Developing Spiritual Sight

Developing Spiritual Sight

hoom meditations second level stufy plan

In previous lessons something was said about a specific area of the brain which is concerned in spirit­ual manifestations.  You were told that a certain portion of the left lobe of the brain contains a number of centers where the reactions and interactions between the sympathetic nervous system and the spinal, or brain, nervous system occur.  These centers in the physically undeveloped person are very inactive and for this reason many of the impres­sions or experiences of the spiritual system of the human being are not transferred to the objective brain consciousness.  Undoubtedly you already have experienced a strange pulsation or peculiar sensation in the left part of the head and undoubtedly your aura shows a considerable amount of red coloring on the left side of your head, indicating that the area of the left lobe has become awakened and quickened.

Now we wish to carry this awakening a little further, or perhaps to its complete and ultimate degree of activity.  The following exercise, therefore, should be performed several times a day, if convenient, or at least once a day during the next week.

In other lessons much has been said about the radiations of spiritual energy from the finger tips of both hands, and especially from the thumb and the first and second fingers, because the radial nerve terminates in these fingers. Whenever you are doing the exercise of concentrating on the “third eye” you should put the finger tips of your left hand in contact with the so-called “temple” on the left side of your forehead.  It is about on a level with the top of your ear or midway between the end of your eyebrow and the ear and slightly above that, so that your finger tips are about one inch or an inch and a quarter above the top of your ear and about an inch and a half in front of your ear on the left-hand side.

Just use the thumb and the first two fingers of the left hand, or the first two fingers alone, if that is more convenient, and keep the remaining fingers of the hand folded against your palm, or at least away from contact with the head. You should put your fingers on your head in this position soon after you are seated and begin your concen­tration.  Hold the fingers there as long as you are visual­izing anything or receiving any impressions or holding any thought in your mind.

As soon as the exercise is completed or after two or three minutes, you may take your fingers from your head and pause a while before repeating the exercise.  You will notice that if you let your fingers go up a little higher on your head to a point where they are beginning to go into the hair and reaching into the real part of the scalp, on the left-hand side of your head, that there is a gradual warmth developed between your hand and the scalp.  This will indicate the amount of magnetism that is passing between your left hand and the left side of your brain.

Remember that the left lobe of the brain is connected with the right arm and the right side of the body, and the right lobe is connected with the left arm and the left side of the body; therefore, in bringing your left hand to the left side of your brain you are really crossing the nerve flow and bringing the opposite polarities into contact.  This is precisely what is necessary during this exercise.

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