Developing the Ear

Developing the Ear

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

For this exercise you are to continue doing what you have been told to do for the past week, and in addition, at least twice a day visualize some impression, picture of thought and instead of holding the fingers at the temple on the left side of the head, put the forefinger of each hand into the passageways of the ears so that there is a gentle pressure from the finger tips in these passageways as though you were trying to prevent any sound from reach­ing the eardrums.

Then by taking a deep breath and holding it for a few seconds, or as long as you can do so conveniently with your fingers still in your ears, there will be a flow of vibrations from the left finger to the right finger and from the right finger to the left finger through the ears and through the head. The effect of this flow of vibrations will be the quickening and sharpening of the hearing.

Now, remember, this new exercise is to be done in addition to the one given last week. The one given last should be done twice a day, and at least half an hour should elapse between doing the one of last week and doing the new one; for instance, if you do the one of last week at eight o’clock in the evening, you should wait until eight-thirty or nine to do the one given this week, so that each day you will do last week’s exercise twice and this week’s exercise twice.

In doing this exercise, it should be repeated three times in succession; or rather, at each practice of the exercise, a deep breath should be taken and then held for as long a time as comfortably possible, then slowly exhaled. Then breathe normally while still keeping the fingers in the ears.

After the passing of about a minute, take a deep breath again, hold it as long as you can and then slowly exhale. Once more breathe normally for about a minute, keeping the fingers in the ears; then take a deep breath again and hold it once more and exhale slowly, still keeping the fingers in the ears. After keeping the fingers in the ears about two minutes, they should be removed.

This means that at each practice of this new exercise, the deep breath will be taken three times, held three times, and ex­haled three times, and that during the entire procedure of breathing and resting between the breaths, the fingers will remain in the ears.

In putting the tips of the fingers in the ears, re­member that the right forefinger should go into the right ear, and the left forefinger should go into the left ear, without any extreme pressure. The ears should be kept as clean from wax as possible, but you will notice after the third or fourth day of practice of this exercise that the wax is flowing a little more freely than it has in the past and that the ears will need a little more cleaning than previously. You should beware of using any sharp pointed instrument in cleansing the ears of the wax, and do not put anything into the ear too deeply and risk touching the eardrum.

After the third or fourth day you may hear a little humming sound in one or the other, or both ears. This will indicate that there was some important correction in the ear that had to be made and that the exercise is making it. If you do not hear any humming, you will know that there was not any serious condition in your ears to be corrected.

Before the end of the week you will begin to notice that you are hearing sounds much more clearly than you have heard them in the past; and you will notice that even the ticking of your watch or clock will be clearer and louder.

Then you will also begin to notice sounds that you will not be able to trace to physical causes; in other words, you will begin to hear sounds as though wind was rushing, or soft music playing, or similar sounds, indi­cating that you are beginning to receive impressions from the spiritual vibrations that are higher than ordinary sound vibrations.

I think that as the days and weeks go by, you will be charmed with the beautiful sounds that you can hear whenever you sit down in complete relaxation. You will notice that these many spiritual sounds will not disturb you or come clearly to you during the hours when you are busy and active, for there must be a certain degree of relaxation to make the spiritual hearing function properly.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash


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