Book of Order – Chapter 13: Life in Holy Order of MANS

Book of Order – Chapter 13: Life in Holy Order of MANS

HOOM History Book of Order


Students, both Brothers and Sisters, are trained to work competently in any religious organization. They are trained in missionary work and function in the fields as teachers, aides, and as Paul said, ‘being all things to all men”, as they are needed.

Those of you who are ordained in the sacred brotherhood shall become many channels of service, whether he be Priest or Brothers.

For my Father wants only to gather about Him those who love, and do stand up and declare His glory, no matter the degree of their ability.

For one who washes, one who writes, all serve the same Father, and the same Light.

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Beware ye of false incantations, for sound to the soul is either music or destruction.


“Listen not unto the advice of many. Seek not the material strength, but the spiritual strength of many.”

“Look not unto man for help, for he will fail thee. For man crieth ‘charity, charity, charity’, and seeketh only to embellish his own good.”

“See that my little ones go into their place of work and worship, and I will take care of their needs.”

* * *

“In the days to come, you will have many trying times, but they will be because of the great amount of work to be done. You will never fully feed my sheep, because there are too many hungry ones.”

“You will never be able to fully give shelter and clothing, because you do not have enough buildings. And there isn’t time to get them. But if you carry the Word and teach the Way, My Way — I am the Way, the Way my Father taught me – you shall have success in your endeavors, and life will become doubly sweet and more joyous.”

“If thou becomest as a little child, and think not of thyself, thou shalt have the wisdom of sages.”

“You yet have not learned how far you have reached. Maybe this is good. For the closer you stay to the simplicity of the child, so much closer will you be to Me.”

We teach Creation to our children which are led to us ahungered and athirst of the knowledge of life. Yet will we ourselves put restriction upon our minds as to what creation is?

“Keep not my Father’s Glories from thy little children, lest thy soul wander in darkness for thy negligence.”

“She that loveth her children will love Me first, for I will protect her children and her family, and great peace and prosperity shall follow them.”

“And true it shall be that my children shall Light the Way, and they shall be given greater Light.”

Rule Regarding Children in Centers

Get parents’ written signature of authorization so that whoever is running the Center may take custody of the children if something happens, or if they should need to admit them into a hospital.


“Treat ye with kindness all that earth puts in your charge, for thou art lord and master of my animals.”

The Father gave you dominion over all the earth, which meant the birds of the air, the fish of the sea, and the mammals of the earth. These are the words in Genesis.

This does not mean that we have them around the Brother-houses necessarily, and they should not be allowed around the chapel. They have extreme electro-magnetic psychic influences which should not be present in the chapel or in meditation rooms, nor should they be near food.


“He that liveth in filth has filth within, but he that keepeth my temple clean, watcheth over the house of God.”

“For the ways of the children of God are many, but the laws thereof are few, but may not, be changed or denounced.”


“Yes, I am gathering my elect, and my elect shall be gathered together, and they shall form a great light, and that light shall light the way of man and the way of the churches- they shall be brought into a state of consciousness where they will start to come together in my Father’s household.”



The Order holds public classes twice weekly for all outside visitors or prospective members or Discipleship students. People from the outside or Discipleship students are only allowed to attend Tuesday and Thursday night classes. Students from the outside are not allowed to attend Monday and Friday night classes, unless they are preparing to come in the Order and there is not room in the house.

Students in the Order should get these class schedules from the Education Department.


  1. Whether a priest is away in civilian life or is on duty, he has no right to indulge in sexual acts unless he is married. The marriage must be sanctioned by the Esoteric Council.
  2. A priest may not marry without the consent of the Esoteric Council.
  3. A priest may not indulge in sexual acts except with his own wife.
  4. The above requirements of marriage and the performance of sexual acts outside the state of accepted marriage by this Order also holds true in the cases of all vowed brothers and sisters.
  5. The Council or Executive Directors shall not be held accountable for the conduct and actions of any person. (Brother or Priest) who leaves the (Order without permission of the Council or Executive Director, or breaks their vows.
  6. No Brother or Priest may let themselves become intoxicated with alcoholic beverages or use any narcotics unless prescribed by a licensed physician.
  7. No Brother or Priest may accrue any indebtedness, except by permission of the Board of Directors, unless he is officially authorized to purchase items for the Orders use.
  8. There shall be no dating unless approved by the Esoteric Council.
  9. Enjoy yourself by all means, but also make it possible that man, the unborn, will also be able to enjoy my Father’s creation.


  1. TEMPERANCE: Eat not to dullness. . .drink not to elevation.
  2. SILENCE: Speak naught but what may benefit others or yourself, avoid trifling conversation.
  3. ORDER: Let all your things have their place… Let each part of your business have its time.
  4. RESOLUTION: Resolve to perform what you ought, perform without fail what you resolve.
  5. FRUGALITY: Make no expense, except to do good to others or’ yourself…that is, waste nothing.
  6. INDUSTRY: Lose not time…be always employed in something useful…cut off all unnecessary action.
  7. SINCERITY: Use no hurtful deceit…think innocently and Justly…and speak accordingly.
  8. JUSTICE: Wrong me not by doing injuries or omitting the benefits that are your duty.
  9. MODERATION: Avoid extreme…forbear resenting injuries.
  10. CLEANLINESS: Tolerate no uncleanliness in body, clothes, habits or habitation.
  11. TRANQUILITY: Be not disturbed at trifles or at common or unavoidable errors.
  12. CHASTITY: Thinking of the processes of promulgation as a function and joy of God, realize the beauty of man and woman. All things of sex should be accepted in their Godly pattern, and so enjoyed. In God there is no obscenity. Also cleanliness of thought.
  13. HUMILITY: Imitate Jesus and Socrates. Socrates wondered at those who carved images of stone, that they take such care to make stones resemble men, while they neglect and suffer themselves to resemble stones.
  14. INDIVIDUALITY: It is the cloak we wear to hide the naked body. It is composed of the material qualities, attributes or expressions…plus that part of the personality which manifests outwardly. Plus education, habits, thought and creeds.
  15. PERSONALITY: One’s personality may or may not show in the physical body or life. It may even be veiled. It is that subtle quality of the inner man that will manifest in the perfection of the physical body.


