Book of Order – Chapter 1: Cosmic Purpose of Order

Book of Order – Chapter 1: Cosmic Purpose of Order

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The Cosmic Purpose of Orders and Their Differences

As the race of human beings progress from one age to another, such as the Aquarian Age into which we are now passing that is referred to in the Holy Testament as, “there shall be a new heaven and new earth.” Keeping this in mind let us explain the reason for the necessity of this Holy Order.

An order is for the purpose of giving a commission unto a body of people united together with a common bond or purpose, rank or position, ordained sequence, or perhaps degrees or positions, as noted in Paragraph One of the Etymological Origins of the Word “order”. Now, this can be readily applied to those orders of religious groups existing today that have origin and rights given unto them by different churches, such as the Roman Catholic Church, and other orders, the Episcopal Church and its orders.

These are for the purpose of perpetuating those things which have already been established. In the arrangement of these orders and the things which the church teaches, it is their purpose to prepare those who are going into the priesthood in that church, as the definition of their worship and the arrangements and the succession of their Holy Rites are already arranged and designated.

For instance, in the Roman Church they started with the Order of the Apostles, or, that is what they raised it from. This was arranged already by the Lord Jesus Christ and His work, and His arrangement and His final definition in the Upper Room; and those who took it from this by Divine Revelation or otherwise, through some form of official dignity, at least. This was followed from here, and the Church then started and proceeded on its way. Out of this authorization was passed by the Church, to these orders for their perpetuation.

That is not a “holy” order. A “holy” order was the group of the Apostles, so brought together by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. As it is meant and noted, the Order of Melchisedec at one time was not acknowledged by the groups, and another order was started which was the Aaronic Order of the Priesthood, as a lesser order of the priesthood.

As man evolves on earth, and draws closer to the Reality of God and the Holy Trinity, so likewise do the orders of the earth move up in their position in relation to the Deity. Thus, new orders are brought into being, but by Divine Revelation, and these are “Holy” orders. At the present time, we do not find, at least in the Christian field, a “holy” order, except that which was appointed and brought into Reality through the Apostles.

As we now move into the Aquarian Age and as the earth is changing and so the heavens; man is moving up in his Reality. So likewise must the priesthood move up in their state of consciousness in order to be on an upper rung above the people, and thus to be able to help lift them up.

Those orders which have performed their duty, and are now being superseded, so to speak, by other Orders will be brought closer to that of the Brotherhood, and we will find their members amongst the Great White Lodge, or the “hosts” as it is spoken of in the Testament.

This principle of change is also evident in the fact that the old priesthood offered up blood on the altar for the sins of the priest, for those in the outer court, which was the same as the church. But, now the priest himself must give himself up to the eternal vows and attain certain spiritual realities, such as the Illumination of the Christ in a realistic way, and some contact with his own being to know that he, too, is one and a part of the great cell of the body of the Creator. He must be able to communicate and to receive this wisdom of the Creator through himself, through the Self. Thus it is that the priesthood has moved to a higher level of consciousness as the New Age has come into being.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, as He went to Golgotha and offer up His own flesh and blood, said He gave this up as one offering for all time. Thus it was that He freed man and the priesthood from the offering of blood and flesh.

Now the priest in the sanctuary offers himself up to Jesus Christ, that he may serve the Communion for the redemption of the sins of the people and for the steadfast purification of his own being. This is his offering as he performs the Mass – the Holy Mass – and this IS the HOLY Mass, which must be abided by in this day and in this Age.

For how long this must progress, it has not been said, but this is the way in which it was instituted, and this is the Way in which the HOLY ORDER OF MANS perpetuates the sacrifice on the altar, through the Mastership of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I think that as you read these various paragraphs and the references thereto, you will see the relationship between the orders of the earth today and that of the HOLY ORDER OF MANS and its mission. For surely Our Lord, or Our Father in Heaven, has not discarded all the work of these good men who have dedicated their lives to the priesthood, regardless of the religious belief or its foundation.

They have not been discarded, but will be taken by the Hosts as they leave the dense world. And as their consciousness rises of the Great Creator and they are able to understand the Eternal Reality of Creation; they will be brought into that place and consciousness of the Hosts and there be able to continue their service and learning until they obtain their level of consciousness of the White Brotherhood.

The White Brotherhood at one time many ages ago started here on the earth and as it finished its commission at that time then was raised up and became a heavenly group.

Having had revealed to us the commission of the Master and White Brotherhood we proceeded having a mission of our own. We know that they also had work to do and had prepared the field and made it fertile for the fulfillment of those things which the Lord Jesus told us in the New Testament, the coming of this Age, and the things about to take place.

So let us remember all things considered, that their work in the way they were doing it is done. Now the transformation has to take place and the addition of the new work has to be added onto their way and approach for this age.

If we will look at Paragraph Three in the root-word noun (Greek – tasso), meaning “to arrange in an orderly manner, appoint, and ordain”, we see again the repetition and the showing of an explanation of “order”.

