Flesh Body and Organs

23 Dec

Flesh Body and Organs

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Lecture by Father Paul Blighton
Tape 911 | 1/11/69

We’re studying the rather schematic and sketchy outline of the organs of the body. Those who are not acquainted with our method of study, we follow through from the spiritual side of things, on through the physical and the tools of man. This is why we study the vehicle of man. We have covered, so far, the spiritual body of man, the soul body and the flesh body. We are covering the flesh body in several lectures because they are so closely related to the function of the individual.

A man without a vehicle that is not functioning — without a vehicle that is functioning perfectly, is a man who is lost in the rather hazy atmosphere of the mass mind today. Everywhere you go you find that everyone has an ailment of some kind, and maybe two or three. It is my thinking and thinking of the ancients that a man that is in tune with the Almighty and with God has no ailments, because he has the power of the consciousness moving through him, and the energy will follow it.

Tonight, we are studying the circulatory system of man for a specific reason. For many years now we have heard about the New Age and the coming of the Master, as it is talked about in the Scriptures; and we have made all kinds of symbols, and we have had all kinds of ideas. And many people have told one or two truths but they seem to fail, in many cases, to assemble them with the essentials which come out of the Testament.

The mystic studies the body as with the heart as the center of his development and his approach to godhead and his approach to illumination. Now this is perfectly all right. It is a process by which he may know — could learn to know a great deal, but also it is an approach which was that of the Master Jesus himself, in the school. Because the Master went to the Essene school. We know this, this is in the records.

Then there are those who study man and the greatness of man because man is either a great being or the Father fell short in His creation, for there is no reason for man to be here at all except that he may glorify God, because God created him a great mind. If he is created by God to glorify God, then he must have a great many possibilities to reach the level of conception of living and moving in a great Mind with unlimited power and unlimited force. So, we take the body of man, or the vehicle of man, as we call it, and we have found evidence of the existence of a spiritual body — we know it’s there.

I personally have done experimental work with medical men, very quietly of course, which proved that the physical body would not hold together if it weren’t for the fact that there is a spiritual vehicle there. Although it cannot be seen with the naked eye, experiments can be conducted which prove the existence of this spiritual vehicle.

Most of our findings in science are things — the fundamental things — are things which are not seeable with the physical eye. Many of them have been proven, and found to be true, which could not even be seen in the microscope. For instance, some of our planets, before they even appeared, were calculated mathematically and they knew they were there long before we ever saw them in the telescope.

People will oft times say to you, if you make a statement that there is a vital body or a spiritual body, psychic body, there are a half a dozen means for this; that, “well, I can’t see it, so I can’t believe it.” Well, this no longer is a valid argument in this day of nuclear physics and many other branches of science such as one of the boys was reading to me just a little while ago, a study of astro-biophysics, was it? What was that term now? Astro-biology. Well, I don’t think we’re so far out, I suppose, in studying this particular line of approach to man, when they may accept a science of this nature.

Now, man’s body is fed through his bloodstream — that is to say, apparently. He takes in his food, as we learned last week, and this eventually, the potent part of it, winds up in the bloodstream and moves out through the arteries and into the venous system on its return. There’s a very interesting little thing about the formation of man’s body and this system which we see here. Many people make the sign like this. (writing) They say that this is the Aquarian age, and according to the ancient scientists, sciences, this is; probably what some people might call pseudo-science, but nevertheless it is there. It is acknowledged in the Bible that the, in this new age, at this time, at the return of the Master, the return of Christ rather, that there shall be a new heaven and a new earth. I won’t go into this this evening, but it is an interesting thing, and they tell me that Aquarius rules this sign. And Aquarius is a sign which controls and governs — although I’m not an astrologer, understand — controls and governs electrical things of the universe. And this was toyed with not, oh, about eight or nine years ago by one of our principal radio companies in this country, and they found out some of their troubles through some very peculiar experiments along this line.

But, it’s very interesting to see that man has a cross here, if you stretch his arms out, and his whole system forms itself up when he raises his hands just about in the shape that this sign is. Now there are two things that we must remember primarily, when we start to study the human body. One is, the reason for studying it in conjunction with the Bible is that if you don’t know what you are living in — and I say “living in”, and I want you to take note of this because you are “living in” a body. If you don’t know what you are living in, how can you use it fully?

