History of the White Brotherhood

History of the White Brotherhood

history of the white brotherhood

The teachings of the Holy Order of MANS are rooted in antiquity. They have been handed down to us by those whose labors have earned them a permanent residence on the plane of existence adjacent to the Earth Plane, from which they can instruct and guide us in our service to God and humanity.

This volume, History of the White Brotherhood, gives us a broad overview of how this holy conclave developed and evolved over the millennia and how their descendants founded the Essene Brotherhood, a non-sectarian holy order dedicated to living in accordance with the universal laws of creation.

We also learn that these teachings are not the product of any single religion but are instead the wisdom teachings of all time, handed down through the Oral Tradition of teacher to student.

The Brothers in White act as mediators between us and Jesus Christ. They help us to rise above the negative influences of Earth-life and show us how to attune ourselves with Christ Consciousness. This volume teaches us how to connect with them, how to receive answers to our most important questions, and how to be better servants of the Nameless One—God.


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