Developing the Pineal Body

Developing the Pineal Body

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

The first step in the improvement of the pineal gland utilizes this great fundamental principle. Just before going to sleep lie on your back perfectly relaxed and put the index finger of each hand as far into the opening of the ear as you can without any unpleasant pressure. Then while the fingers are in this position in each ear, take a deep breath through the nose and hold it as long as you can. Keep the mouth closed, and when you cannot hold your breath any longer, exhale slowly through the nose. Keep the fingers in the ears all the time that you are inhaling, holding the breath, and exhaling.

Then breathe normally for about a minute with your fingers still in your ears; then take another deep breath through the nose, hold it as long as possible, and then slowly exhale it again. Once more breathe normally for one or two minutes, and then take a third deep breathe normally for one or two minutes, and then take a third deep breath while the fingers are still in the ears; hold the breath as long as you can and exhale slowly through your nose again. Keep the fingers in the ears for two or three minutes, then remove them from the ears. You do not need to take any more deep breaths for that evening.

Now let us go over this exercise again and make it clear. The fingers are to remain in the ears all the time throughout the whole four or five minutes of the exercise. They are not to be taken out of the ears when you are breathing normally but left in the ears from the time you start the first deep breath until you finish with the last one.

The right index finger is to be in the right ear, and the left index finger is to be in the left ear, with the other fingers closed against the palm of the hand so that they will not be in the way. You are to take three deep breaths each time through the nose, holding each breath as long as you can, and exhaling through the nose slowly. In between these deep breaths, you are to breathe normally for a minute or two. After the third deep breath has been exhaled, the fingers are to remain in the ears for two or three minutes before removing them.

The breathing through the nose in conjunction with the fingers in the ears sets up a very definite circuit of positive vibrations from the spirit energy which affects one of the nerve centers in the thyroid, and the nerve centers in each of the two fingers. The radiations from these two fingers being both negative and positive radiations of great energy return through the nerve centers of the ears to the pineal gland; all of the energy you created in your body through the deep breaths and through holding breaths is finally centered in the pineal gland.

When you analyze it, you will realize that this is certainly a wonderful method of focalizing great power into the pineal gland. When you know that just to place thumb or forefinger on a person’s spine while you do deep breathing sends enough energy into a person’s body to make his fingers and toes tingle with energy, then you will realize what a great amount of energy of both a positive and negative nature you are sending to the pineal gland through the left finger and the right finger being in your ears.

The result of this exercise, if practiced as directed, will be a clearing up of the functioning of the nose in its breathing, a checking of any colds in the head, a development of the sensitive nature of the nerves in the nose to where you will detect odors more easily, and it will also clear up the ears and make the hearing better.

At the same time, the pineal gland gradually will become alive with increased vitality, and before the two weeks are up, you will find at the end of each exercise that there is a warmth in the center of the head radiating from the pineal gland. This will even make the eyes brighter and sharper in their seeing, and the brain and its func­tioning will become clearer and headaches and neuralgia or other pains will naturally stop. The exercises can be repeated in the morning and night. Twice a day should be sufficient for the first step during the next two weeks.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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