If somebody came out with a brand-new car that no longer had wheels on it — and this isn’t such a far-fetched idea either — you would want to know how the mechanism worked, wouldn’t you, if you were going to invest your dollars. But you have a body which 99 percent of the people don’t know how it works.

And some years ago while working with the Board of Education in New York state, I took some teacher’s psychology, and I have spoken of this several times. And they said, “You know you are just going to teach children.” I was taking — going to teach post-graduate work. “You are just going to teach children, even if they have graduated. So that you must remember that they are only partially developed. They do not have the full thinking mind or powers of the mind. So you have to teach and approach your subject on a child level.” This is the Board of Education, for the state of New York. But we did, and it worked.

If this is true then, how much more is there to man and his vehicle than what we understand? Now this is what we try to reach, is to endeavor to understand the body that we are driving. And many people today are doing just that without really knowing how to do it. They are driving a vehicle which has tremendous possibilities and a tremendous and unlimited source of power, but they don’t understand it. And so they put it in high gear when it shouldn’t be in high gear and they wear it out pretty fast.

Instead of understanding and learning about their vehicle, and learning how to refuel it, not just food but otherwise learning how to take care of it, learning how to use it and its unlimited powers, they go on blindly shoving it into high gear when it should only be running in low gear and letting something else do the rest of the work.

Then there is another very strange and very interesting part of man’s body, when we look at the circulatory system, and that is the fact that every man and woman — because when we speak of man here, we mean man and woman both — a great deal, about 99 percent of the function of the entire human system, is an electro-chemical function; not just chemical — electro-chemical. For around this body — I’m not talking about auras now — around this body the electro-magnetic fields circulate, that come from the functioning of this vehicle. This was not taken out of books; I have measured these things myself. I know. This circulatory system that we see here which is the distributing system, you might call it, is the part of man that when it is not functioning properly, some organ of man within the vehicle is going to pay the penalty of working below normal.

Now, if you do not get enough air in the lungs, you are going to first of all not be able to carry in these small cells of the blood the amount of oxygen and some other qualities which are not always definable chemically but can be defined electrically, and some through other means, to the cell system of the body so that they can be recharged, so to speak. Not from what’s in the blood. But they will set up and stimulate the system so that from this other structure that holds this together — and it does — it will be recharged, the cells will be, and brought back into strength and vitality, and as we would say, the body is then rested and ready for use.

The condition of man’s body is the mirror of his mind, 80 percent, at least 80 percent; I’m being extremely conservative when I say this because I believe in staying on the conservative side of things. If I have a fact I will declare it, I will prove it. But if I do not have a fact, and this fact is unknown, what, how the percentage, how far the percentage of it works. If I were talking to my students alone I would say this is in totality that man’s body is controlled through his mind. But I know also that we live in a strange world where we live in the midst of tremendous electrical fields.

This building, for instance. It’s a rather small and insignificant place, but there are numbers of wires and cables running through the walls that are radiating electrical fields of energy that we are exposed to at this moment. Of course, when you are here you are exposed to some other things too, but we won’t talk about that; we’ll talk about the things out here in this physical world. When you go down the street, you’re exposed to millions of volts of electro-magnetic force, and each one of these cells are exposed to it, so that is why we have to say that the body is only 80 percent reactive to the mind. Because there is another quantity here that it reacts to because of the external conditions that we are passing through. These external conditions, of course, can be controlled, but that is another story.

The circulatory system of man, if he is in a state of depression the pulse of the heart changes and the metabolism which is the breaking-down and rebuilding of the blood system, allowing the food energy and, oh, like your vitamins — we’ll call them vitamins — and things of this nature go into the blood stream. And due to the fact that our entire physical vehicle, as we learned last week, functions on a basic principle — that is, it’s motivated, the function of the body itself is motivated by either external or chemical shock, in reality. Come down to the fine points of function, all things function from this basic form.

In other words, I’m saying this, that when there is a change of the external pattern that you are living in, when there is a sudden movement to which the body must protect itself or move in different direction, there is the impulse of this that runs to the brain and then there is reaction and adrenaline is poured into the system, in accordance with the essential quickness with which you must move or change. It isn’t always a danger, by any means. These things are the things that control motion, alertness and the nerve tensions of the body, both reflexes and the motor systems.