Blessed is he who comes to even truly seek Me, for he shall he among you.

For in this day, I shall draw together the sons and the daughters of Light, and they shall be as a mighty force which shall wipe iniquity from the face of the earth.

Thou shalt bear no malice, but thou shalt strike hard, for all evil shall be wiped from the face of this earth.

And I say unto you, go forth, let thy Light shine, and let thy word be well said, and written into the rocks of time, that it may not be erased.

For as my elite of the Father assemble, so shall the Host of Heaven go with them like a mighty army, penetrating the enemy’s camp in the dead of night.

So shall they move through the dens of iniquity, seeking out those who shall be with us.

For I say unto you, the parable of the Shepherd and his lost sheep changeth not. For thou shall move hell and heaven to find one who is lost.

The categories of people that you can reach are those at the very top and those at the bottom.

Like a songwriter who said, “Bring me stout—hearted men”, I say to you, be stout of heart, and let thy word be sure, that it may cut like the keen edge of a blade. And fear not.

Think not that he that falleth away from thee after thou hast sheltered him and told him of God is lost, for once thou hast put thy approval upon him by one of my disciples, so shall he be found.

And thy peace shall be thy shield, and the sword of the Spirit shall be thy weapon.

This I give unto you as a commandment: Go forth, and do, do, do.

Entertain all men as though you were entertaining Me, for there are times when you know not whether you are entertaining men or angels.

Be not ashamed of thy Father, lest He be ashamed of thee.

Go ye forth and teach the gospel, but administer to all the sick who ask and not receive.

Heal not the wounds of the damned, but shelter thyself in these last hours, of tribulation, for thou shalt be provided for. Through the wings of the angels who sent us, thou shalt be placed. My chicks shall be hidden iron the storm.

Watch ye close for those with split personalities, for many of these carry evil spirits.


Every Brother who has given his life in entirety to this cause should be treated with the same respect, when he obeys the rules and forms of the Order, by the priest and teachers, as they would respect another priest or teacher in their personal association and joint endeavors to serve our Lord and Master Jesus Christ and the Father and the Hosts above.

This does not condone disobedience; neither does it condone inconsideration.

There are to be no tyrants or kings except the one in this Order, the King of Kings, the Master Jesus.

In matters of shortcomings, seek not to punish, but correct the cause. Discipline does not mean denial or punishment, penance does not mean penalty.

Always match the correction with the matter which needs to be corrected. Do not give punishments unassociated with the act, nor major punishment for minor infraction of the rules.

No one is capable of administering fair judgement who has any personal feeling of either favoritism or dislike for anyone involved in the situation.

Weekend restriction shall not be used as a disciplinary measure except where liberty has been misused.

No student shall in any instance be denied his spiritual or educational privileges and rights for purposes of discipline.

The discipline which the Order seeks and encourages is self-discipline.


The acceptance of facts is one of the first duties of a Brother. In the task of aiding humanity, as a part of the Master’s group, the fact that there are men and women placed in positions of authority to carry out the divine plan is one of the first to be faced. This must be done uncritically, avoiding constant recognition of their limitations, attempting an understanding of their problem, with realization of the call, of their souls to lift yours.

Brothers and aspirants can surround them with a guarding wall of light and love; they can refrain from handicapping them with thought of criticism which can swell the tide of criticism which the worldly-minded pour out upon them.

A brother who has not completed his training should not attempt to reach leaders of the world mind, the mass mind, without guidance of a priest or teacher.

Dispute of Orders Handed Down

In order to facilitate any differences or disagreement arising between any member of the Order and his intermediate head, any student, minister, priest, or teacher may send a request or an appeal to the central headquarters of the Holy Order of Mans, to be heard by the Director-General himself or the Esoteric Council.

He must send a copy of his appeal to the Apostle of his own Apostleship.

The purpose of this Order is so that we may have equal rights and fairness, not only to the aspiring brothers and sisters, but to our teachers and priests.


Teach my little ones that are that are in thy care, my Truth of my Creation, lest thou be judged in that unfulfilled world in which thou placest them.

For he who would teach my children must be ready to cure their insanity.

For the Way of the teacher is to beset by love.

Go forth into the ways of the world and preach the “I AM THE WAY”, in its fullness.

Be not afraid, for I am with you.

Teacher’ s Guidance

“And unto the teachers of this Order let me give you a guidance: When you want to know whether a thing should be done or not, not only the answer from the Self, but ask yourself this: If you had lived in days of old would you have thought this a good thing to go down in the pages of antiquity for the generations to come to live with?

“Then as a number two: Each day write down your activities briefly. Look them over at the end of the week and see what you have done that you think maybe you could have just as well not done, and you would have been just as happy.

“Enjoy yourself by all means, but also make it possible that man, the unborn, will also be able to enjoy My Father’s Creation.

Teaching and Counseling

It is asked that if any student has a minor problem he be sent to the teacher to whom he has been assigned, rather than to the Master Teacher, who would only take the major situations.

It is further cautioned that no one else should counsel him, for his individual teacher may be working to bring about a specific state or situation, and the indiscriminate teaching of everyone, or the advice, might throw the work of the other teacher off.

“Unto him who, Brother or Sister, taketh on My Mantle, surely goodness and mercy shall follow him all the days of his life. Verily it fulfills the promise of My Father.”

“Teach to them the commandments, and they shall learn the ways of the Host.


Revelation from the Master,
May 25, 1972

“For while I looked down upon the earth then, and saw the kingdoms that I might have, if I bowed my knee to negation, likewise do you see all of the excitement at some time, of the world outside and around you, shortly after you have entered my household.”

“Man, in all his glory, in this day shall also see arid be tempted.”

Seek not other things when thou art seeking me.


Use of Spiritual Names

The use of spiritual names is perfectly okay as far as your personal contact is concerned. But the legal names of the student must be carried on the files as they are born and registered in the state of their birth.

Also all reports of an educational nature of records in the Order must be carried with their own legal name. Identification cards must also have legal names on them, otherwise confusion will ensue. It would also be difficult to substantiate the movement and whereabouts of people for governmental agencies according to our records, if we did not have their legal names used.

