Book of Order – Chapter 7: Beatitudes of the Brotherhood

Book of Order – Chapter 7: Beatitudes of the Brotherhood

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1. Blessed is he that scrubbeth pots with a prayer in his heart, for he giveth strength for the service of God.

2. He who asketh nothing, giving all, is heralded by the angels of heaven.

3. He who worketh by day and night soon earneth the right to control the powers of both.

4. For he that prepareth the sacraments is as noble as he that giveth them.

5. For the light of the eye telleth of the wisdom of the soul.

6. For the Host watches over him who giveth of himself without thought of self.

7. He who has Just found God should keep to himself for three days, so that he may know God.

8. The wisdom of him who talketh not speaketh many words, but he who teacheth, when he speaks the Brothers of Heaven listen unto his words.

9. Prepare thyself to enter into the courts of man, in accordance with that which they would look for.

10. He that would be known as a man of God, let him so be marked.

11. For the mark of a man of God is the mark of royalty in the courts of the most high of earth.

12. For out of the mouths of babes come words unknown to man, but the smile and the expression tell the story of what he says.

13. He that, would look for the lost lamb, let him go amongst the strays.

14. I say unto you, that the Father-Son comes quickly. Be not deceived by lack of human form.

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