Communication 2 – Candle and Mirror

Communication 2 – Candle and Mirror

hoom meditations second level stufy plan


Arrange a lighted candle in front of a mirror, while you have the other lights extinguished. The room should be dark so that the one candle gives all the light there is in the room. This is to be done after you have finished reading all of these instructions; you are to read them before you proceed with the exercises.  When you are ready for the exercise, sit easily in your chair, about four or five feet from the candle, and prepare to concentrate your gaze on the candle flame.


As soon as you begin to see rays emanating from the candle flame, instead of holding a thought of color, hold this thought, repeating the words softly and slowly seven times while looking at the candle flame:


After repeating this seven times, continue to concentrate on the flame for a while longer. You will gradually see in the flame a bright Cross which looks like silver with rays of light coming from the Cross in all directions.


Now if you will continue to concentrate on that silver, flaming Cross, you will notice that around the outside of the Cross, or rather in the aura surrounding the Cross, there will appear some beautiful scenes in pretty colors. In some it will seem as though the silvery Cross was standing in a green field with trees and sky in the background. At other times, the Cross will appear to be on the high point of a mountaintop with the setting sun in the background.


Watch for all these scenes and after ten minutes of such concentration you may place the candle to the side of the mirror, close your eyes, and have five minutes of meditation on the Self.


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