had it proven many times. But not by these entities of this type.


From some of the great ones, from some of the Brothers and things of this sort, we all, if we’ve got our ears open and haven’t got both eyes and ears shut, we’ll get spiritual guidance, that’s for sure. If we don’t think we know it all and that we can disregard the Source of energy and power of our life, why, we’ll get that guidance. You can call it spiritual guidance. You can call it direct guidance. You can say that “somebody was talking to me”, and they were, because you don’t have to separate the physical world and the spiritual world at all. You can forget those two names and say, “Well, somebody was talking to me that didn’t have a dense body.” And that’s perfectly true.


One of the things that we, as students, have to learn is that it doesn’t matter a bit who you were, but it matters what you’re doing now; because this is the age of activity. It’s not whether you’re enjoying yourself with what you’re doing in the particular job you’ve got at the moment, or not. It’s whether that job needs to be done or not, now, and you’re the best one to do it. I know I’ve discouraged many a student when they’ve come up to me and said, “Well, Father, I would like to have another job outside for that four or five hours, or something, because I just don’t like this work.” I said, “That’s wonderful; boy, that’s the job you’re going to have!” You should see the results we get from it too, really beautiful.


It doesn’t matter who you are, but it matters a whole lot, a great big lot, not only right now, but in the future, what you do with what you’ve got. This is what’s important. What you do with what you’ve got. And I get this question fired at me a dozen times a week, not just from inside here but from outside there, from other students that come in.


And there’s another one that I get: “Well now, I used to do astral travel when I was dropping this or that or something else.” Of course, this I get a great kick out of. The only kind of travel they did was in their mind, that’s all. That isn’t astral travel. But I won’t get into that subject now.


The thing I’m here to say tonight is if you can’t look at the other man, your brother, and feel he is a brother, feel as close to him as you would a blood brother, with tolerance, then you haven’t got it yet, you are not at the place you belong. You’d better start doing some real work; because as long as a man is conscious of another person being different than he is, he’s not with ’em, he’s separated. You can talk to me from now until the end of time, and you can’t tell me that understanding is a solution to our present-day problems. Hasn’t anything to do with it. And our present-day problem is a good-sized one and it consists of a lot of things, not just one thing. But our basic problem is the fact that we haven’t got to the place where we have a little deal that has a common generation around ourselves and around the other guy.


You know something? (referring to his diagram of the magnets) That’s the picture of love, right there. That’s the picture of love, true love, true altruistic love. Because each one of those little fellows is lending to the common field. Epigenesis. You could take a bunch of those little fellows and toss them out onto the table, and you could put a shaker under them, where you have motion. They’ll generate, move themselves right around in position so they’ll generate a great big nice strong field around each other. They won’t fight about it either; they won’t fight about it, not a bit, but they’ll work with it. They’ll work with their differences of polarity every time. And it doesn’t make any difference whether there’s a small one, and a big one and a small, unh-unh, it’ll all work out, always.


Now the thing you’ve got to do is get right down inside of yourself, so that you’re just as happy to do a job that you don’t like and you’re just as happy to put your arm around a fellow that is doing something that isn’t right according to the code of creation, and love that person as anybody else–because until you can do it, don’t come around with me with all your metaphysical books, because they’re the bunk. They’re just the bunk.


Writing, reading writing and studying never made a man of God. Never! Never made a teacher, never. Never brought anybody into God-realization of the Self. You can sit and read from now until you drop this shell and you will not gain realization, God-realization. You can’t. You have got to work with the forces and the power. You can sit for five years with mantras and if you don’t get out and get some action, it won’t do you one bit of good, and that’s being proved every day in the year. Every day in the year. A thing has to manifest both in mind and in the earth plane, in action.


Just exactly the same as when a fellow comes to you and says, “I believe in this cause. I really do.” And he goes on, “yak, yak, yak, yak.” Yup, O.K., Bill, would you take and take this basket tonight over to a certain house? We just got a telephone call. There’s two youngsters over there, or three, that haven’t had anything to eat all day, and will you take the basket over there and give it to them? And it’s across town. Maybe it’s raining. “Well, I know, but I’ve got my wife waiting home for me.” You’ll get some beautiful alibis right off the bat. Well, I’ve got real news for you: he hasn’t got anything, and he don’t mean to have anything, and he’ll never have anything.


You know, I had a teacher many years ago that brought back my memory, and he was a real tough old bird. And he reminded me of some of the things that people do, in evidence. Some of you boys have heard me tell this, I know, but some haven’t probably. And after I’d been in training with him for about three years—this man was not in a physical body either. This is one of what I call greater teachers, the … Brotherhood …(inaudible)… And about three years, and I’d been having a real rough time. I mean it was so much work to do, and the work that I had to do every day anyway. And I got a little confused, I guess, or something, or allowed some of my emotions to rise someplace; boy, I had the most beautiful case of flu started that you ever saw. I must have had a temperature running about 104 or better. And I was up in my den, and I was feeling really rugged and I had, my bones were starting to ache; and I called my teacher. And I was sort of half-lying, half up against two or three sofa pillows in the corner of a thing like a davenport, a single couch with a … on it.


