Communication 3 – Visualize What You Want

Communication 3 – Visualize What You Want

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After you read the instructions through, forget the rules and follow your own inclinations, remembering that thinking of rules and laws will prevent your success. As soon as you have decided upon the SINGLE idea that is good, unselfish, or for help in aiding others, or to develop your soul-personality, and have also found that there is no reason, to your knowledge, why you should receive what you wish, then sit down where it is quiet and gaze upon a lighted candle, or after some practice, you can concentrate in the dark without gazing at anything.


Then sitting thus in silence, draw a mental picture of the thing you wish to have result from your concentration; in other words, visualize what you want. As soon as you have pictured to yourself clearly what you want, then stop thinking of it.


In making the mental picture, imagine that you are an artist standing before a canvas of white and that you are about to draw upon it the thing you wish, either literally or symbolically. Have the picture develop slowly on the canvas and in truth. See it! Feel it! Make it as real as you can. Use all of your senses to do this.

Then, as soon as the whole thing is clear, STOP! STOP! There is the danger line. It is so hard to stop, but we must stop so that the mind can keep working at the picture. So, as soon as the picture is through, finished, perfect, then dismiss it, closing your eyes, THINK OF NOTHING, not even of yourself, the person who is to be benefited, the world, the room or anything else. Erase it from your mind. You can use your hand as though you were wiping a surface clean in front of you. Very often a drowsiness will come over you while you are thus keeping your mind blank and you may fall asleep while in this condition. That is well, in fact, it will help matters a great deal if you can do so. But as you stop thinking and dismiss the thoughts from your mind, do so with the feeling that “all is well and if it pleases God, my desires will be fulfilled.”

You must overcome the habit of dwelling too long on the thought you are concentrating on. In the case of looking at the candle flame, just look at the candle long enough to picture in your mind what it is you want to see in the candlelight, then stop thinking about it and gaze at the candle with a blank look and without analyzing or questioning.

Gradually, you will see that which the Father wants you to see. If you wish news from some friend, health, a favor or anything else, visualize, dismiss it from your mind and sit without thinking for a while, preferably for about five minutes, but even one minute will do for the mind to communicate your thought, your picture, to the Father. Then get up from your concentration and give no further thought to the matter, but rest in the confidence that right and justice will be done. To have thoughts of doubt or skepticism will ruin your wishes, for the Universal Mind does not respond to a doubtful mind.


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