Concentration 6 – Thyroid for Balance

Concentration 6 – Thyroid for Balance

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises


You will start this spiritual exercise with its control over the physical body by concentrating upon the thyroid gland.


When you have completely directed your total attention to the thyroid gland, then move down the center of the body toward the solar plexus. You know that you draw with you the creative power from the thyroid as you slowly travel down the esophagus and trachea and follow down through straight toward the solar plexus.


As you come to the heart, hesitate and concentrate for about two minutes so that the creative power will warm and increase the pulse just a little.


Then go on to the solar plexus and concentrate on this for three minutes.


One result of this exercise is that you will find yourself less tired. You will also find an improvement in blood quality. This will help avoid many colds and many forms of attack from various diseases and will generally improve the circulation.

Remember that the thyroid gland is the balancing valve between the physical and spiritual bodies and it is very important that it be functioning well.

This exercise should be done morning and evening. Remember that as you awaken and quicken this gland, you will also improve the nature and the sensitivity of the physical body and its ability to attain a higher level of spiritual consciousness.

Remember that you should have no fear of the use of any of these spiritual exercises. They are not a prescription for a disease but a way that you may exercise the mind to take control of the physical body.

Roughly: “As a man thinketh, so is he.”


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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