Concentration 5 – Strengthen the Aura

Concentration 5 – Strengthen the Aura

Advanced Activity Meditations & Spiritual Exercises


Sit down or lie down on your bed and relax as though you were getting ready to go to sleep.


Then, with your eyes wide open, concentrate your attention either upward toward the ceiling or straight ahead toward one wall of your room and try to see beyond the ceiling or beyond the wall as though you were looking into space.


Continue for about three minutes and then close your eyes and take a deep breath. Bring the fingertips of both hands together in front of you and hold your hands in this position while you hold your breath for about a half minute.


After a half minute, exhale slowly (all deep breathing should be done through the nose), still keeping your fingertips touching.


After all the breath is exhaled continue to breathe normally for about five minutes. After five minutes of normal breathing separate the hands and rest in a relaxed condition for a few minutes and then go about your business.


In bringing the hands together so that the fingertips touch, you may do so by putting the hands in a position as shown in pictures of those in a pious or praying attitude. There is a very ancient mystical principle involved in that position which Jesus and his disciples used and which has been copied in the ritualism of the churches, and we find that many of the ancients used that same position of hands whenever attuning themselves with the Universal Mind either in prayer or communion.

The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the aura. You will feel a very magnetic effect from keeping the fingertips together and you should feel a surge of magnetism going down the right arm through the finger­tips and up the left hand and left arm into the body again. The magnetism should pass all through the body and then start down the right arm again and through the right hand, repeating this rotary whirling until, after two or three minutes, the surge of magnetic current will be so fast in its circular path that you will hardly notice it, except to feel an electric effect from it.

With some the current may be reversed by starting down the left arm and going through the left hand into the right hand and up the right arm and into the body and down into the left arm again. It has been found that with those who have the surge reversed this way there is a slight variation of the psychic area of the brain which would enable them, if necessary, to become well developed as left-handed or ambidextrous persons.

Those who are wholly left-handed will always find the surge of magnetism going down into the left hand and into the right hand and arm.

Do not concentrate upon feeling this electric surge and do not try to force it in any way, but remain passive and relaxed while you are holding the breath and while you slowly exhale it.


Photo: S. Migaj/Unsplash

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