On the other hand, we have chemical shock where excessive acids and toxins are gathered in the structure, and they lodge, due to what some of the surgeons and our bio-chemists talk about as blood-sludge and other things of this sort, and they stimulate nerve ends and nerve systems, and again there is a moving of the adrenaline in the system, and you have what would be a nervous condition.

If this condition exists — and this is a mental thing, and due to the lack of control of the mind itself, that the mind wanders, it gathers fears unto itself, which most of them are imaginary, and immediately it starts to affect the circulatory system. You say, “But how?” The heart is pumping, the normal flow of adrenaline is there which is necessary for function. The person has eaten enough food, he has had enough rest. Because as quick as there is a dropping, a depression sets in, you have a fear; and when you have this subnormal fear, which is strictly on a mental plane, on a mental reality, the mind, you immediately have a slowing-down of the circulation because all of the nerves have contracted around the arteries of the body. There’s a pulling together. I won’t go into the details of how it’s done, because it would take quite a little time. But there is, because this whole arterial system is full of little holes, all the way along, and these are all controlled by the reactions of mind, and automatically. But when we get thinking into it and mix it up with the normal natural pattern of function, then we start to interfere with nature and its function.

Now what has this to do with our, well, let’s say our attainment, our godliness, our ability to know God, our ability to receive the light of Christ — and I mean light as it is spoken of in the Bible? It is simply this: that when a person and his body is not fully functioning, neither is his own spirit functioning normally. I’ll call it spirit. I’ll call it Self, because it is the Self. It is the you part, the part that is you. It is the part which does not die and never will.

And after all, anyone who comes to a church certainly should be seeking to know a little bit more of themselves; and the ultimate goal is to prepare yourself for that long trip later on after you’ve dropped this vehicle that we’re talking about. Because if it isn’t for that purpose, then a person is wasting their time. They actually don’t need to worry about anything else. But when our worries, we start to worry, we start to get depressed, we start to slow down this circulatory system, then we are inviting all of these diseases which are derived from this.

Now you can call them dozens of names, such as arterial sclerosis, arthritis, old age, cell deterioration, as they might say, in a person that has got to be, oh, sixty, a real old man, and I could dig up probably ten more names in the book, but fundamentally they are only one thing: they are the lack of circulation and life in your body. They are the lack of coordination between your mind and your function of your physical being, for it does control the physical body.

So, this morning, in fact, I had four of the young men whom are being prepared, who have passed their Bible tests and their other tests which are required on the first two levels of education. They’re going into the last part of their training for the ministry, and at this time we begin to teach them the inner teachings of the work. Because they must learn to heal and they must learn to demonstrate — not just know it in the book, but demonstrate it.

And we were speaking about this this morning when I said to them, “When you sit there at the desk and a person comes in that has poor color and he’s got some joints that don’t function right, and he probably has — maybe he has a limp or something of this nature, and he tells you how old he is; I’ll guarantee you one thing: that he is old. Just that. Because he is old in his cell structure… (end of side 1 of tape)

He not only thinks it, he believes it. And what can nature do about it? He is old because his entire body, circulatory system, is not functioning properly, therefore his mind does not function up to snuff either. He is losing the divine right that was granted him by his Creator.

Jesus said, “Thy word shall become flesh; as the Father said it and gave it unto me, so also I give it unto you.” Now this is not a parable; this is a reality. This is a strict straightforward statement in the gospels.

There’s another very interesting general statement and a very accurate statement, and that is the fact that many people talk about the Tree of Life, many people talk about how this Tree of Life looks or what it represents and all of this sort. There is also the Tree of Life here, and it can be traced in the body, and we’ll do it one of these evenings before long. But the principal thing that I want to bring to you this evening in the first half of this lecture is the fact that every single part of your physical being is adequately supplied with channels to maintain and keep it alive, keep it alive. Foolish statement, isn’t it.

Maybe some of you people have studied some physiology; I hope you have, because this will only help. In the first place, the nerve system — which we’ll see next week, along with the rest of the lecture — is constantly pulsing with life and energy. This arterial system is caused to function, not by the driving force of the heart pump alone, but also the motion that’s within the body itself. The light motion and pulse that is within the body itself, and it is there.

