Developing Thyroid

Developing Thyroid

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

As the thyroid gland improves its functioning, the aura becomes larger and stronger, and personal magnetism is one of the first impressive elements that strangers notice in such a person. For this reason, I will give you a number of secret methods whereby you can cause your thy­roid gland to come to your aid and to help you in many ways. I want you to use throughout the coming week the pronunciation of the “ah” sound. After you have pronounced the sound “ah” a number of times, I suggest that you sit quietly and passively or, if you are in bed, lie flat on your back in a relaxed manner with your arms away from your body so that your fingertips do not come close to the lower part of you, and with your feet so that they do not touch each other.

Then for a few minutes, concen­trate your attention and your thoughts on the thyroid gland in the forepart of the throat. Think of it as a ball of vital energy, radiant with magnetism, vitality, and creative power. Then, after you think of it in this manner, begin to think of the energy from it passing downward throughout your body to the solar plexus located in the forepart of the pit of the abdomen.

Keep thinking of the energy passing down from the thyroid gland to the solar plexus for a minute or two, and then concentrate your attention on the solar plexus, thinking of it as becoming more and more charged with magnetism and vitality until you feel a warmth or a trembling or some sort of conscious sensation around the pit of the abdomen. After you begin to feel this magnetism in that part of the abdomen, you may then close your eyes and go to sleep, leaving the solar plexus to distribute the energy in accordance with its normal functioning.

If you will do this twice a day, once in the morning when first awakening and at night just before going to sleep, you will find that your body is very magnetic, healthy, and filled with great strength all through the day. You will notice that work that has been tiresome to you does not seem to utilize so much of your energy as in the past, and you will also notice that a better color comes to your complexion, and a better appetite, along with a feeling of buoyancy and youthfulness.

Try this experiment now throughout this week. Remember that abstinence from any use of the creative forces of the body not absolutely necessary will help to retain some of this energy during the experiment. I mean by this, if you can refrain from doing anything or indulging in any act that uses the creative powers of the body during the coming week, you will add that much more to the energy to be distributed by the thyroid gland. It will not be necessary for you permanently to refrain from using the creative powers in this way, but only during the next two or three weeks, while we are testing the principles with these experi­ments.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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