And he came in, a very big six-foot-three, and stood right there in the middle of the floor—if any of you had been there you’d have seen him—put both hands on his hips and he let out a roar, and he said, “Huh a healer, huh!” He said, “What a fine-looking healer you are.” He said, “Well, I’m going to tell you something: I’ve spent three years on you, and I’m not going to spend another three on you if you’re going to act this way.” He said, “You’ve got five minutes, you’ve got just five minutes to heal that condition or I won’t be back!” And he meant it, too. Well, I made it in about three and a half. And he came back and finished the job.


But that’s what I mean; you’ve got to produce the evidence. This is no hokum. This is the power and the force of Creation in action. If you can’t produce it, don’t talk about it, because you’re only misleading somebody else.


We have a great many, and I talked with a teacher not long ago who’s one of the men in the town here who’s—well, he’s fairly well-known–in his home, having a little personal talk, because we were both interested in a project that was going on outside. It didn’t have anything to do with here or outside—I mean or his place—it was something neutral. And I said to him, “You hear always, teacher here, teacher there, teacher someplace else. Tell me, are there that may around? I haven’t see that many…?…”


And he looked at me with a smile and he said, “The men that repeat the words in a book are the “teachers”. There are a lot of them out there repeating the words of somebody’s book. But we don’t have many of the other kind ….” This man is a pretty sharp cookie himself.


And this is where very we often slip. But the thing I would bring home again, when you’re here in this school let’s stop the petty larceny: “Well, somebody said this to me.” I’m going to say something that may shock some of the ladies and please, ladies, forgive me: I don’t give a dam if they did, because that will just help tune you up where you belong.” And I mean that just as I said it, because if you don’t run against things that you don’t like now, what are you going to do when you get out there in that wide open world where everybody in creation around you is against what you’re trying to do –even to the clergy! What are you going to do then? Are you going to pick out the people that say the nice things and agree with you? Well, if you do, you’re not much of a preacher at the least, or a priest either one.


Now we’ve got a great big job to do; and the one thing that’s important, not just to us but to every single human being in this city and this country, is for us to start to evaluate things where they belong, to start to look at one another and really accept that individual on the basis that they’re another cell in the body of the Creator. And they are. So that’s the second commandment, and it’s the only way it will work. Because as long as you start being partial to this one and partial to that one, and partial to the other one, you are not giving it recognition. You don’t have to love what somebody does when they do something radically wrong, but that hasn’t got anything to do with that individual, with that person, that being, with that being. Because that’s there, and unless you acknowledge it, you’re going to separate yourself and you will never get to the goal, that’s for sure. Never.


Now, I’m going to get a little personal tonight, and I hope Johnny will forgive me. You know Johnny Clark over here has been with us for—sorry, John, we’re brothers. Johnny Clark has been here for nine months now, something like that—is it less than that? Well, somewhere along there. And we’ve worked right tight together here with a very closest work in prayer, in our minister’s classes, the esoteric council, and so forth. And you know, every once in a while somebody starts to talk about the negro race or something goes on, and you know, I have to stop and think when he mentions this once in a while. Because we’re working up—when we work up in the Fillmore anyway and we’re working with this redevelopment deal, and somebody says, “I have to stop and think what John is talking about, because I can’t see John’s skin. I can’t see people’s skin. They’re people! They’re cells in the body of the Creator that made me.”


Here’s the nice little hooker to take home with you to think about. Do you have a race-conscious prejudice, or do you believe in all races as one? Either one of these things is wrong. Either one of them is wrong, because as long as you can get the difference in the two, that makes races, then you’re off the track, you’re way off the track. So if you’re fighting for integration, you’re wrong. If you’re fighting for the freedom of the races, you’re wrong. You’re all wrong, and you’re going against creative principles. That’s for sure. I said this for a purpose and it’s real. It’s true.


I said it for a purpose, and that purpose is this: to get you to realize that the words in the philosophy book carry a message. The words in the Testament carry a message, but it’s not philosophy. It’s about a universe that we live in, a solar system, our solar system. The One that created it, God, Allah, or What, and the beings that He set into action, good, bad, or indifferent. And unless you start taking it on the basis of that you’re here and you’re going to make the best of every opportunity that you can use, you’re going to use every lever that you can use to make your life the easiest you can make it–because I’m kind of a lazy guy too, in lots of ways. And most of the time I just use prayer to get things here, and the Word. I’m not going to doa lot of hard work when I don’t have to. But we’re talking about something real and alive, then we’re way off base. And all of the beautiful poetry and striving and everything of the order has gone way afoul. We’ve missed the whole boat, we’ve missed the whole boat.


A long time ago—Now I know our order’s foundation is sound, this I’m sure of.


A long time ago I knew a little man, about five-foot-eight, somewhere along there … (tape ended mid-sentence)