For accreditation, it is also essential to use legal names, which helps to give protection to the individual and his whereabouts if some incidents might happen that would be vital for us to make an identification as to his whereabouts.

It was suggested that the Council Heads be given the title of Apostle, providing that they are teachers.

The heads of a center can be called “Reverend Blank”; or if they wish, “Father Blank”, and “Mother Blank” (first or last names being used as preferred). But the correct formal title while in the position as Center—head is “Reverend Father Blank”, or Reverend Mother Blank”, first and last names being used.

Titles of the Holy Order of Mans:

Director-General: the Head of the Holy Order of Mans. A Minister-Priest and a Christian Master.

Co—Director: a female, an ordained Minister-Priest. She is the spiritual Mother of the Holy Order of Mans and the Guardian of the Sisterhood. Any rules or regulations concerned with the sisters shall be marked with her approval.

Apostle: a minister-priest and master-teacher who is the spiritual and legal director of one of the Apostleships of the Holy Order of Mans, and all the branch brother-houses within.

Apostleship: that area of the world under the spiritual authority of an Apostle. In the United States, one of ten areas, usually consisting of several continuous states, including all the brotherhouses within these states, with the headquarters in a principal city.

Reverend Father: the minister-priest who is the spiritual and administrative director of a branch brotherhouse.

Steward: the Brother who has the duty of carrying out all the general business of a branch brotherhouse.

Stewardess: the female Brother whose duty is to assist the steward in handling house business and enforcing house rules.

Brother or Disciple: a Brother or Sister in the Order, who has taken the Second or Life-time Vows. He has dedicated his life to the service of the Master Jesus and thus is a true disciple.

Student: a Brother or Sister in the Order, who has taken First Vows, which are temporary vows binding for six months.

Novitiate: a beginning student of the Order, who takes a vow of obedience, binding until further commitment or departure from the aegis of the Order.

Junior Member: a student who is under 18 years of age. He or she shall take a vow of obedience, as does the Novitiate and shall conform to the rules and conditions of the brotherhouse and community in which they live.

Counselor: Our Order has a training program being set up whereby we will train people and license them as Spiritual Counselors. The Counselor must have complete knowledge and use of Spiritual Psychology. The Counselors service is to help men and women work out their lives, both in their minds, and in their lives, in a single state as well as in marriage.

Spiritual Physician: Our Order has a course in Healing, and upon completion of this course, and proof of their ability to heal, by healing, and having signed affidavit from those healed, we will grant them a license to be Spiritual Healers. They will, in the course of their study, be fully trained in anatomy, and physiology, and spiritual psychology.

A healers service will consist of healing man of both physical and mental disorders, with the Power of God.


“For as I had appointed my apostles, so likewise are your apostles being appointed – and being appointed by divine means. Not that they are absolutely perfect beings, but they have the dedication, and they have the abilities, and in the nearby times to come will become more and more perfect in the use of these tools in my Father’s kingdom.”


Revelation from the Master,
May 25, 1972

The Apostle in the Apostleship handles everything and only the things pertaining to his own Apostleship. He has no authority over another Apostleship. He has contact and supervision over the priests in his Apostleship, but actual authority over all priests and Apostles in the Order is the function of the Director-General.

Apostleship (By-Laws)

The Apostleship shall be under the direction of an Apostle appointed by the Director-General and approved by the Esoteric Council.

An Apostleship shall be the center of spiritual and legal authority for a designated area of administration.

There shall be ten (10) Apostleships set up in the Continental United States, and all Apostleships shall be headed by one Apostle and Co-Director. In the United States, an Apostleship shall consist of several continuous states with the headquarters in a principal city.

All the branch Brotherhouses, Missions and Centers set up in that area designated by an Apostleship shall be the responsibility of the Apostle arid shall be subject to his authority first approved by Council.

Every Apostleship shall have a working Board of Directors to conduct the business of the Apostleship, and it shall be set up similar to the central Board of Directors, and shall be subject to its authority.

“Every Apostleship shall have an Apostleship Council, consisting of all Minister—Priests in that Apostleship, which shall meet regularly to conduct the spiritual affairs of the Apostleship but which shall be subject to the authority of the Esoteric Council.”


Revelation from the Master,
September 16, 1971

Instructions to all Heads of Centers:

The HOLY ORDER CF MANS Corporation lawyers advised a letter of application for all new members of the Order. This form was written up so that if a new student, who has entered the Order, does not submit to us all his legal circumstances or debts, then we can say that we are not legally responsible.

An enrollment card and application must be sent in to the Esoteric Council for each person seeking entrance; or of any vows taken (and we must have their vow sheets), and any Baptisms or marriages. These all must be kept up to date and recorded in the main files. Also please inform us of any student who leaves the Order.

Weekly enrollment lists are to be sent to the National Headquarters. Remember that applying and being accepted for membership, even following every routine regulation of the house and Order, does not mean that you can “get by” without spiritual work and endeavor toward your spiritual growth.

Rules of Entry:

Married couples who enter the Order go voluntarily to separate Brother arid Sister houses to concentrate on their spiritual evolvement.

When a married couple wishes to come into the Order and live in the Order, taking full vows and rights, they should give the Order a statement signifying that they are in agreement that wherever they are assigned to quarters, whether they are assigned to quarters together or separate for the training period, they are both in agreement.


TO: Heads of all Centers

RE: The set of three spiritual exercises for those entering the Order.

The Council has directed that these be given to all students entering the Order and all students who have not yet done them.

It is the three exercises of the Order. We would also like to have it remembered that these exercises are not to be given to outsiders and are not to be considered at any time just so much amusement, as they are the three entrance exercises. After these are finished, the 21 days then they may go into other exercises at the discretion of the priest under which they are studying.

These exercises are part of the preparation of the Novitiate being prepared for entrance into the Order.

All exercises are to bring the student to a greater spiritual awareness of Creation and Balance to the Material World.



I agree that as long as I am under the direction of a teacher of the Holy Order of Mans, or a priest, and live therein, I will obey the laws of the Order and the directions of the teachers and those in charge.

