Sacraments – Communion

Sacraments – Communion

holy order of mans sacraments

The Word made flesh is the central fact of the life of the Cosmos, and the sacrament of Communion is the central act of Christian life. It is the wonderful reality of the great Being in whom we live, move, and have our being.

The sacrament of Communion was not initiated by the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a most ancient rite practiced by all the great mystery schools, including the Essenes. In the life of the Master Jesus, however, is embodied the new divine pattern for our rebirth—the Redemption and the Atonement. And the chief events of His life—the Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension—are lasting imprints within the Earth itself. Disciples experience these spiritual imprints at the altar of their hearts by letting go and accepting divine Communion with Jesus Christ.

Wine is the ancient symbol of Illumination. Bread was and is the foremost substance in many people’s diets, essential to their very existence on earth. Therefore, it has great meaning in religious ceremonies.

During the blessing of the bread and wine by a truly ordained minister/priest trained in this particular use of alchemy, the essence of the Christ Being—the pure Christ Light from which all things are formed—is called forth to infuse both bread and wine. What was before mere material substance becomes bright with white light and scintillates with the force, power, and energy of Divine Life. It is Light energy.

As this transformed bread and wine is administered to the participants, Christ’s experience is absorbed into their blood. Communion is a living, dynamic contact with the essence of the Christ Being. Physical changes to their body will occur through taking Communion. That which is being cleaned up on the inside manifests on the outside as well

While Communion may not seem to the uninitiated as anything more than a ritual, it is one of our greatest tools to bring a being into full Illumination, with the joy and the peace of the Christos—a Son/Sun of God.

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