Life is a strange and beautiful thing, and it is as scientific as anything that you can find. Because life is there, is life and this is a force and power that comes from the Son of God. And that life-force isn’t something which runs just down, like this, through the various blood cells and the lymph and so forth that feed through these arteries. But there is a distinct electrical pulsation that moves across the trunk of this body, in where the principal organs lay, and that pulsation is just as regular as can be. And that is an electrical pulsation, and it goes about seventeen beats a minute — in the neighborhood of that.

This is a thing that throughout this body, as I spoke of, is the electrical reactions and electrical fields. Now these fields are created by the spiritual body of man and its reaction in the physical, in what we call metabolism. It is the breaking down of cell structure and the use of this energy in motivating action and heat, for light. It is through this and the cross-pulse of the physical body that we have a constant awakening and a constant rebuilding of cells. If we will let it! If we will let it; and this is the sad part, that we do not believe many of the things that have been taught us for thousands of years, or should have been taught us — at least they were there in the Bible — and therefore we suffer the lack and are unhappy because this body of ours doesn’t function properly. And of course, then we have to, and it is necessary that we should, if we do not know how to take care of this body then we should go to a doctor and get emergency help.

And then the next thing we should do is go someplace and start to find out if God really provided a way for us to be healthy. And of course, this brings a big question. First of all, do you believe in a supreme Power, and a supreme reality? And second, if you do, then it is time to get with it and start to study something about it, and start to learn some of the things that control it. Because your mind does control energy.

One of the experiments that was conducted about — oh, this was about, I’d say about 1940 or ’41, in the east. It makes a difference on what level you think, you see. It changes the strength of the electrical fields of your body that you function in. In one of the experiments that we conducted, which to me gave us so much proof, we checked fifteen people at first, and then we found enough reactions to cause us to experiment further, and we took ten of all different classes. In other words, we got some sportsmen that were baseball players, and other things of this nature. We got doctors, we got ministers, we got artisans — that is, trades people that had professions such as machinist and so forth, and then what you call the tradesmen, probably, the man who buys and sells. And the children. Proportionately the well man and the well child, proportionately the well child had much greater strength than the strongest well man.

But we found one thing that was very interesting. I think it was a predominating factor in what we found, and that is the fact that those whom were working on the higher level of things, in the spiritual and in the professional fields, such as the engineers and the chemists, and so forth, had stronger and much more pronounced fields of energy and electricity around their bodies than those who were working in the lower — not lower, but other classes where they were working with more material things, such as the salesmen, and so forth.

Now the salesman uses his mind to sell from a psychological level, but he is not forced to use his subconscious as much and he is not forced to reach out for the higher level of consciousness and God, as perhaps the minister or the chemist who has to use a great deal of imagination; and we found this was very strong. In other words, the closer you are to the higher level of thinking, the stronger and more powerful is the radiational fields around you, and therefore you have a better chance for good health.

Man’s vehicle is three-fold and there isn’t any question about this. We also have here in Romans 12:1-3, Paul says, “I appeal to you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as living sacrifices holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. For by grace given unto me, I bid every one among you not to think of himself more highly than that of his thoughts.” Now, this is just one tiny quotation. There are many, many quotations in the Bible regarding these things.

I’m going to ask if there’s any questions, if I can bring out a few more points — before I bring out a few more points; if there’s any questions you’d like to ask, I’ll try to meet now just before we have a break. Does anyone have any questions regarding — have I made myself clear in this one particular point? And we built up to it.

Q: Are we going to hear about the lymphatic system, in another — ?

A: Yes, we will. This is of more interest to the healers and that, than probably any other group. Or does anyone have any disputable points here, or some ideas which might be contradictory to these things, maybe? You know this is a free place, we want everybody to express themselves and to speak freely here.

Q: (from a visitor) I have a question. What, what was your — ?

A: I’m not a doctor, no, not that kind.

Q: No, what I want to ask is in the nature of the physical …(?)…. Now, what about accidents? When you have an accident, is this caused (mentally?) to bring this about first before the physical part happens?

A: Yes. I have to say yes to that, because it is true. It isn’t — this is getting away from this subject but nevertheless it’s along the same line. You noticed I quoted the Master when I said he told the disciples that “thy word shall become flesh.”