It is understood that this vow is held until the first vows are taken or until I leave the Order officially by giving due notice at which time this vow is dissolved.

  1. He must take the novitiate’s vow of obedience, and must live under it for at least three months.
  2. He does not wear clerics or house robes, but shall wear black shirt arid trousers being neat at all times.
  3. The novitiate does not go on patrol.
  4. He is restricted to the brotherhouse for the first ninety days, except for outside work as directed. He is allowed no leave of absence on weekends.
  5. After the ninety day restriction, he is permitted weekend liberty, the same as the other students (1-11 PM, Saturday).
  6. When in civvies, whenever outside the brother-house, he must wear the medallion of the Order on the Order on the outside.


Revelation from the Master,
May 7, 1972


Tell those who fear the spiritual responsibility to know that I am ever near and that I will guide them as well as their superiors in the Order will.

Tell them Father is ever near them anyway and he will show them the way.

Go ye forth, and preach to all the world – not on the street corner, but into the hearts of men.

You who have come and taken upon yourselves the responsibilities of mission work, of carrying the Light into the various parts of this world – as you work with it, as you become more It, and less you, you will become more enthused, more Joyous, and Life will become a living Life, and you will enjoy life.

I also expect that those who are on missionary duty shall read of my missionaries (in the Testament).

As per revelation given on the 27th of October, 1969, Council decided that the way be opened, that those who have taken Second Vows and have attained illumination, and have finished their first year level work in philosophy, and have taken a test so that they may go out and begin to open Centers throughout the United States. This is done in accordance with the acceptance of the Revelation of the Master Jesus.

This shall be the sounding of the trumpet of the Golden Dawn, and the calling forth of the Sons of Light.


For each man in this Order, and woman, shall spend one day of fasting every week, unless he be ill, and then it shall be at the discretion of my Priests, said the Master.

For surely goodness and mercy shall follow thee all the days of thy life, if thou eatest the fruits of my earth with joy and thanksgiving.

When you eat and you drink in my Name, do it not with the unholy.

For he that denieth my Father is unholy, and I shall not quench his thirst.

Let him who denies himself meat also deny himself unholy words, for one means naught without the other.

Fasting is not just going without meals. Anyone who is fasting, please contact the Teacher, that the student may be directed spiritually in view of the things that happen during a fast.


Absolution or Confession:

“There is no trace left after Realization, of – as the Church would say – ‘sin’; we say “error”.

“For there is more work to be done, arid more work in the higher order of spiritual things. Turn your head to the Spirit. Read; know. Meditate on the higher thing, and it will bring you true reward.”

Every Priest is at your service for the purpose of listening to your confession and if you are contrite will give you absolution on request.


General Dress Regulations:

Street dress for men will consist of black clerics, black socks and shoes. Black short—sleeved clerical shirts may be worn in warmer climates, but never on official business.

Novitiates Dress (women, Round—necked blue jumper covering knees and white blouses with turn-down collar. For Sundays or street wear, a simple dress of deep blue, wash and wear, 3/4 length sleeves, collarless or soft white collar. All garments must be ample for comfortable movement.

First—Vowed Dress (women) Same blue dress now used for everyday. Order emblem is added at left shoulder. For patrol, or street wear on Order business, a black high—necked, collarless cleric dress, wash and wear. White collar, with ribbon strip of blue.

Second—vowed (men arid women) Receive their first house robe of grey-blue material, arid blue cord. Stiff linen collar with cleric dress. First standup collar attached to dress with V-shaped opening at front.

The priest wears a blue sanctuary robe with white lining, and a white cord, looped twice around waist. Three knots (optional) tied in cord.

Priests’ cleric dress has square front opening with standup collar, worn with stiff linen collar underneath. No ribbon stripe. His or her house robe is wine—red, with a white cord, material according to climate.

Priests in clerics may wear crosses outside when in public; students in clerics may wear cross outside after they have taken their final vows; students in civvies may wear cross outside; missionaries in the field will wear cross outside.

Female priests, when pregnant, should wear appropriate maternity clothes, in good taste, and should not be given public duty.


Color signifies spiritual attainment. Cord also shows he is taking on the activity of the striving of the Order.

– Black – Before Illumination

– Blue – Illumination

– White – Priest

– Gold – Master


Standard cross: Wood with metal tips, no crucifix. Size: 2″ – 3″ or next larger.


REVELATION FROM THE MASTER RECEIVED ON MAY 7, 1972, AT 1:00 A.M., witnessed by Rev. Josephine Jones.




Capes with hoods have been approved for street wear. The preferred color is dark indigo-blue, with black being acceptable for priests. A small Order emblem may be attached at left shoulder. Pockets inside.

Length and fabric of cape will vary according to season, locality, and practical usefulness. The long cape is approved for cold weather use, a little more tailored and less flaring. Suggested was a mid-calf average length, as more practical for use by Sisters of different height. In year-round mild areas, dress length may be used. In tropical areas, a rain cape with hood is practical all in uniformity, of suitable water-proof material.

Instead of sweater for street wear in warmer weather, use a matching jacket or neatly-tailored shoulder cape, about wrist length.


Sweaters are reserved for indoor wear, when needed, unless on casual outings or in country. Should be uniformly deep blue or black. (White may be used in hot climates, if needed. Buy sweaters wholesale from factory. “Seconds” may cost far less.)


A good black or dark blue coat is still acceptable if you have them. White permitted in hot climates. Novitiates may wear whatever neat coats are available, but must pass inspection as to suitability. No bright colors, no greens, no shawls or “ponchos”.

* * *

Master’s sanctuary robe is white, usually just off-white, of linen or raw silk, lined with purple or white, unless otherwise directed. Side or front fastening, covered. Gold cord with two loops, no knots.

His cross will be of black onyx or black jade, with a purple ribbon. If variations are wanted, they should be noted with the Council as to his preferences.

All clothing should be marked with the student’s name, and each shall be expected to keep his clothing neat and in order at all times, and to he provided at least one change of all undergarments, and shirts.

People leaving the house for recreation will wear clerics or regular street clothes — no “hippie” dress, and no effort to build up “you as a personality.

