Sacraments – A Brief Summary

Sacraments – A Brief Summary

holy order of mans sacraments

Sacraments are tools used by ordained priests to bring recipients to a more purified and ennobled conscious life through the grace of God. Sacraments were created to form a bridge between ourselves and our Creator in order to move the creative powers of the Nameless One. They are a means of communication and grace. Sacraments raise the spiritual vibration of the planet and bless everyone who receives them.

The Holy Order of MANS uses these sacraments:

  1. Baptism: opening the crown chakra and dedicating the being to God, thus preparing him or her for the Illumination.
  2. Communion: Transmutation of bread and wine into the body and blood of Jesus Christ.
  3. Confession: Given upon request, confession releases negative vibrations and sins to God and provides full forgiveness through absolution.
  4. Mass of the Christos: the initiation of Illumination, sealing the Light of Christ in the body of the initiate.
  5. Marriage: uniting God, man, and woman.
  6. Healing Mass of Mary: healing the sick.
  7. Writ of Upsilon: Last rites for those approaching transition. Preparation for life in the other world.

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