Developing Spiritual Faculties 1

Developing Spiritual Faculties 1

hoom meditations second level stufy plan

The following is an experiment that you will find interesting and profitable.  Place the right thumb on the center of your forehead just above the nose, and lay the rest of your hand on the top of your head tightly against the hair and the scalp; that will bring the palm of your hand and fingers over the left side of your head.  The tip of your thumb or the first section of your thumb will be right in the center of the forehead above the nose.  Do not press the thumb too tightly but with a gentle pressure against the forehead, and be sure that the rest of your hand and fingers are lying firmly against the hair and scalp.

While doing this, close your eyes and concentrate upon the area of the brain that is right under your hand.  You will recall from the earlier lessons that there is located in the left lobe of the brain a small area which has to do with some of the spiritual functioning.  It is this area in the brain that causes a little red light or color in every mystic’s aura, and no matter how violet or blue or white an adept’s aura may be all around his body, you will always find a little tinge of red or pink near the left side of the head.  This also explains why in many of the early experiments so many had a peculiar throbbing or light vibrating sensation in the left side of their heads when they were taking up the first experiments for spiritual development.

By putting the thumb and hand on the forehead and con­centrating on the left lobe of the brain about five minutes each night before going to bed, or whenever you have an opportunity to do this, you will stop headaches, ease any pains that may be in the head or neck and shoulders, and bring a vitalizing energy to the whole sympathetic nervous system.  At the same time you will be vitalizing the third eye and giving yourself a further development of a spiritual nature.  This should be done about once a week or more often, or whenever you wish to have a very fine tonic effect.


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