Sacraments – Mass of the Christos

Sacraments – Mass of the Christos

holy order of mans sacraments

The Holy Order of MANS has been given a great blessing in this New Age by receiving the Mass of the Christos through revelation from Jesus Christ. An ordained priest guides a student towards receiving the Christ light. When this Light is sufficiently evident in the student’s body, the priest seals this Light within it through this sacramental action. But a Master Teacher brings a student through this initiation by his or her own authority.

Jesus said, “Illumination is not just a matter of your receiving some light and being able to see it. Illumination is a matter of receiving light and then letting go and letting go and letting go until your complete body is full of light until you have so much light that you can never see darkness.”

As a recipient, you step out on faith, acting upon the Baptism which you have received.  By participating in Communion, service work, and similar activities, your life becomes a living prayer, drawing Light to yourself and building up greater Light within your physical body.

A person who has experienced this degree of Illumination will have an altered countenance and a transformed life. There is a definite change in the state of being of the person who has received the Light of Christ.

It is a gift—a sacred and precious gift. You are participating in a great mystery. As you pass through the sacrament of Illumination, you become a new child of Light and see the true nature of your inner being. And you are on your way towards a greater understanding and realization of God.

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