Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Awakening 4

Tree of Life – Level 1, Lesson 6: Awakening 4

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Asleep in the deep—are those who are steeped in the waves of one phase or another of Neptune’s illusions.

The psychic “waters” are attributed to Neptune, and many a spiritualistic medium seems content to remain submerged in the shimmering semi-realities, which are sometimes true, and sometimes quite misleading.

Entities which have left the body to pass beyond dwell in this region, as well as the thought forms which have taken form and are now filling with substance, prior to appearing physically.

Some persons have slept the sleep of Neptune, via drugs; some enjoy it in night clubs or other glamour spots, where they are “sent” (or some such word), by the rhythmic music, plus the colors, bright lights, and the ultra-glamour of persons “putting on” the evenings glittering personality.

The sleep which comes from the alcohol absorbed, need not be mentioned. Any wino, asking for the price of a bottle, is so sadly asleep, only the most intense desire or motivation can inspire him to wake from the dreary nightmare of his existence, to cease from the false sleep by which he seeks to escape.

Many of these will perish in their self-induced sleep, to wake elsewhere, another day.

But for those who are ready and eager to awaken from the “sleep” of earth’s hold on them, into the higher spiritual Realities, the psychic waters act as the media through which the spiritual beings may act to reach through to the physical, to bring about that awakening.

This is the passageway, or the meeting ground, where the spiritual may reach down to function, and the astral or psychic body of a person may reach up to meet the spiritual, and gain thereby.

By means of the psychic world, and its tools, discarnate teachers may cause phenomena which aid in teaching an aspirant, or in bringing him to an earthly teacher.

By this means also, they are helped, before the student has gained his inner sight or hearing, by being thus able to bring to him from the outside many lessons or eye opening experiences, which he will not need, when he gains his spiritual sight and hearing.

In Canticles, or Solomon’s Song, 5:2, we read: “I slept, but my heart was awake. Hark, my beloved is knocking.”

God knocks when the body is asleep, but the desire for Him awake. Later, He’ll expect you to be awake expecting Him.

Water conducts electricity, and Uranus of the heavens is the “great awakener”. Uranus rules electricity. In that sense, awakening comes out of the water, too—the water of the heavens, as lightning comes out of a storm.

Lightning represents Truth, spiritual truth, and the Bible says, “As the lightning flashes from the East, even unto the West, so shall the coming of the Son of Man be.”

If strange things happen, which can hardly be explained by the ordinary means, it may well be the gathering of the “waters” of the heavens, through which the Lightening of Truth will flash to you, and nothing will ever again be the same, for the Spirit of Christ shall have arrived in your consciousness.

To quote Dr. E.W. Blighton,

“Awakening comes to individuals when processes, actions, and desires of the physical body, both mentally and emotionally, have reached a point where they totally recognize total failure.

“This is the time when the awakening comes. Not desire. Your whole body cries out; nothing you have can satisfy that great ache within you, that great vacuum. Words and books will stand for nothing.”

And again, he said, “In conquering death, Life begins! As Jesus did.”

Every winter, the tree seems to die, giving up its robe of green, and enduring bitter, crackling cold—until the warm sun of the Spring appears, when sap stirs in its roots, and soon begins to flow upward to its topmost branches, bringing a beautiful return to full life.

With the warm sun of spring, the whole world wakens. Again speaking astrologically, the first day of spring occurs when the sun enters the sign of Aries, where it is at its place of exaltation. It is also a sign which energizes, and acts.

Is it any wonder then, that the water which had been frozen and held in abeyance all winter on the mountain tops, begins to thaw and tumble down the mountain sides, to fill the brooks and water the fields and valleys below?

In this same way, the coming of the Sun of Christ at the dawn of the spiritual awakening within us, melts the long frozen stream of consciousness within us so that it feeds the seedlings of new spiritual fruitfulness.


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