Introductory Spiritual Exercises

Introductory Spiritual Exercises

introductory spiritual exercises

As part of your training in the Holy Order of MANS, you will receive spiritual exercises designed to develop latent faculties in your thinking, feeling, and willpower. Just as an athlete has a workout routine, you will have an inner routine, one that will prepare you for the enhanced experiences you will have as you progress along the path.

Bear in mind that just as an athlete’s exercises don’t necessarily resemble the activities they’re designed for, neither will these exercises always appear “spiritual.” A runner, for example, might do squats, even while holding weights, but this isn’t anything like actually running around a track. The main thing is that you perform these exercises with the same discipline and attention to detail that professional athletes perform theirs. And practice, practice, practice.

As they say, “Preparation is everything!” Follow the instructions for each exercise explicitly. They are carefully designed to give you results. So, perform them carefully. The more faithful you are in their execution, the better your foundation will be. The first time you go through them, please practice them in the order indicated below.

  1. Initiatory Narrative – Daily Prayer of the Brothers
  2. Orange Concentration Exercise
  3. Retrospection Exercise
  4. Visualization Beginning
  5. Visualization 1 – Auric Egg Exercise
  6. Visualization 2
  7. Physical Balance 1
  8. Concentration – Developing Aura
  9. Concentration – Ears
  10. Concentration – Will Power
  11. Candle Exercise
  12. Immunization Exercise
  13. Method of Meditation & Procedure of Illumination

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