Let us refer to Paragraph Four, in which Paul writes, “for though I be absent in the flesh, yet am I with you in the Spirit, joying and beholding your order, and the steadfastness of your faith in Christ”.

Therefore there must have been an order, even at this time, which was adhered to, regardless of its name or organization. It was a Christian order of procedures, worship and ordination having been carried on by the disciples and the Apostle, St. Paul. It was thus through Divine Revelation, because St. Paul was divinely ordained. For when we look at Paragraph Five, through the great word of “order”, to arrange thoroughly, institute, prescribe, appoint, command, give, set in order, ordain. This also holds forth in Paragraph Six, “now concerning the collection for the saints, as I have given order to the churches of Galatia even so do ye”.

There was, therefore, as order to follow, and an order required. Also, in Paragraph Seven, we find, “Christ the first-fruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming”. And it was also referring to something orderly in arrangement, “tagma” the original Greek. As you perceive through these twenty-nine paragraphs and statements concerning “order”, and the Order of Melchisedec, you will note the following:

That the Order of Melchisedec, or the Melchisedec Priesthood to which the elders belonged, concerned itself chiefly with the administrating of ordinances, and helped to make up the spiritual life and welfare of the church. Therefore, the “order” came first, not the church.

Thus it is that the HOLY ORDER OF MANS contains within itself the “church”, because it carries out the ordinances each day of its life in following the Holy Path, thus assuring the most effective ministry possible to the members and the membership of the Order. But these having taken the vows of orders and having obtained first their Realization of some of the spiritual mysteries of the Kingdom, such as the Illumination and their Realization of God through themselves, through the SELF-Realization, they have thus come into the category of “Holy Order” because the Order of MANS is complete within itself.

The HOLY ORDER OF MANS has the Divine Right, and therefore, can ordain priests which go forth and establish “churches”, which teach and use the ordinances as brought down by Divine Revelation.

Note here, that Paragraph Nine to Twenty-Nine is on “holy order”. Paragraphs Thirty to Forty-five inclusive are definitions and understanding of “churches” out of the ancient Greek and other references, Please take note of one thing and this is the word “synagogue”, which is a temple, and what it stands for – Suns ago. This shows that the reality of the Sun, the Christos, was in existence long before Christianity. This does not detract from the Divine and the most Holy of all things, next to our Great Creator Himself, and the Cosmic Consciousness of Him, which we attempt to draw close to. This does not detract from the Christ or the Lord Jesus Christ, either one; but, it does show the Reality that this existed, and this is how Jesus was able to become the Messiah, through the accepting and the taking on of the Christos in its fullness and its consciousness, as the Great Messiah for the preparation of this Age, and who is now the Lord of this Earth.

This we ask to be humbly accepted, as we set forth the Reality of many things which show distinct repetition in form and that the only one where orders are mentioned, in relation to churches, is “holy orders”, where a holy order is inclusive of “church”, as noted in Paragraph Thirty, and this gives one a distinct understanding of the clarity. In Paragraph Thirty-Two, Berry translates the words as “assembly, the whole body of believers”, which are not to include a “church” within it, but first it must have the authority from those who are accepting it from Divine Revelation as given down from on high from the Hosts, or from Our Lord.

Thus we ask this in acceptance. And when we go to Paragraph Thirty-Three, we see “to call forth” and this is what the Order does – it calls forth and gives and inserts the Words to them, and the Way in which it is done and the command given by Revelation. This is the Reality.

In Paragraph Forty, we get a definition of “church” adopted by the early Christians, which means “the meeting or the true congregation of God”. A History of Christian Church, gives this forth by Williston Walker of Yale University.

A very interesting theme is related in Paragraph Forty-One, Ignatius implies that it is related to Christ, as the body is related to the head. Now, the head can know nothing except what is give by God; and therefore there must have been a revelation to an order from someplace to someone in order for the head to be the director of the body of Christ.

For, God gathered together the four winds, and when we speak of the “four winds”, we are talking also about the four elements, for they are the four forces of creation; and thus we are referring, if only in symbology to the reality of the ancient Alchemy.

In Paragraph Forty-One also, Justin relates and speaks of all those who believe in Christ as being united in one soul, one synagogue, one church; but he does not mention “order”. In authentic Israel, which inherited the promises of God made to the old, this shows that the order and divine right had to exist first.

Let us go on as we read the definition of “church”, and we find the eternity of these many, many great theologians and philosophers give to us the all-inclusive and all-unapproachable definitions that the church had to have been given to it, which they called the City of God. For, without the rulers ad the head, it would not have an orderly approach or the commands of the Almighty, therefore a “holy order” had to reveal unto it the Way and the Truth.

It is also referred to here, that Christians are the “living stone in a spiritual temple, within which the Spirit dwells”. This we are totally in accord with, for we know that the living stone can be but one thing, the Being Himself, which is the great God-SELF within Man, which he finds through the Realization of God and the final initiation on the earth plane. This is the definition, this is the all-inclusive Truth, as brought forth by the HOLY ORDER OF MANS.

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