Book of Order – Introduction

Book of Order – Introduction

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The Holy Order of MANS was conceived through revelation and evolved from the findings of a fact-finding group of professional people interested in the welfare of man for not only the present, but the future. Many years of work, teaching, lecturing and personal service preceded the legal founding of the Order in 1968. The founding work actually started in 1961, the preliminary work having extended 30 years earlier.

In San Francisco, California, under the leadership of Dr. Earl W. Blighton, and with great spiritual guidance, it was incorporated on July 24, 1968. Since that time many brother and sister houses were created across the United states.

The reason and purpose of this Order was to teach the Universal Law of Creation in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the other great avatars. It was created to bring together men and women, in a united purpose and brotherhood, for service of all, to each other, and to God. The framework of the Order would be used in teaching a Universal approach to God, Creation, and Man.

In the early-1980s the Order changed its leadership, and in doing so, changed its reason and purpose for existing. It changed its name, and then slowly declined. That corporation ceased to exist in the 21st century. Those brothers and sisters, who maintained the original reason and purpose of this order, continued to do the work of the Order outside that corporate structure.

On February 6, 2012, the Holy Order of MANS was incorporated again, more streamlined to reflect this century, and continues to do the work originally started by Dr. Blighton.

The Book of Order describes the origins of the original Order and the structure of the brotherhood during its early successful years. The Tenets, ordination of men and women into the Priesthood, administering vows, and the education of students remains unchanged from that time. But rather than brother and sister houses, we now work both in person and on line through Zoom classes with our students. And we continue to perform the initiations of Illumination and Self-Realization.

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