Meditations for the Second Level Study Plan

Meditations for the Second Level Study Plan

hoom meditations second level stufy plan

In the Beginning Level Study Plan you received several spiritual exercises and meditations. You are reminded here to continue your work with them as you have before. And practice, practice, practice.

As they say, “Preparation is everything!” Follow the instructions for each exercise explicitly. They are carefully designed to give you results. So, perform them carefully. The more faithful you are in their execution, the better your foundation will be. The first time you go through them, please practice them in the order indicated below.

After finishing the following exercises, you may wish to repeat some of them at a later date. Since you will have become a different person by the time you try one again, you may get a slightly different result, or a different feeling from it, than your first go around. This is also true of the Introductory Spiritual Exercises.

As you wake up to your spiritual senses you not only become more and more aware of your Inner Self, but also what’s going on around you becomes more apparent. Some of the exercises may appear similar, but each will serve you in a different capacity.

  1. Chamber of Meditation
  2. Communication 1 – Convey a Thought
  3. Communication 2 – Candle and Mirror
  4. Communication 3 – Visualize What You Want
  5. Concentration – Visualization with 10 Dots
  6. Concentration – Letting Go
  7. Concentration 1 – Thyroid and Aura
  8. Concentration 2 – Mirror and Colors
  9. Concentration 3 – Ears
  10. Concentration 4 – Will Power Using Drops of Oil
  11. Gift of Light to the Planet Earth
  12. Cosmic Consciousness 1
  13. Cosmic Consciousness 2
  14. Developing Contact with Self 1
  15. Developing Contact with Self 2
  16. Developing Spiritual Faculties 1
  17. Developing Spiritual Faculties 2
  18. Developing Spiritual Sight


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