baptism initiation holy order of mans

The three fundamental steps on the universal path of initiation that all people must travel in this day are Baptism, Illumination, and Self-Realization.

The sacrament of Baptism is the first step towards receiving and accepting the Light of Christ. It dedicates the individual to the Way and prepares him or her to be brought into the Light of Christ.

Jesus Christ did not originate the sacrament of Baptism. This statement of fact does not discredit our Lord and Master because He knew and understood the greatness and the eternality of the way of life on this orb. It goes beyond any church, any Order, and any organization in society. It is part of the eternal Path of Initiation.

Just as John the Baptist came baptizing with water in preparation for Jesus, so does baptism clean and purify a person’s sight and speech in preparation for the coming of the Christ within. It also opens one’s spiritual awareness by the descent of the Holy Spirit. Baptism is said to initiate the recipient into the Body of Christ and a life of grace. Baptism is the re-birth of the individual, freeing him or her from the past.

Baptism is for both children and adults. An adult is someone who is fourteen years old or older. The ritual for baptizing the child is almost identical to the ritual for the adult.  The only difference is that adults speak for themselves, whereas children have their parents and witnesses, or Godparents.

We use olive oil to prepare the individual for Illumination because it is the fuel of the Divine Fire, which brings in the cosmic force. We use water as a symbol of purification and cleansing.

The congregation joins in reciting the 23rd Psalm as guidance for this soul in life. The minister then invokes the blessing of the Holy Trinity through which the baptism is made possible.

Each soul has a right to know of its heavenly choice. By accepting this re-birth, he or she becomes an intelligent traveler in this life, the direction of which is forged after careful consideration of all other ways in which they might have gone. Baptism opens the door so that they can answer their Divine calling.

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