Now this is the thing you have to realize in order to understand this, that these words of the first four books which we call the gospels, the first four books of the New Testament should be read, with the exceptions of the few parables, and the English interpretation should be taken. Period. And the trouble that we have in understanding these things is because we’re always trying to evaluate with our ideas the interpretation of the words the Master used. Now, these particular four books, these words in English, are they — not English, Hebrew, that were used, the words are so simple there were very few chances for misinterpretation. Because these four books were not translated in Greek, as I remember.

Perhaps in the first part of this lecture I did not make myself clear about the association with the sign of Uranus, which is the ruler of the new age, as to man and his vehicle. It has always been an accepted fact that man in adoration raised his hands to the Father, and if you will look at me and the form here, you will see that this exists. For here is the circulatory system of the arms and here’s the circulatory system of the legs. Now, the center of this, or this part here, as shown here, there, the center of this here is the spine of man, through which runs what the ancients called the kundalini or the spiritual forces. It is the vapor which is created through the sex forces that also feed the brain, or head, of the man. This is the crux ansata which is lapped, overlaid on this, but the cross bar is the rod, as spoken of in the Bible, which is the word of the Law, and this is the power and the force of the new age working through man. This is the symbol, O.K., thank you. Yes?

Q: You said the power and force of the new age — when does that start?

A: About 1890, in that neighborhood. Of course, this could be — give or take — maybe thirty or forty years, even, as far as that’s concerned. It’s plus or minus, because we’re talking about — In man’s concept of time; let me put it that way, this could be thirty or forty years, or fifty years, and we’d be very close margin here. But actually, there’s no time; there’s only a period and state of vibration, in reality, because that is why we see, is through vibration. And this we’ll come into later, in studying the other parts of man’s vehicle. Does that answer your question, Doctor?

Q: What does the new age …(?)… inventions?

A: Yes. Electricity, the electrical science, rather, I should say, was started in reality, it came into its full bloom in this age, in this time, within the last sixty years. This was when it really came into existence. And then we started to investigate the other sciences more deeply, and we find that the electrical science itself is almost a fundamental science alone. Because we have now traced it and are now using it in conjunction with chemistry, physics; and much of the mathematics that we now use in calculations is based on the electrical theory itself, and the theory of relativity, which we haven’t even tampered with yet, to speak of, such as Dr. Einstein’s work and that sort of thing.

And now we are beginning to reach into the field of science which has to do with the physical body, and the bio-chemistry of the physical body, and we are beginning to realize that man and his whole vehicle is electro-chemical interchange, rather than the fact that he eats food and that food goes into the cell. He eats food which builds up certain electrical reactions and then the cell is filled from the vital body itself, you see. This is merely a potential reaction, action and reaction. Of course, we know the law of cause and effect are absolute, because these have been mathematically proven and scientifically proven. And again, we have it in the Book, there too. So if it follows through the sciences and it follows from the Book, why, we’ve got a pretty good reason to believe it, that’s for sure.

I wanted to give you just a couple of excerpts of — I mentioned the sympathetic nerve system over here, and its reactions. The sympathetic nerve system has connections between all of the psychic parts of man. Now this, they use the term “psychic” in this case instead of spiritual body.

(reading) “These connections function similarly to those having electrical and magnetic properties. It is like a huge electrical system of many wires reaching to every part of the body and joined together at various places and finally coming to the main cable of the electrical wires through the spine.

The electrical cable, or central part of the sympathetic nervous system is called the trunk of the sympathetic nervous system, where the branches go out from the trunk line, and a number of branches connect. We have a small central station on the sympathetic nerve system, called the ganglia. The ganglion is the name of one central station on the sympathetic nerve system, and this ganglia means more than one ganglion and is the plural of the word ganglion.

“It shows that this is actually an impulse system of living wires, so to speak, that our entire body function on. This not only carries the messages, but it also sorts out the messages and causes the contraction and reaction of the muscular tissue and structure.”

Also, a little extra regarding two doctors down at Yale, a Doctor Burr whom I had, have had personal contact with, from Yale, these professors: “For some years science considered the belief in mystical and esoteric circles rather erroneous, that the phases of the moon have a profound effect on living organisms, as fantastic, and often referred to it as “old wives’ tales.” Fortunately, because of the liberalism of certain investigators, but has long been known to many circles of mystics, in comparatively recent times Dr. Burr of Yale, professor of anatomy in the Yale journal of biology and medicine described the preliminary experiments which apparently showed a strong correlation between the activity of maple trees and phases of the moon.

