The Five Vows

The Five Vows

The Five Vows by Michael MacielVows are the most important part of an aspirant’s spiritual path because they bring him or her into the direct experience of the personality of God. In the Holy Order of MANS, we take vows of humility, poverty, purity, service, and obedience—not to an organization but to God. The vows form the basis of our relationship with the Divine. Humility is knowing that God is all that exists, that we are a cell in the Mind of God. Poverty is non-attachment, knowing that God’s bounty is ours to use, as we continually return it to Him so that we can receive more. Purity is putting God before all else as we dedicate ourselves to the presence of God on Earth. Service is the realization of the love of God, giving all to all in self-forgetting service to all people everywhere. And obedience is listening for God’s voice within us so that we can be guided in everything that we wish to accomplish.

In this book, you will discover how these five principles can help you raise your spiritual commitment to the next level, bringing you into a closer relationship with your Creator.

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