When going to the beach or the woods, you may wear jeans or beach clothing, or that which is suitable for the occasion.

But on going out to dinner, or to the theatre or other occasions in town, you must dress well in clerical garb.

Regular clothes will only he worn if there is a supervised group function. People who are not yet under vows who go out must also be dressed well. Those going to work will be allowed to wear regular clothes, but wherever they go, these people must realize that they are in a Holy Order. Those doing kitchen work wear clean white aprons.

In all cases, clothing is functional, suitable to the purpose in which you are serving our Lord.


“These are not your hours and days – they belong to the Master, and to God.”

House Rules:

Arise at 5:45 AM; silence until breakfast.

Until Life-Vows, Communion is mandatory at 6:15 AM
Three verses from the New Testament is read.

7 AM is Breakfast – 12 Noon, Lunch — 6 PM, Dinner

After 10 PM is absolute silence; 11 PM to bed. All shall be in by 12 Midnight.

From 5 to 6 PM there will be total silence for meditation or study.

Saturday night only can students on first vows go out (afternoon and evening) All students must be in by 11 PM. Life-vowed and Priests in by 12 Midnight.

After taking second vows, students may have Sunday afternoons out, from any time after church, until 12 PM.

All clothing should be marked with the student’s name.

No male and female students may fraternize, or go out together, until both have experienced Realization, and their association approved by Council. The only exception is when something is originated in the school, with a large group of seven or more going together, under reliable leadership.

Steward and Stewardess have their say with the activities in the house. They have nothing to do with the spiritual things.

Work on Sunday:

No housecleaning, nor manual labor of any kind shall be performed on Sunday, except necessary kitchen work.

The Reverend Father has complete supervision of both spiritual and material activities of the house. The Steward and Stewardess are responsible for, and have the authority to carry out all work orders from the Reverend Father, and to enforce the rules of the house.

Rules for Holy Order of Mans Branch Brotherhouse:

All spiritual questions should be referred to the spiritual head of the house, the Reverend Father, who is appointed by the Head of the Order or the Esoteric Council.

All financial questions should be referred to the treasurer of that brotherhouse and its Reverend Father.

Problems concerning work, time schedules, hours of duty, or problems not pertaining to spiritual development, are for the steward and stewardess of the house.

The recommendation of restriction or penalties must be presented to the Reverend Father for approval, before being administered.

There shall be open counseling service for all outside persons wishing to enter the Order or to see the Reverend Father.

No person may be housed in the brotherhouse without the sanction of the Reverend Father of that house.


“Each day, have four a day on the street in all places of the city. Teach. They will be drawn to you.”

Street patrol is a required course, and is under the supervision of the Education department. The Board of Directors carried the motion on 8-1-68 that street patrols be placed under the supervision of the Youth Guidance Director.

Street Patrols:

It is the purpose of this letter to define and clarify responsibilities and duties of ministers and students engaged in Patrol work. It is most important that these people have a clear understanding of the purpose and objectives of their presence on the streets. The ministers and students on patrol should, above all, maintain a state of consciousness which will emanate an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. This will influence the people whom you intend to help. The minister or student on patrol should walk at a leisurely pace and greet the people on the street in a friendly manner.

When counseling or talking with people, it is imperative to remain emotionally detached; however, you must not appear aloof or “Holier than Thou”. You are not rigidly confined to a certain street, rather, you are to patrol the general area, concentrating on a specific spot if you see that your attention is needed there. When asked questions about the Order or its teachings, refrain from presenting ideas or teachings that you yourself have not yet attained. The ministers and students should keep moving and not linger in one spot unnecessarily in order to make themselves available to a greater number of people.

A word of caution: If you have any qualms about dealing with persons of other races under conditions of stress, ask your teacher to have your name deleted from the patrol list.

Patrol reports are to be made out by the patrol trainee immediately upon return from patrol. This report will contain a brief resume of the patrol trainee by the patrol leader.

Through Patrol Work we can bring peace to trouble areas of the cities in which we work. We are out on the street for the purpose of bringing the Great Christos to man through our Lord Jesus Christ; by the Presence of his Light in us, by the giving of healing, counseling, guidance and the removal of negation.

“In view of the necessity for more people on patrols, acceptance of Council was asked by Rev. Blighton for permission to pick out certain newer students with ability to be sent out on patrol. During that patrol they could wear clerics, but only at that time.

“The desire to help people has more bearing on the efficiency of his patrol work than the knowledge does. It was recommended a priest take each new person out to train him and that all second-vowed students help train new students also.” Esoteric Council, 2-16-70

Patrols of the street by ministers should run three hours nightly, from 8 till 11, or until things quiet down.


Revelation from the Master,
September 15, 1971


“Each day write down your activities briefly.

Look them over at the end of the week and see what you have done that you think maybe you could just as well not done, and you would have been just as happy.”

“Enjoy yourself by all means, but also make it possible that man, the unborn, will also be able to enjoy My Father’s creation.”

“Seek not reward, or merrymaking, f or that which you will learn to enjoy is truly greater and more lasting.”


WE ABSTAIN FROM ALL POLITICAL VIEW, PUBLICLY. You may vote but do not tell how you vote.


“Worry not of what man’s law doth say about my little ones, for they shall change their minds; for thou hast the power to move mountains, and when necessary, move them.”

“You will not worry about government or local city affairs, or anything you have to do with them; for they will be taken care of just as you need.”


Any person wishing leave or sabbatical: where the Reverend Father or the Apostleship Council might wish to use sabbatical leave as disciplinary action, they must first have the decision of the Apostleship Council, arid this must be transmitted to the Esoteric Council for approval. In case of emergency or sickness, the Apostle— ship Council can grant leave without approval of the Esoteric Council.

* * *

Those sisters who become pregnant, with a person outside of the Order, will be placed on a sabbatical if they are under Second Vows. If they are First Vowed or under Novitiate Vows, they will be removed from the Order and their vows will be broken.

If a sister becomes pregnant by a brother in the Order, and she is under Second Vows, she will be sent on a sabbatical for three years. The brother will also be placed on a sabbatical for three years. If she or he is under First Vows or Novitiate Vows, they will be released and their vows will be broken.

