Sacraments – Confession

Sacraments – Confession

holy order of mans sacraments

Confession is basically a very simple thing. It involves letting go and giving over one’s sins to God. Sin is merely a name for the incorrect use of the great creative law of God. This law is the nature of our own being and function. The right use of this law brings happiness, peace, fulfillment, and realization. Wrong use of the law breeds pain, suffering, and confusion.

Through the buildup of negation brought about by ages of misuse of the creative Law of Life, the Earth was in a state of crystallization and decay that was fast becoming irreversible when our Master Jesus became the channel for the Redemption of the Earth by the Christ.

The Redemption is simply the creation and establishment of a permanent pattern of growth into Earth by the infusion into Earth of the Christ consciousness. Once done, it can never be reversed. Now, as we say, the door of reformation is always open.

The Atonement is the result of the Redemption. It is the process of re-attuning all things and all people into harmonious vibration with this divine pattern. It is the process of at-one-ment, now available to all who will reach for it.

The Holy Order of MANS does not have a set ritual for confession. This does not indicate any devaluation of this important sacrament but rather emphasizes our positive approach to the reality of the Atonement. No longer are seekers considered downtrodden creatures encompassed by infirmity who need the grace of confession just to make it through the Pearly Gates by the skin of their teeth. Rather, they are seen as they are—perfectible creatures imbued with the Divine Spirit and the Self-soul—created in the image of God and on a journey of experience and initiation through life.

The sacrament of confession is, in reality, a retrospection spoken by a person into the ear of the priest who then absolves them, being duty-bound by his or her vows to stand in the presence of Jesus Christ and offer the atonement when one is truly willing to “go and sin no more.” Priests take a solemn oath to never reveal what is offered in confidence by another person.

Confessing to a priest can be a very uplifting experience. It is a helpful aid to anyone preparing for baptism, and at other times of life as needed.

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