“Temperatures and barometric pressures were involved in the experiments, relative humidity, the weather, and the phases of the moon were noted, daily rhythmic changes in the potential differences recorded. A study of the continuous recording for several months disclosed, to the astonishment, the fact that the tremendous, the sharp variations of lines (?) were indicated; an average potential difference of approximately every thirty days. By all of this Dr. Burr means that it seems evident that some of the environmental factors, other than meteorological changes or some inherent protoplasmic of the system must be considered. In other words, we have a definite admission that the phases of the moon do bring about a rhythmic change in living matter.”

Now I can’t personally hope to go against what Dr. Burr and his colleague — there was another one also involved in this — of course, there were some minor investigators involved in these experiments. I read several papers he wrote at the time.

I mentioned this, the moon, because here again we have electrical reactions and the energy which comes from the moon. We know it moves the tides, we know it controls this and, believe it or not, 92 percent of this bodily structure is water. If it does this, then certainly the moon isn’t a respecter of persons, I don’t think. Therefore, it does have an effect on the human body. We know it has an effect upon birth, and if you don’t believe that, you go up around the full moon and watch the nurses madly preparing a couple of days ahead of time in the maternity wards, getting ready for the full moon, because they know there’s going to be a lot of unexpected babies come along that they hadn’t planned for maybe another ten days, or weren’t due to come into the hospital for another ten days, and all of a sudden mother has to come and sonny is born unexpectedly on the full moon.

Q: (Timothy’s voice?) I have a question. What’s the reason for the structure of man’s body as seen by the mystical mind? Now, I’m not talking about the rod and the staff, I’m talking about the totality of life, about the shape of it.

A: The shape of it?

Q: No, I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about the contour, how it seems that the contour of —

A: You mean the external contour? All right. Now have you got about another hour and a half, then I’ll answer that question?  Can’t do it briefly.

I’ll have to get with you and teach you how to ask questions. (laughter)

Q: I know how to ask questions.

A: Let us just briefly — it would take much longer than this, of course, to truly answer the question and paint the picture as it really is. We know one thing, the psychiatrist knows this to begin with. I always like to start with the present-day science, accepted science. We know that people create through their… either imagination or mind control… certain patterns in their minds. (end side 2 of tape 1)

We know that in order for us to understand that that is a chair, we must have received instruction, from someone or something, that that particular form is called a chair. And if we will go over to it and relax, and what we call sit down, it will hold us. Now this is a form, and every time this form comes up, in our mental mechanism we recognize this through association of vibratory form. Now this is awful brief and I know it; but before something can come into earth, we must have a pattern and form first, in mind or in the Mind of God, for it to exist on earth. Because the form, the geometric form and its relative relationship of mind, of line and potential strength, determines the possibilities of its use, both in the physical and spiritual or mind aspect of this creation.

Now we do not draw the line between heaven and earth, because there isn’t any. We do not draw the line between spiritual and material, because there isn’t any. They’re all existent, and they exist in one space, as you call space. But they also exist there because of vibration, the difference in frequency of that substance and its state.

Now this form, therefore, this form as I pictured it here before, like this, if we were to look back and see some of the ancient hieroglyphs, we would find that man’s language and expression and the letters of the English language, for instance, evolved from pictures of men and their action. And they actually denote, if traced through the, well, we’ll say from the Semitic through to the Chaldean, down to the Hebrew, and so forth, they actually depict what that letter represents in “yea” word or whatever word it’s used in. A combination of letters, forms, represent — put together, mean a certain thing. We pronounce certain vowels, certain sounds, and they represent certain things, but they will stimulate certain actions too. And they will do this through the power and the spirit existing; because He said, “thy word shall become flesh.”

Now I believe this implicitly, because I know it to be a fact. I’ve experimented with it. Man has a primary purpose of lifting up his whole being toward the Son. Many people make this mistake when they say “toward God.” Yeah, toward the Son. He said only through the Son shall you find the face of the Father.

And you tell me, with this particular form, at one time we had a much more gross form; that is true. But because of the lack of a need for that gross formation, we dropped it away, because we no longer had any use for it. It is true that man has created, through the years, his own vehicle thus. Because as he goes from life to life, he carries with him the knowledge and the formation of that vehicle, this we know. Otherwise, we could not remember the past and what we were. Now this is what, primarily the reason for the vehicle in that shape.