People Leaving the Order:

This letter should be published once every month.

“All of the below listed people are people who have left the centers of the Holy Order of Mans, either voluntarily or by council ruling, and there people are not to be allowed the privacy of the centers anywhere in the boundaries of the United States.

If they are hungry, feed them. See that they are sheltered over night in a small hotel if they need shelter.

Those who wish to attend public classes or join the Order of Discipleship, are to write the Esoteric Council for permission.”

Removal of vowed brother, or anyone accepted into the Order who is going through their trial period:

  1. If a man is removed who is going through his trial period, whom you have accepted into your brotherhouse, you may remove him for perpetual disobedience, or not maintaining the house rules and regulations, which shall conform with that of the general Order.
  2. You must send in the man’s name and a statement of reasons for his removal, or the reason he gave for leaving. First Vowed students may be removed or sent out on a mission or suspended for a short period of time, if you first contact Headquarters by phone and explain the situation, then send in the report.
  3. Full Brothers, under Second Vows, may not be removed from the Holy Order of Mans, and their vows may not be lifted by the Apostle’s Council or the Esoteric Council.
  4. Any person wishing leave or sabbatical, or the Reverend Father or the Apostles Council wishing to use sabbatical leave as disciplinary action, must first: have the decision of the Apostle’s Council, and this must be transmitted to the Esoteric Council for approval.

Vo1untary Request of Leave from the Order:

Any Vowed Brother requesting to leave the Order must write in his own handwriting his request, and reason, and it is to be mailed to the Esoteric Council by him, and the Esoteric Council will take action thereon, as to whether he may return.

Those persons under novice or first vows, as stated in the vow ceremony, must notify the Reverend Father of the house that he is in, and the Esoteric Council of their request to leave the Order, at which time their vows will be lifted and they may leave the Order.

For those under Life vows, there is no leaving the Order, for they, as well as the Priests and Teachers, are Life vowed students in the Order.

Definition of Leave: a leave is granted and approved by the Esoteric Council. It is the granting of a vacation for a specific amount of time.

Definition of Sabbatical: It is granted by the Esoteric Council for the purpose of correction, or healing of a brother of this Order. When a sabbatical is granted by Council, the person to who it is granted will have a specific mission to fulfill during the allotted time of the sabbatical.

Leaving Order:

Full Brothers, under Second Vows, may not be removed from the Holy Order of Mans and their vows may not be lifted by the Apostleship Council or the Esoteric Council.

The Holy Order of Mans shall not be held liable for the actions of those students who have broken their vows, or those who have been sent out on extended sabbatical, or any former student.

If a member under student’s vows is being sent out of the Branch Brotherhouse, whether on a disciplinary action, or for the betterment of his spiritual development, he must be given at least ten (10) dollars from the household expenses to maintain himself. He must leave behind all clerical garb, I.D. cards, and teaching materials of the Order.

It has been an accepted ruling that if a person leaves the Order – that particular center will only be responsible for their articles in storage for 90 days. —Esoteric Council, 10-23-70

An amendment to the By-Laws passed at Board Meeting of November 11, 1968, that “once a man comes here, and leaves he is not permitted to walk in the Brotherhouse or property of the Order and visit other people, unless he has permission from the office or Priest in charge, or one acting in their place.”


“When you, my elite, go forth – go forth in humility, but demanding all power and grace and respect unto the Father, in my name.”

“For the path of humility is victory, and the path of power without humility is defeat and loneliness without the heavenly guidance.”


“Think not that it is only me who is working with you, for there is a great host of many great teachers who work with you in this work.”

“As you have advanced in your work, and as you cover more of the earth, more of the host will work with you, and greater miracles will be performed.

“For of yourself you do nothing, but that nothing turns into a great something, in the way of leading those into the fold which have not been there.”

The Host is the Heavenly Brotherhood, sometimes called the Great White Brotherhood, the Great White Lodge, or the White Brothers. They are part of the Hierarchy of our Solar System, all of whom are Master Teachers.

Some of whom incarnate from time to time, to give guidance and direction to man here on Earth.


“He who has just found God should keep to himself for three days, so that he may know God.”

One who has just realized the Self should follow this directive, in the chapel if possible. One who has just received the illumination shall spend one day in like manner, but three days concentrate on the Light.

Fear not when thou lookest into the abyss of darkness before thou hast crossed and entered the chamber of light.

You have become one of the Children of Light. Arid as the days pass and you go through the many experiences1 you too will understand what it is to be a Child of Light.

You will know the Way. You will know of the fire, the earth, the air, and the water. You will experience these experiences — not as they did in the days of old, not as an initiation in the great temples – but in life itself you shall experience.

There is a Way. It is not an idle Word. There is a strength that comes with it. There is a divine edict and power given unto him who puts his foot upon the Way.


“Let this be given unto our many little ones here and to those abroad, that they may know that I am ever watching, that I am ever present.

“And that this is only the beginning of that very beautiful golden girdle of Light around the earth.”


Seek not glory for thyself lest pride set in and fester like a sore.

For he who seeks power for power’s sake, shall destroy himself with the power he obtains.

For a fool can serve My Father better than he who has lost his humility and is seeking his own way through power or through knowledge; for wisdom only leads to humility, but power leads to self-destruction.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all these things shall be added unto you, as I have said when I was with you in My first approach to the New Age.

For this is what I have called you together for; that ye may know that the power and the wisdom are the opposite poles and the prerequisite of a man of God through My world and through My Lordship.


Fret not of your life hereafter, for thou formest it by the life thou now leadest.

He who lays his body upon the altar of my Father receives Everlasting Life.


Let him who acclaims the Light open the windows of his soul that it may come in, lest Light break out, and he babble like a fool.

He that blocketh the Christ Light with his own will, buildth a dam that must break under the surge of Power.

Where the Light of the Christos exists not, there neither do I partake nor do I give.

For let the Light as words from the Ancient Sages light thy path, that the Living Light thou shalt receive from the First-born Son of the Father under the Order in which thou partakest.

