Developing Spiritual Faculties 2

Developing Spiritual Faculties 2

hoom meditations second level stufy plan

During your meditation periods, while sitting comfortably relaxed in a dark room, try to concentrate your mind power toward some point in the room and try to form, not a cloud or mass of anything, but a few flickers of light composed of electrons which you will create from the spirit essence.

With the realiza­tion that the whole room around you is filled with this invisible, vibratory essence called spirit, you should proceed to concentrate with your will power to make cer­tain parts of that essence come together into a congested or concentrated amount composed of a myriad of electrons.  As the essence of the spirit energy comes together in cer­tain parts of the room in front of you, it will form thous­ands of little electrons. The mass of them finally will come together and form little spots of a violet or blue light, which you will see flicker and move rapidly across the room in a curved line.

Later, you can try the experi­ment in a partially lighted room, but not until you have had four or five successful demonstrations in the dark room.

Once you have formed a little ball of light moving in any direction in one part of the room, look in another part of the room and start another one into formation. Do not use the same part of the room for each successive light that you want to produce. If you have a small light formed, try to make more electrons around it so that the little ball of light will become larger and more visible.  Do this throughout the week along with your other exercises for the development of the spiritual areas or spiritual centers.


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