Concentration 7 – Working with the Self

Concentration 7 – Working with the Self

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises

The use of this exercise is for those who have advanced to the point of working with the Self but need to learn a higher degree of concentration.


When you rise in the morning, you relax your arms by your side and face upward, while still lying in bed.



And then closing the eyes, concentrate your mind above you in the area of the solar plexus. Remember, the exercise has no direct connection with the solar plexus: it is started a few inches above the solar plexus. Put all of your conscious­ness just above the abdomen in the area of the solar plexus.

One should remember that any particular thought about the solar plexus while doing this exercise is going to defeat your own purpose.


This exercise will motivate certain glands and centers in the abdomen or torso of the body. It will start the regeneration or rejuvenation of the physical functions and produce a new level of harmony.

It will improve the glandular secretions which help to tone up the body and its physical condition. The chemical and nerve senses will also be improved. Most important — in this region there are certain physic developments possible. No one of them is to be emphasized in particular.

The concentration should last for about three to eight minutes and I would prefer to use eight minutes.



Then begin to visualize the center of your abdomen as a region of power and energy, the energy coming from the solar plexus, and also realizing that your whole nerve system is concentrated in that area and thus we form a circle around the area of the abdomen but just above it and then another little larger circle, and a little larger circle, etc., until the spiral of circles has reached out in dimensions of eight to ten feet in diameter toward the ceiling. We then continue on just as if the ceiling were not there, in a form or shape similar to a water spout or a cyclone, until the circles move straight on through the ceiling and up through the roof and until they are miles in diameter.

Luminosity ceases after about two or three weeks. Each new full-moon period this exercise becomes stronger.


Remember, this is a dual-purpose exercise — not only for the glandular improvement but also for the concentration for those who have some contact with the Self. And this will generate a very powerful movement of power and calmness throughout the body.

This is for advanced students only.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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