For he who stands in My shadow must live in accordance with My words and teachings, which are the teachings of our Father and the Holy Ones of Old.

For wherever the Sun and the moon rises, there am I also, on this earth.

When a brother comes into my Light, he shall have at least three days of quiet.

Only through the Light of Christ can a Self be emancipated.

For he who does not carry the Light shall be lost in the darkness, and his life shall be short.


If thou art going to wed, 0 woman, or 0 priestess, make sure that thou understandest that thy priest-husband is still thy husband. Thy first duty is to God, and me; but thou owest also thy duty to thy mate.

If thou wouldst gain, 0 woman, great power – look unto thy husband for the authority of thy word, and accept it from him, and thou shalt be well-armed and shielded.

If one is a Second Vowed brother and then goes into the Priesthood, he does not have to serve three years under Second Vows and three years under Final Vows. The total years to serve should be only five years, in an unmarried state.


Revelation from the Master,
May 7, 1972

To all Priests and Second Vowed Students:

An explanation of the reasons why the five rulings we asked you to vote on are for the protection of the Order as well as its members.

Amendment A: The reason we have set up this amendment is so that both parties will fully acknowledge on a signed paper that they are in accord and therefore the Order can not be accused of separating married couples.

Furthermore, we could not accept married couples and be responsible for at least the next five vears to come for all the children they would raise, and would be born, plus all the maternal, doctors, nursing, and hospital expenses and other things involved in child birth which must be done in a first class way.

In addition, when man and wife are together there are always some distracting things and until they have the Light of Christ and until they have some realization of the reality of the Order and the Master Jesus, they would not have the concern for one another’s rights in seeking their spiritual advancement, especially amongst the wives.

Father Blighton’s Message to the Priests and Second Vowed Students:

You should all know me by this time, that I am not against marriage, but before marriage and the bearing of children comes our responsibility to our Lord Jesus Christ, the Master of this Order. We have a program to carry out and I will see that his program is carried out, and I know it will be carried out because I believe that you who are my Brothers and my Brother Priests down deep will learn, as you have learned other things, that when Jesus Christ comes first, all things are opened to us and we do not need to worry too much about what we want.

  1. The spiritual guidance and development of the students and the priests – do not forget the priest has training to get even after he is ordained and if you are going on the assumption that he does not, you are very, very wrong. I am primarily concerned with your development and to bringing you to the fullness of realization that we may be attuned and in a state of oneness with all reality.
  2. Let us not forget that most of you came from various parts of the United States seeking the Way, and found it in the Holy Order of Mans. Some of you seek the priesthood. Some of you have found it. By the grace of God you have found it for in no other place on the face of the earth could you have been given the power and prerogative in such a short time.

Do you wish to serve yourself or do you wish to serve Jesus Christ and man .by giving a couple of extra years to the work and thus substantiating the foundation of the Order and its mission, then marrying the one of your choice and going forth and filling the Brotherhouses that have been established and carrying out the Master’s work?


“Carry not my cross, for I have carried it, although I was helped part of the way.

“Seek not martyrdom although I was martyred.

“For martyrdom gaineth not its purpose unless divinely ordained by those above.”


“For he who travels the path of my last days of passion seeks the inimitable reality of the divine Path of Mastership.”


For unto those who carry my word, shall all things be opened to, in this day, and in this way.

For thy word is more powerful than the weapons of man.

Fail not to use it, arid it shall clear the way of him who would block my passage into the new day on earth.

Accept My Words that I give you as a child, and thou shalt manifest the Wisdom of the Sages.

For these words are My Words. Obey ye them arid thou shalt be fruitful and flourish.

Look ye well, for from this time on, thy word – if thou heedest it – shall be as a balm to those who are in trouble or ill.

For they shall come from far arid near to be in my presence, and the presence of thy Priests. For thy hand and thy Word shall lead them, and they shall receive grace from the Christos and our Father.

For he who conquers much, for he who knows my Word and the Word which I gave unto the world as I taught it and showed its use, this man shall have conquered much arid have earned rightly his place by my side.


Let us work, work, work, and the by shall come unto us greater than any pleasures heretofore known, saying, Work for the night is coming – work for the day will be long. It is perfectly true. For there is this period which is now starting which is the night and then will come the Light and the Sun, and thy day will be long.

“Work, for the night is coming” — now we say, “Work, for the Day is coming, when the night is over”.

Work with one another and you will be rich in the Lord.


There is but one Way, and one day, arid this day is thy day and thy service and this is my Way. Seek ye of it.

Be not deceived by all manner of drugs and psuedo— substitutes, for “I AM THE WAY”, and the Path has not changed.

For blessed is he that bears the Light. For he lights the “WAY” for his brother.

There is but ONE GOD.

Return not to the old ways, for I will give you the new word.

Give to one another, and it shall be given to all in plenty.

The ways of the world are new, and I shall lead you.

The WAY and the TRUTH have not changed, but the way of entering the WAY has.

Aids on the Way:

One can never do anything of himself, for it is always God in action.

  1. Forget you are an individual; assume the ways of Christ. This is the way of vibrant living, without worries.
  2. Learn that one thing is always necessary – direct obedience to the teacher. Questions are fine, but obedience in action leads to light in fulfillment of deed.
  3. When walking from one place to another, know that this is like a man’s spiritual advancement. For he can only go as far as he can see and as fast as his legs cam carry. Therefore, let there be no end in sight – only the service of God, for this makes short legs long and strong.
  4. When one feels he is all alone, know that he too is one with you, as you are one with God.
  5. This is the Way to Light, and it is not paved with golden bricks, but with sweat from the love of service.
  6. In understanding, remember that he too — the other brother — has had or will have the same experience as you have had today.
  7. The calling is genuine when the fulfillment of the understanding comes through the service to man.
  8. One way to get to heaven is to bring it to earth. The other way is to accept all as heaven here on earth wherever you are.
  9. In coming into greater understanding, the first thing that gives space is the ego, but the last thing to give up is the same…
  10. In wandering, in wondering, there is but one answer. God is ALL, as ALL, giving ALL, to ALL – and this is the secret which will be known by all who come through the great gates of this school.
  11. Through service comes one into the greater understanding and full Illumination. Through giving is the getting of Light.
  12. One may visit many places on his journey, but one place he never sees is where he has been yesterday; for time – in action – moves ever on.
  13. In Love, Light and Life is found God and in service to the Light is found the WAY.
  14. One can never do anything of himself, for it is always God in action.
  15. Giving-up is giving-up. There is nothing left when one realized that God is.
  16. In going the WAY, remember that stumbling on the stones is only finding out where you have placed the blocks.
    Brothers and Sisters, and may this be as a guideline to you, a way to come closer to the eternal peace and life of man in God, as God in Man.