Another thing is, if you’ll notice the spine of man, which is back of this, and I don’t have a skeleton form here, but the spine of man is back of this. Also, the arteries run, the main stem runs right along in this same formation. The other answer is that man walks upright on the earth and he takes out of this and feeds up through.

We take, for instance, the sciatic nerve that runs up through here and comes back, goes through here and connects at the base of the spine just above the (spade?) bone here. This is a feeder of electro-magnetic energy as well as the spleen here, that picks up the electro-magnetic forces of the earth.

And down through the head comes the force through the great chakra, as they call it — the Hindus. But it comes through the head and down through the entire body. This way it feeds as it falls through, as it drops through, it feeds the whole body with the forces of life.

Now this is not an imaginary thing, get that out of your head, because this is a real thing and can be demonstrated. It can be demonstrated. And that primarily is the reason for this form. It not only is possible to feed it with life-forces, but it is also possible to feed every part of it so that man is independent in his choice and he has something to use, and stand up, climb, sit down, lay down, do any of the things that he pleases to do. And at the same time, one step further, the Master said that this body, if it is full of light, becomes eternal. And I mean it like I said it, that this flesh is everlasting.

Now he — it turns in its nature, that’s true. He went and ascended; he told us. Who else told us? Buddha told us, that of “all these things which I do, so can you do also” — Buddha used different words, but he said the same thing — “and even greater than these”. Because he knew that two thousand years later man would have evolved to a higher state of being, with greater power and greater possibilities. And he would be living in a world where there was more force, more energy in the atmosphere that he was living in. And in the last fifty, last twenty years, last fifteen years, ours has increased tremendously, over 600 percent. Yes?

Q: (from visitor) Question now. Supposing, is there as much force in a highly populated area as there would be in Siberia or the desert? (Does that force?) circumscribe the globe?

A: Well — What’s that? All right, what were you referring to — ?

Q: (second person) See… the force going around the earth; right where the Van Allen belt curves in, there’s a hole, of force.

A: Yeah, that’s right. If he were in the northern part of the globe, he would, you would find that the electro-magnetic fields were more intensified in that area than they are here. That’s true. But population would not make any difference in the strength of the fields themselves. But they would not be as easily accessible due to the external fields within which you’re living.

You see, we have so many power fields that we live in. Just imagine all the radio stations that you’ve got, that are booming out these waves of energy all day long. You live in ’em and you sleep in ’em. A hundred years ago you didn’t. So, you have tremendous effectiveness that breaks up these electro-magnetic fields. Of course, those of us who have learned, we draw on them just the same, and we get the same results, but we don’t unless we have learned to do this.


(start of online audio recording part 2)


Q: I have a question also.

A: Yes, sir.

Q: (visitor) The same, practically the same thing that he asked too. I think what he was meaning and I think what I have found curious was that the electro-magnetic forces that we have around us in the city are an interference force instead of electro-magnetic forces like are natural, and which we would get in, say, if we were up in the mountains and where we did not have this interference.

A: Oh, well, that I agree with. That’s true. In other words, what you’re saying is this: that you have forces that are natural fields of the earth. Well, if you’re standing here and you have a power line running across overhead and another one underneath here, this is going to interfere with the natural forces of the earth. Absolutely. Because you get enough crossing there, of these fields, and this is what sometimes causes, in some cases, flashes of light and things that appear that are put down as phenomena. But they are where the electro-magnetic fields become intensified enough that where they cross, they create illumination. Because we know this in a very simple way.

This electrical structure of man, that is, that we don’t see represented here (on a chart), but this is the formation, the outline. The electrical structure of man and his radiational field here, as the metabolistic breakdown takes place and the radiation goes out this way, circularly, like this. Then the fields that are there around the individual, when they cross, this is what makes what most people call the “aura” visible, and the vibration of it visible. And you can, you don’t have to be particularly psychic, as you might call it, but even if you shut your eyes and just open them a slit so that you’re looking through the eyelashes, and look directly at a person, you can see this rim of sort of half-illumination that’s around the edge of the individual, if he has any strength or power to him at all, in his radiation, and this is due to the same thing that we’re talking about over here — crossing of fields. There are so many things that prove to us, purely on a scientific basis, that what we see from the standpoint of spiritual sight and psychic sight…

(sentence not completed, tape ends here)