Communication 1 – Convey a Thought

Communication 1 – Convey a Thought

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For seven days, at every opportunity you have to be quiet and passive for a few moments, take the thought, or idea, which you are desirous to convey or communicate to someone else at a distance (or you may also use an idea you wish to have carried out in your spiritual development) and visualize it in a picture, if possible, or if not, concentrate upon the idea.


After having a definite idea of it, give a moment of thought purely devoted to the idea to be conveyed mentally, and then dismiss it totally from your outer consciousness. As you dismiss it, do it with the idea and thought that you will no longer give it any consideration, but you are committing it to become a thought of the higher self.


Toss the whole thing over your shoulder. It will require no further concentration or energizing on the part of your physical brain, for it will be taken care of as it is already in Mind.



It you were going to send a thought to someone at home or at some distant place for some specific purpose, visualize the person — after the message has been established — just as realistically as if you were in his or her physical presence and mentally repeat the message you wish to send. After repeating the message three times, together with the visualizing of the person who is to receive it, DISMISS THE ENTIRE MATTER AND ARISE AND GO ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS; PAY NO ATTENTION TO IT AGAIN.

This can be used as spiritual telegraphy.

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