Come Join Us – Serve

Now that you have been shown the Way, the door is open unto all the things of your desire – of your earthly aspirations, for now they are all achievable, but only in one way are they attainable, in only one way do they come, by giving them up; to God.

As this DOES take place – as the wants are transformed and the desire is raised to that of consciousness of Christ – then all things come and are given, unto the beholder of the Mysteries of the ages.

Peace to you my Brothers and Sisters, and may this be a guide to bring you to the WAY.

This is the Way to come closer to eternal peace and life of Man in God as God in Man.


For if thou separatest thyself in the worship of my Father from thy brother, thou art dividing my Father and Me, and his temple shall fail.

And he who enters the Temple, or the church of worship with worries of material things on his mind, hath no faith in the Father.

For he that worketh for wages on God’s day, if he serveth not the public so they may go to church, or enjoy nature, bringeth on old age.


“There are many people who will come to you with stories and high-sounding names, and professions of spirituality.

“But they will be here to see if they can lay a stone in your way. These will be eliminated.

“Those who will do most good will come out of apparent nowhere, with no ties particularly.”


Any brother who has entered this Order for life and violates any serious rules shall be put to work, common work outside the Order, and on total restriction for six months.

He shall not be enjoined or participate in companionship, but shall be on total silence for that period of time.

These regulations also apply to all Sisters.

If a brother takes on the mantle of my priesthood1 let him be given no quarter, for he may not disobey my Apostle.

And if he disobeys his Apostles, let him be given three months restriction.

In the case of a brother who mates with a sister before marriage, let him be sent out for one year. But he must return. The case for the Sister will be decided by the Council at that time.


And when the winds blow, like out of the mouth of hell, fear not. For thou art the chosen children, and not a hair on thy head shall be touched.

For I shall come to thee in body, as well as mind, and we shall walk together upon the Path.

I want it thoroughly understood that every student, minister, or ministerial student, or teacher may send in a request to me, the Director, to be heard by me or the Council, over any difference between them and their intermediate heads.

I want to feel assured that every brother and sister in this Holy Order of Mans has had complete and thorough spiritual understanding between himself and all heads of the Order at all times, so that he may have full opportunity to gain his Illumination and Realization of the SELF, and that because of some either misunderstanding, or his inadequacy of expressing himself, or perhaps because of some inner condition which his teachers have not observed, that he might be cut off from obtaining Realization.

Please refer to the By-Laws and the rulings of the Esoteric Council that no one can be dismissed from this Order,without first notifying us at Central Headquarters. You have no private kingdoms of your own, any more than I do. And remember that you must report to this office all people who voluntarily leave. This is a must.

If there is ever- a stipulation from the Council that a person is sent on a sabbatical for a period of time, and it was stated that he or she is allowed no contact with the Order, it is still possible for him or her to come to Communion or Sunday Services. We cannot cut off the Sacraments from anyone. But they are to leave immediately after, and have no contact with the students in that center. But they shall observe strict silence on the Order property.


“The health of the student requires the opportunity to go outside if he so desires after the first three months restriction is past, for an earned recreation; and weekend money shall be provided in all centers.”

A Second-Vowed student who has completed his Bible and philosophy tests shall be allowed free choice concerning attendance at social group functions of the Order, which occur on weekend afternoons. Unless these occur on a major holy day, such as Christmas or Easter, he is not obliged to attend.


The recommendation of restriction or penance must be presented to the Reverend Father or Apostle for approval, before being administered.


“See that my Sisters are brought into the Holy Way, so that they may understand the difference between godliness and holiness, and servants of my Order.”

“Seek not to entice; be compassionate, but give no ground or concession.”

“Let each Sister be trained as a missionary, and pick from them those most capable, and I will provide the way.”

“They that come into My Light, and the Light of the Self, are old enough to be missionaries of my work. For they have lived many lives, or they would not have reached it yet.”

“Your jobs as women will not be an easy one.”

“There should not be a separation in reality between men and women in this age, but a keeping of them separate in the house.”

“But the time will come when that will no longer be necessary.”

“And it must be so ordained that those who go through ordination be given the rights of ministry, and the rights of the inner worship of the church or temple.”

“Rites must be given in the Brotherhood under the Order of the Holy Cross, because they must go down for posterity in every way as being part of the Divine Order.

Woman shall marry when she has first given unto me and unto the Father that which is the Father’s. When she has given help to give first to the new day of the Christ, then she may reach an agreement and thus have a mate.

A woman shall be no different from man, for she should observe the first commandment just as rigidly.

Jealousy is a demon which must be torn out and burned, before Christ and His Light may enter.


I, Jesus, shall guide you all openly, for you are my chosen ones.

For many shall see me and be taught by me in this Order and some others.

They shall carry my message of peace with much vigor.

To become one of my chosen ones, thou must love all men, all races.

For I say unto you that my Father has given you dominion of the earth, and thou seekest it not for my brothers.

For not only he who has rendered the prayer of my Father in the sanctuary shall know revelation through me, but he who has fed my little ones, and fulfilled my promise to them shall also truly know the presence of my Father.

For he that lendeth an ear to the joy of creation of my Father bringeth joy unto me and is amongst the chosen ones in these last days and I say unto you, my Sons, search deep within the mystery of the hoary past.

Students should not divulge personal spiritual experiences to other students.


Parents may not visit until after thirty days, then may visit once monthly, but students may not go out until the ninety days of restriction are past, unless the circumstances are unusual, and then only by special dispensation of the Reverend Father.

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