Book of Order – Chapter 12: A Guide for Life-Vowed Members

Book of Order – Chapter 12: A Guide for Life-Vowed Members

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A Guide for the Life-Vowed Members of the Holy Order of Mans

A full Brother in the Holy Order of Mans is a man or woman who has satisfactorily completed his training period under the Novitiate and Temporary Vows, and has attained spiritually to the Illumination at least, and has taken on the five vows for the remainder of his lifetime here on earth. He is a full member of the Order with all the rights and the responsibilities of membership within this Holy Order.

His apparel shall be as follows: All full Brothers in the Holy Order of Mans shall wear the habit of the Order at all times, except by direct permission of their superiors.

For street wear this consists of, for men, a black suit with a white shirt; and cuff links, if worn with the shirt, shall be of a modest design; a standard rabat and a collar with a blue ribbon, not then the informal cleric shirt with the tab—in collar. He shall wear black socks and shoes, not sandals; and shall wear openly the cross of the Order, suspended by a blue ribbon. If a top-coat or raincoat is to be worn, it shall be black and of knee length. Hats may be worn and shall be black only.

House or chapel wear shall be either the same as street wear, except that a black sweater may be worn instead of a jacket, but always with a rabat; or the Brothers’ robe with a linen collar, and this collar must be worn at all times with the robe. Sandals may be worn with socks with the robe only. Bare or stocking feet are not allowed except in the living quarters. Informal cleric shirt may be worn when climate or circumstances permit.

It is the responsibility of the Brother to make sure that his apparel is clean and in good order at all times. All suits should be cleaned by the Brother himself at least once a week or when needed. Shirts, robes, socks should be hand-washed and pressed by the brother. The linen collar should be kept in good order and cleaned regularly. Shoes should be regularly shined.

All clothing other than the habit of the Order, such as work clothes, shall be kept in a community closet for the use of the brothers and shall not be possessed or used exclusively by any one brother. Beards, mustaches, sideburns or long hair are not ordinarily permitted. The Brother shall be clean—shaved and his hair shall be neatly combed at all times. Personal hygiene is a sign of a man who cares about himself and those about him, and this shall be maintained by all brothers.

A Brother of the Holy Order of Mans shall take care of all personal responsibilities in regards to his living quarters, his clothing, and other responsibilities himself, and shall not delegate these responsibilities to others, regardless of their station in the Order. In emergencies these things may be handled by a fellow Brother upon request, but only in emergencies. An attitude of respect for his Brothers and himself, regardless of personal likes and dislikes shall be maintained at all times. In case of differences that cannot be settled between the Brothers, a superior should be notified, rather than allowing disunity to enter the hearts or minds.

There shall be for all newly-vowed Brothers, and any older Brothers that wish or need to attend, one class per week on the function of a Brother within the Order. This shall cover all sides of the matter, from etiquette and manners to the spiritual work required of a member of this Order.

The Brother may and shall assume the responsibilities of running the Order. He shall remain apart but not aloof from the novices and temporarily-vowed students, and shall have the authority and the responsibility to correct any violation of house rules by those riot under final vows, refraining from egotism, and doing so only to help show the way to these little ones in a practical and positive manner.

The Brother shall learn to be constantly aware of what is occurring around him in the Brotherhouse or anywhere else, and if at any time he can be of help to his Brother, shall do so without hesitation.

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